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Black helicopters
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chris Crocker star of the You Tube Galaxy

Updated: Chris Crocker says Leave Brittny alone and he gets a responce from several others and he also talks to Jimmy kimmel live. To me it looks like Chris is rising fast in the internet galaxy as a star to be reckoned with. Now there are nude pictures of Chris on the Internet and he looks like anything but a girl. That boy is packing some serious man stuff. I just have to say that he is funny and hot all at the same time.

So I get this email from a friend and it leads me to a link and I go there and I have never laughed so hard in my life. This little queen is deranged, but in a good way. Soon to be a international star in my opinion. Chris Crocker rocks. So let the show begin.

This one is funny too. There are more for your enjoyment on youtube

Check out his myspace page for more info on this up and coming Internet star. The boy has "it" and a lot more he is just a riot. If this is what they are producing in the Bible belt then maybe they are doing something right. I say unleash the queen and let it be known that Chris Crocker will be on computer screens everywhere. He has a fan club and he calls his fans and they freak which I might add is hilarious.

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