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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The vindication of the super twink of the new millenium

Well it seems that there is something to celebrate over at Camp Corrigan. Brent is nominated in several categories of the Gayvn's. Once considered the red headed stepchild of gay porn he is now a force to be reckoned with. From his tragic beginnings in the industry he has taken the reins of his own life and made it happen. Not with out the help of those who believed in him and loved him though. I will admit that I have had my issues with him and probably still will in the future but I can say this and not have to bite my tongue, I am proud and happy for him.

I have seen a good portion of his work and I will admit that he does have a presence on film. He is better looking now than he has ever been. and I am being honest when I say that.

I have never been a big fan of the whole twink phenom but Brent is turning into a man before our very eyes. I can say that I am glad of that. He has not been without controversy but he seems to rise above it every time. There are those who will still try and destroy him for what ever selfish reasons but he takes it all in stride.

I have been a critic and a fan all at the same time and I will give credit where credit is due. Now I won't say that I have always liked his performances but he puts his heart into it and what more can you ask for. He set out to be a director an actor and a porn star and I can guarantee you that he will be an icon. He will be a cross over star and that is a fact. I just have one suggestion for him and that is to take dance lessons. I will admit that he can wiggle but he needs to funk it up some more.

Here are the catagories Brent is nominated in.

1 Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the Porn Ultimatum

1 Nomination Best Actor in his video Just the sex (Which he directed)

1 Nomination in the category Performer of the Year.

1 Nomination for Best Bottom

1 Nomination Best Pro/Am Film - Brent Corrigan's Summit (Which he also directed)

1 Nomination Best All Sex Film Just the Sex (you guessed it he directed it)

1* Nomination Best Alternative Release is the video Another Gay Sequel,

3 Nominations in the category Best Twink Film = Brent Corrigan’s Summit and Just the Sex 1 and Just the Sex 2.

1 Nominations in the category Best Group Scene for Brent Corrigan’s Summit with Brent and Jacob Powell, Reese Reynolds, Adam Wells

2 Nominations in the category Best Sex Scene – Duo, is Brent and Luke Haas in Just the sex and again with Kaden Saylor in the video, The Porne Ultimatum.

1 Nomination in the category, Best Oral Scene - Brent Corrigan and Kurt Wild in Just The Sex.

1* Nomination for a oscar for the movie Milk. Best cameo in a phone tree sequence Brent Corrigan

* Ok I made those up, I think he was robbed on those two though. But as you can see that twink did good. I know he hates the term twink and he is rapidly moving to be a twunk, which is good but he will always be the Super Twink of the New Millenium to me. Rock on blue star baby! Hey Brent you know that red is the color for Scorpios so you are going to work that red carpet and win big time. You are going to be there right? We just had a major let down on the red carpet recently please don't let us down.

Oh yeah I almost forgot about Brent being a host at the Grabby's in Chicago. Seems that this is the year for Brent Corrigan. There was a bit of controversy about this as well but it seems that it was really a nonissue. Some old jealous queen with no life was trying to stir some shit up. But it has been resolved by the rules commitee. I seems that this person was not qualified for the job or any job for that matter.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well it looks like Kent Barklay AKA Damon Kruezer was a no show at the Cybersocket awards. There were polls and predictions about whether Kentie was going to show up. Some were hoping for Kentie's sake he would show up but alas he did not. There was live blogging and there was even a reporter at the event. Quickysrt was there and he did a fabulous job of reporting. I got this info from Jim's, Kent Barclay on trial blog and you can read all of the comments there. Quickysrt even took pictures for all of us to see.

We also had a great job being done by Matt and the Boss at Georgous boys JustOne Hot Minute Blog. They actually sent a cab to Damon's house to try and get him to the awards ceremony. Lets hope they have pictures of Damon refusing to answer the door. At least this time he did not hide in the bathroom.
Everybody was reporting in confirming that Damon was not in WEHO at all but at home blogging. There were up to the minute IP checks being sent from blog to blog and Kentie even updated his website. Stating that he had to cosmetically alter his appearence and sneek in through a side door. Something about bounty hunters and process servers. Maybe that is why he did not open his door for the cabdriver.

It looks like the truth squad was on their P' and Q's last night as we were all looking for The Unmentioned One. One thing that was noticed by Quickysrt was that there was no mention of the name Damon Kruezer at the awards ceremony. I guess that should be a clue as to how well he is liked in the industry. A industry that he proclaims himself as The Patriarch of Homoerotica. It looks like he was relegated to the barn last night when company came. Damon should take lessons on reporting from a red carpet event from Quickysrt.

quickysrt report is located here @ February 10, 2009 8:27 AM

Hi, Just got in from the Cybersockets awards. It was a really nice party and well done.I drove over and found parking right where I expected to. I walk up and see that they are checking names against a list. Then I realized that I signed up with Cybersockets email notices last year when voting for Brent, and could not remember what name I used (I'm sure it was not my own), and email addresses were not on their list. I explained that I
got the invite via email, and that no I did not RSVP because it did not ask me to. Long story short, they looked at my honest face, and said ok, good enough and not only let me enter but gave me the green wrist band for entrance to the upper VIP floor where the nominees and close friends were holding court.I get up there and the vibe is really pleasant and friendly. Jason S. and Chi Chi were laughing, Jason seemed really to be enjoying the evening, and Chi Chi posed for some pictures with Johnny Hazard for me.
Blake Riley and Johnny were in a corner booth together horsing around I was snapping away trying to get a good shot of the two of them together, but in each try - one of them looked wrong. So I took a lot of pictures of the two of them but not sure what I got. Jason S. afterward walked over and shook my hand like a true professional PR person would. I said I just read his blog, and that I'm not important. He thanked me for reading and I continued talking pictures of some of the nominated porn stars chatting it up.The whole party vibe was relraxed and fun, trays were being passed of
coconut shrimp, chicken sate, marinated steak, etc.You just did not want to ruin this good cheer by asking any one of they had seen kent. It was like kentie was not only not there, but like he did not exist.Ok, so I got lots of really great pictures, and am feeling good as the show gets off to a start. First winner read was "Best Blog" and Chi-Chi said "I have been asked to read the winner but not the nominees," and then the winner was read. The feeling that kentie did not exist was confirmed when the Cybersockets awards did not acknowledge he existence, nor his blog.But Chi Chi like the pro that she is kept the show moving flawlessly and nobody in the room seemed to notice nor care that kentie was erased from the list of nominees, as if the entire city of West Hollywood washed their hands of his entire spamming game.To tell you the truth, it was a very classy party, Cybersocket seems to know that made a mistake, but I think they handled it with as much grace as one can.I just never got around to asking anyone if they had seen kent. It would have been the most uncool thing you could do at least up on the VIP floor. Maybe below in the ground level bar it would have been almost ok, but up here in the VIP room it was all real directors, models, and true media talent. These were the real industry players here. I was welcomed into the upper VIP section right away I was not about to do something really dumb like mention the unmentionable one.

This was a great Report from Quickysrt Maybe Kentie should take lessons.

This is Elmysterio and I'm Yves Mignon and I'm out