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Black helicopters
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Child porn rings fact or fiction

Some seem to think that the idea of a child porn ring is not real. But then I guess that would a waste of time for the Federal Government and many other international agencies working diligently to break them up. All you have to do is a little research on the Internet and you will be amazed at what you just might find. What I find the most interesting in all of this is that the perpetrators of these crimes permeate the religious institutions the government and the press of this nation. These high ranking officials seem to be of the attitude that they can not be touched.

Now I don't know about any of you but there seems to be a large rash of high powered political and religious figures who are getting busted with there pants down. These are the same people who have been so vocal about denying equal rights for the Gay community. Now does it not make you wonder why all of the secrecy with regards to child pornography and child prostitution and child trafficking. We are talking about a world wide billion dollar industry here. Why is not enough being done to put a stop to the willful abuse of Americas children? Sure they pass laws to protect the children but the perpetrators of the crimes just go right ahead and commit these crimes any way because they are writing the laws.

In the past year there have been a few high profile child sex rings busted but do we ever hear about the offenders being prosecuted? No we do not and the reason is that the people who are being arrested are way to connected to the powers that be. If the truth was to ever get out how deep seated this really is the world would be shocked. The fact is that most of the people who are involved are in such denial that it is wrong that it just makes me sick. I don't know how to better say this than to just put it out there. Others have tried and they got no where or they were stopped by high placed officials. The vast majority of the people who read what is out there are just calling them conspiracy theorist. Just ask the parent of one of the children who was abducted if it is a conspiracy.

Here are a few links that you might find interesting "Conspiracy of Silence" and the Johnny Gosch foundation.

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Judge rebukes defense attorneys

The judge presiding over the Bryan Kocis murder case had harsh words for the defense attorney's and the prosecution with regards to actions not taken that impedded the pretrial hearing. Here are links to the Times Leader or the Citizens Voice for the full story. Judge Olszewski says of the case "Kocis homicide Time and money wasted as conflict of interest not disclosed weeks ago," We never got to see the testimony of any of the witnesses and I know that upset allot of people especially the ones who made the trip to testify.

From what I have witnessed with regards to this case is that this hearing was doomed from the start. With the prosecution making documents sensitive to the case public and the defense and the Prosecution not being forthcoming with the information about the possible conflict I can see why the judge is a little peeved. There were people flown in from all over the country who just got a lovely little vacation in lovely Luzerne County on the prosecutions dime. I bet the taxpayers are going to love that. Well lets wish them better luck next time. Also in the news is the possibility of more postponments with regards to the issue of Demtrius Fannick and whether he will be allowed to defend Cuadra.

Late Wednesday, Cuadra’s remaining attorneys, Stephen Menn and Michael Senape, filed a motion to suspend all pre-trial proceedings in Luzerne County Court until the state Superior Court determines whether it will accept a petition requesting a review of Olzsewski’s March 19 order barring Cuadra from retaining defense attorney Demetrius Fannick.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Failed lies and misguided truths

BB is at it again in a attempt to draw attention from the real facts here. He is accusing me of being in on this murder from the beginning. Funny thing is I would think that he would keep that bit of information to himself as not to make himself look like a total fool. The real facts here are that BB and his lunatic rants are no more based in fact than anything that comes from the keyboard of Damon Kruezer. All of their statements are based on pipe dreams.

BB is on a constant loop talking about how "Cobrakiller"Grant did this murder. The fact of the matter is that it looks as if the police might just have the right people in jail. This is a fact that I find really interesting BB claims that he is always sending information to the authorities yet the fact is that it is not true. BB is just as mixed up in this murder case as he claims that I am. He is always screaming about Robert Wagner not being involved in any of this yet he is. Robert Wagner is a witness in this murder case.

Robert Wagner has what many have said is a weak alibi for the night of the murder. Phone records of the night of the murder will reveal the truth of Mr. Wagner's whereabouts. BB it seems that you can not ever back up any of your claims as to the who what and why of this murder. You just expose more of your hate and rage against Sean and Grant. Trying to intimidate me will not work because I have nothing to loose and you can not hurt me. I have no secret skeletons in my closet such as you. I have no reason to lie about anything anymore such as you.

All that was told to me has been exposed for what it is. Yet all that you claim is mere here say and not one fact that you can not prove in anyway what so ever. Why is it such a sensitive issue for you that Robert Wagner was at the house on the night of the murder. Why do you deny this with such anger and conviction. What does it matter to you BB as you have claimed that you did not know Bryan or Robert Wagner?

BB you have claimed that you were on the Juicygoo forums yet you went on a big hunt to get the transcripts from Damon Kruezer. Then you turn on him and attack him, why is that BB? You are no more than a mouthpiece for the biggest chunk of evil to ever walk the face of the earth yet you call me a puppet. Why are you trying to defend the vile perverts who are so trying to hide the truth about your dear beloved Bryan Kocis.

Is it out of fear that there really is a FBI investigation? Is it because of the crimes that were committed with regards to Cobra Video? Is it because of all of the underage models who passed in front of the Cobra Video cameras and the fact that Bryan did not have proper ID for any of the models? You claimed from the very beginning that Sean Lockhart was not under age. You said that the fake ID from the Rolling Stone article was his real ID. I guess you did not bank on the fact that I am from California and I know what the real ID of someone Sean's age would look like.

BB I know it must pain you to admit it but Sean is only 21 years old and when he made the first videos for Cobra Video he was in fact under age. Bryan knew this, Robert Wagner knew this yet they both perpetrated the lie that Sean had valid ID on file. But I guess they thought it would look official since Bryan paid for it. They were both dumb shits just like you to get involved in they're cover up issues.

The issues here are quite simple you think that because you keep using my name on your little blog that you are upsetting me well the fact is it is quite liberating. I don't have to worry about what I say anymore for fear that someone may get upset with me and spill the beans on me.
PC tried it, it went really well for him, Rob tried it with similar results and so did a few others. But your always a day late and a dollar short. You have tried it and you actually linked it to the one post on my blog that almost made you pee your pants.

The one with all of the lovely comments about you from all of the people who read the post who said such glowing things about you. Take a trip down memory lane BB and enjoy what your fans wrote about you on that post I know I sure did. Just so you know this is still my blog and I will write what I want to write about and no one can tell me otherwise.

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