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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Failed lies and misguided truths

BB is at it again in a attempt to draw attention from the real facts here. He is accusing me of being in on this murder from the beginning. Funny thing is I would think that he would keep that bit of information to himself as not to make himself look like a total fool. The real facts here are that BB and his lunatic rants are no more based in fact than anything that comes from the keyboard of Damon Kruezer. All of their statements are based on pipe dreams.

BB is on a constant loop talking about how "Cobrakiller"Grant did this murder. The fact of the matter is that it looks as if the police might just have the right people in jail. This is a fact that I find really interesting BB claims that he is always sending information to the authorities yet the fact is that it is not true. BB is just as mixed up in this murder case as he claims that I am. He is always screaming about Robert Wagner not being involved in any of this yet he is. Robert Wagner is a witness in this murder case.

Robert Wagner has what many have said is a weak alibi for the night of the murder. Phone records of the night of the murder will reveal the truth of Mr. Wagner's whereabouts. BB it seems that you can not ever back up any of your claims as to the who what and why of this murder. You just expose more of your hate and rage against Sean and Grant. Trying to intimidate me will not work because I have nothing to loose and you can not hurt me. I have no secret skeletons in my closet such as you. I have no reason to lie about anything anymore such as you.

All that was told to me has been exposed for what it is. Yet all that you claim is mere here say and not one fact that you can not prove in anyway what so ever. Why is it such a sensitive issue for you that Robert Wagner was at the house on the night of the murder. Why do you deny this with such anger and conviction. What does it matter to you BB as you have claimed that you did not know Bryan or Robert Wagner?

BB you have claimed that you were on the Juicygoo forums yet you went on a big hunt to get the transcripts from Damon Kruezer. Then you turn on him and attack him, why is that BB? You are no more than a mouthpiece for the biggest chunk of evil to ever walk the face of the earth yet you call me a puppet. Why are you trying to defend the vile perverts who are so trying to hide the truth about your dear beloved Bryan Kocis.

Is it out of fear that there really is a FBI investigation? Is it because of the crimes that were committed with regards to Cobra Video? Is it because of all of the underage models who passed in front of the Cobra Video cameras and the fact that Bryan did not have proper ID for any of the models? You claimed from the very beginning that Sean Lockhart was not under age. You said that the fake ID from the Rolling Stone article was his real ID. I guess you did not bank on the fact that I am from California and I know what the real ID of someone Sean's age would look like.

BB I know it must pain you to admit it but Sean is only 21 years old and when he made the first videos for Cobra Video he was in fact under age. Bryan knew this, Robert Wagner knew this yet they both perpetrated the lie that Sean had valid ID on file. But I guess they thought it would look official since Bryan paid for it. They were both dumb shits just like you to get involved in they're cover up issues.

The issues here are quite simple you think that because you keep using my name on your little blog that you are upsetting me well the fact is it is quite liberating. I don't have to worry about what I say anymore for fear that someone may get upset with me and spill the beans on me.
PC tried it, it went really well for him, Rob tried it with similar results and so did a few others. But your always a day late and a dollar short. You have tried it and you actually linked it to the one post on my blog that almost made you pee your pants.

The one with all of the lovely comments about you from all of the people who read the post who said such glowing things about you. Take a trip down memory lane BB and enjoy what your fans wrote about you on that post I know I sure did. Just so you know this is still my blog and I will write what I want to write about and no one can tell me otherwise.

This is Elmysterio opps I mean Cedric Harris and I'm out bitches


  1. awe a post just for me, thank you sweet Cedric.

    yes, your lies failed. you had no misguided truths, just 100% lies.

    interesting you mention DK, you clearly took lessons from it.

    get it into you brain, nobody believes a word you say.

    you pissed off too many people with your games. they tracked you down and outed you.

    you had email contact with the CobraKiller.

    you engaged in 3-way jails house conversation with joe and your beloved harlow - the ones you swore are innocent.

    you put yourself smack in the middle of all these low life's.

    you are in company well suited to you.

    drowned in your own shit are you - and exposed too LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    jabba the child molester was your puppet master. as were many others who were also pulling your strings.

    this week will show beyond any reasonable doubt you claims belong in never never land.

    BIG thanks to those who exposed your lying ass.

    you can go bury your head in the sand AGAIN. i am no longer interested in anything you have to say now your exposed for all you are.

    bye :)

  2. BB thank you for confirming that you are just as mixed up in the lies and coverups as you claim that I am.

    You seem to think that just because I have been outed on the blogs that I don't have anything to say.

    That is where you are wrong. I have plenty to say and I will say it all when the time is right.

    There are several people who will not enjoy the outcome of my sudden moment of truth when I spill all that I know and who told me what I printed as the "truth".

    Some may say that I should have done it sooner and some will rue the day I ever started this blog.

    As for you my dearest BB go and take your "Yoda speak" to that demension that you call the truth.

    The whole world knows that you are a idiot for defending that child molesting pervert.

    I might have been fooled for a while about who the true killers were and we all may still be but the fact is that you are in the midst of a much bigger coverup.

    One that can get you and all of your partners 10 to 20 years in prison. So enjoy your fun but I will have the last laugh in this case.

  3. Apparently I have touched a nerve BB/Dan. You the one who begs for a truce and you the first one to throw a stone. You can not be trusted due to the fact that you are attatched to the tit of Bryan kocis.

    The sad part is that Bryan is dead and your plan is going to almost work. Problem is that you and your henchmen are just to stupid to let it go at that.

    It is the overkill that will get you busted. You should have just killed bryan in Vegas.Hey boys what was the purpose of the fire?

  4. wait. who is jabba the child molester? is there ANOTHER ONE lurking about in all this? dear god.

  5. No Dexx from what I have gathered BB/Dan is claiming that Rob is a child molester. Just like all of his other claims they are taken from his furtile imagination.

  6. Dexx--

    And no I am not a child molester. That is an attempt by BB at hurtful words hurled in my direction.

    Hope that clarifies.

  7. you know. there is a certain school of thought (NELSON GARCIA) that if you like twinks, you really must like underage guys, therefore you must be a child molester and hypocrite.

    this is how Nelson justifies his own perversions. by trying to lump ALL or MOST gay people in with his own desires for 14 yearold boys.

    if you are saying BB that rob is a pedophile using this line of reasoning, you are no better than nelson garcia and a true enemy of respectable gay people everywhere.

    if you are saying BB that rob is a pedophile because you have real information which supports this, please come out with it.

    if you are just throwing that word out there because it sounds good and you want to be shocking, then you are no better than kent barclay itself

    i have no beef with you, bb, but as a victim of child abuse myself, i take serious exception with that label being used as casually as you appear to be using it.

    there is nothing funny about children being raped by adults and when you accuse somebody of such a thing you had better be damn ready to back it up.

    so back it up or cut the shit.

  8. Thank you Dexx I agree totally with you. Names like that should not be used for shock value. And we all know that is BB's stock and trade.

  9. they can only get away with it if people let them. that goes from the people who molest, those who try to rationalize it and those who try to normalize or take the punch out of that word.

    a pedophile is an unredeemable scourge upon humanity and quite frankly? the great tragedy in kocis is that his co-conspirators didnt fry along with him.

    yes i said it.

  10. You know what Dexx I said it too. I have been accused of all manner of trying to change what happenend in this case. the funny thing is those who I got my information from are tied directly to this case.

    Some seem to think that I have some sort of vested interest in the outcome of this case. They would be wrong about that.

    My only interest was and has always been to get at the truth.
    Yet some are so afraid of the truth that they are accusing me of all manners of lying and deciet.

    We all know who has been the most vocal about denying what may or may not be the truth because it could directly effect them and or there claims as to what happened.

  11. elm i am probably one of the only people who knows next to nothing about this case. i never got interested in it and i think that some people got a little too interested in it.

    having spent a few years in the adult industry i know very well that young models can inspire certain fans to lose their heads where these models are concerned.

    there are hundreds of murder trials going on every day, and most of them dont get the same level of slavish devotion to this one. it has to do with cute young men.

    i get it. i dont know enough about this particular case to discern who is a participant, hidden co-conspirator, friend to one of those involved,fan boy or concerned citizen and i dont much care.

    i come for the kentie when i smell blood in the water and i always comment on whatever i see that offends, amuses or otherwise interests me.

    i think it has been clearly established that i dont need a horse in the race to speak my mind.

    i also dont like wading into idiotic bickering.

    but i do take offense when a word which carries with it such weight in terms of the human misery and injustice is used so casually.

    child molestation in general is one of those subjects where i will never ever back down and i will always always show my teeth. and use them.

    if there are any doubts as to their sharpness, then people arent paying close attention. :)

  12. dexx i need prove nothing to you. deal with your own shit before you involve yourself in others shit.

    rob is a porn model and former escort. he filmed with a 17 year old.

    last i knew anyone above the age of 21 who has sex with 17 year old is a child rapist = pedophile.

    unless the laws have change, the person who goers by the name Rob and posed as a federal agent is scum.

    lastly, if you want to start shit with me, go for it. i fight back.

    ask the cobrakiller about that.

  13. bb, i find it a little hard to be afraid of somebody in a fucking clown suit. dont write a check your ass cannot cash. i am not a cobrakiller and i am not even remotely afraid of "exposure" of any kind.

    i have dealt with my "shit" by being publicaly and relentlessly vocal in my disgust for people who molest underage kids.

    nelson garcia with that mug which would stop traffic in his fucking forties going after a 14 yearold is the type of shit i am talking about.

    i dont know if you are who they are saying you are. but if you are, i find it very interesting that you're not in a fucking prison cell where you belong.

    i only have your word for what you say about rob. why are you posting this online instead of going to the police with it?

    how did a person who did what you say become a mandatory reporter? dont they do background checks?

    sounds to me like you're projecting. and really what is this obsession with the cobra case? is what they say true? were you the "assistant?"

    if you were, it will come out. and if you werent, why exactly are you so invested in this case?

    just wondering.

  14. Dexx, you'd not believe me if i told you :)

    You seem intelligent. If I was who certain people claim I am to be, would I still be blogging 3 years later about the CobraKiller?

    For over a year they said I was Bryan Kocis. Now they say I support the perv, yet they are unable to show anything I have posted to back up that claim.

    Surely I'd have been found out by now.

    Regardless, even if I was, it changes nothing.

    The person who hides under the name Rob is definitely not a mandatory reporter.

    Rob's antics have been reported to the FBI office in Nebraska. That office covers Iowa, his state of residence.

    I've answered as best I can. Please drop it now. It really does not concern you.

  15. dexx, forgot to say, go change your clown suit, red is not your colour.

    try yellow.

  16. bb. thank you for answering me seriously. its really not my battle, but i do get my boxers in a knot when that word is thrown around, especially when there are already a cluster of actual molesters lurking on the sidelines and possibly including kent. (he fits the profile)

    know what i mean? also, i dont know enough about the case to understand who or what you mean by cobrakiller.

    i just now, for the first time, read a up a bit on the case (pc's blog is very well done) and every one of my conspiracy bells is going off.

    there has to be more to this story. bb are you familiar with the franklin coverup?

  17. BB you have no facts to prove your allegations about Rob. Just what you read about him on my blog. And you your self have called me a liar and a puppet.

    Maybe just maybe BB you are my puppet. Since you seem to believe everything that you see in print as the gospal truth. Here is one for you. Itr will be proven that Robert Wagner was at the Kocis home on the night of the murder.

    Whether that was January 24th is the big question. When was Bryan killed? do you know? Do you have proof of the actual day and time?

    I bet the answer to those questions is no BB. If you do know then I would advise you to turn your self in to the authorities.

  18. Oh yeah BB you never need top prove anythin to anybody that is why you are so credible.

  19. dexx, yes i do know what you mean. it is a word i do not use lightly :(

    there is always more to a story... though i'd not go as far as to say a conspiracy is taking place.

    franklin coverup? i'll google it later :)