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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Judge rebukes defense attorneys

The judge presiding over the Bryan Kocis murder case had harsh words for the defense attorney's and the prosecution with regards to actions not taken that impedded the pretrial hearing. Here are links to the Times Leader or the Citizens Voice for the full story. Judge Olszewski says of the case "Kocis homicide Time and money wasted as conflict of interest not disclosed weeks ago," We never got to see the testimony of any of the witnesses and I know that upset allot of people especially the ones who made the trip to testify.

From what I have witnessed with regards to this case is that this hearing was doomed from the start. With the prosecution making documents sensitive to the case public and the defense and the Prosecution not being forthcoming with the information about the possible conflict I can see why the judge is a little peeved. There were people flown in from all over the country who just got a lovely little vacation in lovely Luzerne County on the prosecutions dime. I bet the taxpayers are going to love that. Well lets wish them better luck next time. Also in the news is the possibility of more postponments with regards to the issue of Demtrius Fannick and whether he will be allowed to defend Cuadra.

Late Wednesday, Cuadra’s remaining attorneys, Stephen Menn and Michael Senape, filed a motion to suspend all pre-trial proceedings in Luzerne County Court until the state Superior Court determines whether it will accept a petition requesting a review of Olzsewski’s March 19 order barring Cuadra from retaining defense attorney Demetrius Fannick.

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