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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The evidence?

Here is video footage from the "Times Leader" from the day of the arraignment.

The Blacks Beach tapes are not the slam-dunk evidence that the prosecution claims them to be.
From what we can see, there has been no evidence whatsoever presented of arson in the murder of Bryan Kocis' murder. The robbery charges against Cuadra and Kerekes are based solely on statements allegedly made by Harlow Cuadra on "The Blacks Beach Tapes". Luzerne County prosecutors, from what we can tell, cannot present The Blacks Beach Tape into evidence without triggering a call from Joseph Kerekes to separate his trial from Harlow Cuadra's trial (because, Cuadra, according to The State, incriminates Kerekes on The Blacks Beach Tapes).

Note: Luzerne County did not submit The Blacks Beach Tapes into evidence at the preliminary hearing for Cuadra and Kerekes. And, Luzerne County appeared to do everything in its power to keep the tapes from being put into evidence. From the bitchless blog
The funny thing is that statement makes sense.

Now Jim raises a good point in a comment from H & J go to Trial It is in regards to the email that Sean replied to that was sent him by Bryan, that he was willing to fulfill his contract yet Bryan did not want to do it on Sean’s terms. I find that interesting what did Bryan really want?

What I also find interesting is that Bryan filled the civil suit against Sean and Grant from the Delaware LLC version of Cobra Video which was not even in existence when Sean signed the second contract with Cobra Video in 2005. Also of note the trademarked name “Brent Corrigan” was with the Pennsylvania LLC version of Cobra Video, so in effect Bryan and his attorneys lied to the Federal Courts when they filed that suit.

Sean and Grant were not aware of the two different Cobra Video LLC’s and they fell prey to Bryan’s tactics. There counter suit was thrown out and they had no recourse but to settle as they were in a tough financial situation and to them Bryan held all the cards. Also we have Lee Bergeron who was playing both sides and he was to gain no matter which way things went.

This is another thing that is interesting about this case the deal that Bryan and Lee Bergeron had. Lee was to sell his share of LSG Media to Bryan after the settlement was signed. This is in evidence with the San Diego law enforcement team who were also conducting an investigation in to the murder of Bryan Kocis.
That is why Sean Macias is no longer with his former law office. That “backdoor deal” could have had Macias disbarred for impropriety. Sean and Grant signed the settlement agreement with Cobra Video in good faith but that was not good enough for Lee and Bryan. Lee needed cash and Bryan wanted Sean at any cost.

Sean was key in the federal investigation against Bryan and he could not afford that loose end. Robert Wagner was also a key witness as he was the one who witnessed the ID that Sean presented to Bryan and he stood to do time in prison because of it. This is also the same 2257 record that Bryan presented as evidence in the civil trial. It is one of the only original records of Cobra video still in existence. So Robert had a good reason for the death of Bryan Kocis, he himself did not want to go to prison for child pornography. What could have brought this all on is that Bryan was going to get rid of Robert and Sean. Robert possibly got wind of the plan and took matters in his own hands.

Harlow and Sean wanted to film together and Cobra Video was a way for them to do so. Sean had to do a couple of scenes for Cobra as per the settlement and Harlow figured they could do it on Bryan’s dime. Once the scenes were completed Sean and Harlow could work together and Boybatter could bill Sean as “Brent Corrigan” and all would be well. The only problem was Bryan was murdered and someone used that little bit of info to point the police towards Harlow as the killer.

Robert vetted Harlow to Bryan and he knew who Harlow was as he was the one who helped Bryan spy on Sean. Robert was also at the home of Bryan after he left Las Vegas. Robert was also not pleased with the new settlement agreement and felt that he was being put aside once again for Sean. Robert was also the one who received the pictures of Harlow and he was also the one who told the police about what was missing from the home and he testified to that in his deposition. He is said to have last been in the house on the 21st of January. There are no other witnesses who saw Bryan alive after that date. If a persuasive argument can be made that Bryan Kocis was killed prior to 1/24/07, The Prosecution's Case Against Cuadra and Kerekes IMPLODES.

I have a theory and it is plausible if the police did not get the records of where Bryan's cell phone was when the last calls were made from it. Now what I find interesting is that all of these phone calls were made to Bryan’s cell phone. So in effect Bryan could have been dead for a few days and the calls could have been recieved from anywhere. The police where checking cell tower locations for Harlow and Joe’s phones but did they check where Bryan’s phone was? The instant Message conversation with Cad could have been made from anywhere with an Internet connection and Bryan’s pass word. Melnick the DA said it himself that they were not sure when Bryan died and that he expected more arrests to be made in this case.

The issue here is that the DA’s office and the police were at a roadblock as to who comited the murder of Bryan Kocis. Bryan was running an illegal business from his home and the DA’s office knew about it yet they did nothing to close him down. The federal investigation into child pornography allowed Bryan to stay in business and his prior criminal case was reduced from sexual abuse of children to corruption of minors thus not requiring him to register as a sex offender. This allowed Bryan to continue in his line of business. It also made it easy for the federal investigation into Cobra Video to continue, Bryan was key to that investigation.

With the death of Bryan Kocis there was a major problem at hand. The records of Cobra Video were destroyed and so was much of the video footage along with a lot of the evidence for the federal case. The arson charges will be hard to prove since the Fire Marshall said in the preliminary hearing that no evidence of arson was taken form the crime scene and it has now been razed. The police seem to think they have the murder weapon but the knife that Joe and Harlow purchased was found in their car in Virginia Beach when they were arrested. All of the other evidence is circumstantial and it does not place either Joe or Harlow at the crime scene. There are no witnesses who can ID them at Bryan’s home. And the witness testimony at the preliminary hearing was not conclusive. The Blacks Beach tapes are a double-edged sword for the prosecution as well. That could cause the cases to be spilt up and that would open up another whole can of worms.

What the prosecution is using as fact is that on the Blacks Beach tapes they are claiming that Harlow is being apologetic to Sean and Grant for what has occurred. Although he never confesses to the crime at hand he does refer to it. This was also reiterated in Grants testimony at the preliminary hearing. Harlow also says that the victim felt no pain and that he went fast. But you see when the beach tapes were recorded the first search warrants were issued and with them was a description of the murder scene and how the victim died. So Harlow could have read that and that is where he got his information from.

Who would profit from the destruction of Cobra video? Certainly not Joe and Harlow they had no stake in it. Sean and Grant would not profit from the destruction of Cobra Video, they would possibly gain satisfaction from it but they were still bound by the settlement agreement. Would Lee Bergeron gain from Bryan’s death, he needed Bryan alive to collect on the money he was to be paid from his Share of LSG Media. Although it has been claimed that Lee did receive a six-figure lump sum of money from somewhere, maybe Bryan was a silent investor and he paid Lee for his share of LSG Media. Lee being the principle share holder he would still have control of the profits since Sean and Grant walked away he would not have to give them any of the profits and it would be a win- win for Lee.

I have said from the beginning that this was a convoluted case and there are so many factors involved that we may never know the real truth. One thing for certain is there is one-person dead and two others are on trial for their lives and we are no closer to the truth. This whole case could very well be thrown out on a technicality due to the aborted RICO case from Virginia. The fact that all of their assets were seized and it made it virtually impossible for them to present a good legal defense. We will just have to wait and see about that. The Prosecution put the death penalty on the table in an attempt to get Joe and Harlow to opt out with a plea deal but as of yet it has not worked in the prosecution’s favor. So where does any of this leave us? I for one don’t know what will be proven when this goes to trial but you can truly bet it will be interesting.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What's the deal?

I went Blog slumming today and found an interesting thread on Juicygoo ll or BB’s “A Murder is Annonouced” blog. In this thread BB claims that Robert Wagner never received pictures of Harlow Cuadra/Danny Moilin. This I find quite interesting because the police seem to think that Robert Wagner did receive those pictures and that he was the one who gave those pictures to them. The police say that Bryan sent Robert the pictures on January 22nd 2007 and that Robert was a close and personal associate of Bryan’s. Yet on BB’s blog they are denying this, why is that?

BB said...

At a dinner meeting with Sean and his CobraKiller, Joe and Harlow offered to murder Bryan.

Shortly after the offer was made, Sean vetted and recommended Harlow to Bryan.

It is NOT documented anywhere that Robert Wagner got email with images of Harlow/Drake. It is documented Sean got email from Bryan about Harlow. Sean did nothing.

Grant COBRAKILLER Roy is well known for his rage hatred and anger.

You are known to be from a family who ALL take mental health medication. Between your prescription drugs, illegal drugs, booze and disease, you are disconnected from reality.

More about that in my next blog entry.
October 2, 2007 11:48 PM

When an anonymous poster made the comment below BB denied that Robert ever received those pictures.

Anonymous said...
Why the lie about Robert Wagner not recieving the pictures of Harlow? The affidavit clearly states he did. So in affect the police are lying about that fact? Also the affidavit says that Robert was in Bryan's home on the 21st of January. His own words in his statement to the police as to the missing items that the police claim that J&H took.
October 3, 2007 3:16 PM

Well the direct quote is on page 13 of the affidavit in the 3rd paragraph and it clearly says otherwise. Why the lie BB? Also the affidavit says that Robert Wagner was in the home of Bryan Kocis on the 21st of January and that is from the affidavit as well.

BB said...
"Why the lie about Robert Wagner not recieving the pictures of Harlow? The affidavit clearly states he did."

can you give a direct quote from the affidavit? i can't find it.

who was in Bryan's home of the 24th of Jan? JOE and HARLOW, the murderers. When was Bryan murdered elms? the 24th of Jan.

You know nothing.
October 3, 2007 8:29 PM

BB said...
I see Sean, his CobraKiller and their fans have turned on "kiddie porn posting images" Jason Curious.

True to form for them... attack ANYONE who disagrees with them. Idiots.

Why are these players so angry? They wanted Bryan dead, he is.
October 3, 2007 11:47 PM

In true BB form he goes on to attack anyone that disagrees with his statements. With his childish name calling and wild assumptions to they’re character. As far as BB and his partner in hate “Truth Be Told” go they are constantly attacking the facts of this case and making wild accusations about the posters on his blog. As of this date he has never proven any of his baseless accusations against anyone or proven with facts any of his statements made about those involved.

My favorite was his declaration that Sean Lockhart’s Washington State Drivers license was a fake. He is still stating that Sean is not 20 years old. He was using the fake one that was in Rolling Stone magazine as the real one. A little research would have shown him that the format of that license was wrong but research is not one of BB’s strong suits. When all the documentation shown so far proves otherwise BB and Truth Be told still claim Sean is not 20 years old. Yes BB Sean is 20 he will turn 21 on the 31st of October 2007 so deal with it.

Robert Wagner is involved in the ID fraud with Bryan Kocis as he was a witness to the ID that Sean presented to Bryan for the Cobra videos 2257 records in 2004 This is also the record that Bryan produced in the civil suit documents. Bryan made Robert culpible in the fraud by forcing him to sign the document as a withness. It has also been said that Robert and BB are boyfriends and that they share posting duties on his blog.

What I find a bit troubling is that Sean Macias, Bryan’s attorney says in the affidavit that he was speasking to Bryan on the 24th of January @ “He was engaged in a telephone conversation with the victim @ approximately 18:30 hrs., Macias was conversing with the victim regarding the pending lawsuit as well as several items of issue regarding the members of LSG Media. Macias described the demeanor of the victim at the time as upbeat and “in a real good Mood”. The victim advised Macias that a “New model” was coming over (to the victim’s residence). Macias added that at some point, the victim asked Macias to “hold on”, as the model, who had a name which began with a “D” arrived. Macias could not hear the entire name of the model. This is from page 12 of the police affidavit.

This is where it gets interesting, you see when Bryan said hold on it was not to let a model in, it was to take another phone call. At 16:30 hrs. Robert Wagner called Bryan and Bryan put Macias on hold to take the other call. The model had not yet arrived. Now what I find interesting is that all of these phone calls were made to Bryan’s cell phone. So in effect Bryan could have been dead for a few days and the calls could have been placed from anywhere. The police where checking cell tower locations for Harlow and Joe’s phones but did they check where Bryan’s phone was?

Could it have been somewhere else possibly New York? Maybe Robert had Bryan’s Cell phone and he was accepting the calls and impersonating Bryan. That would explain the phone call at 18:30 hrs. As it would give him an alibi for that time period. Did the police check the cell tower location of Roberts phone call to Bryan? The instant Message conversation with Cad could have been made from anywhere with an Internet connection and Bryan’s pass word. Robert also states that Bryan’s laptop computer was missing, maybe he had it along with Bryan’s cell phone.

Melnick the DA said it himself that they were not sure when Bryan died and that he expected more arrests to be made in this case. Was he talking about Robert Wagner? It was revealed by the San Diego investigation that Lee Bergeron and Bryan Kocis had a deal for Lee to sell his portion of LSG Media to Bryan. This information was culled from the electronic communications of Bryan Kocis. Sean Macias left his law firm shortly after the settlement due this fact. Also Robert Wagner left his job at a New York Law firm due to his unethical behavior.

Robert had an ongoing relationship with Bryan and he was well vetted by Bryan. Funny thing he is now he is denying this. Robert knew who Harlow was and he may have perpertrated the fraud that he was Bryan to Harlow. Harlow did not arrive at Bryan’s house until after 8:00pm and he said that Bryan’s was the door was opened and he looked in and saw Bryan was dead and he heard someone upstairs and smelled smoke and he panicked and left.

This was around 8:20 pm as to witness testimony. The fire department was called and the fire was put out in less than 20 minutes. This is from testimony from the preliminary hearing. I find this whole case to be quite convoluted and the evidence is circumstantial at best but people have been convicted with less. I just want justice and I hope we do get it. If it is proven that Joe and Harlow did this crime so be it but I will not convict them on this blog. I still say that all are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Let the trial begin.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Update Chris Crocker star of the You Tube Galaxy

There is a new tribute video to Britney Spears click the title to see it.