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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The drivers license dilemma

Well some are back to making claims that Sean Lockhart’s age is wrong again. Well I find it interesting that these same people who claim that he is over 21 just don’t really have a clue.
I for one know that the Washington State Drivers license is real.

The California one is the fake. Why do those who claim this, not do the simple research required to prove their point? Well it is because they just don’t care for facts. They’re goal is to bash Sean and make him look bad because it feeds a sick need they have to destroy another life.
I for one have been sitting by and watching their tirades and blog battles and have not had too much to say about it. But I thought that now is the time to just set the record straight once and for all.
You see in California there are certain formats that a drivers license is done in. When you get your first license at 16 it expires 4 years later or on your 20th birthday . When you get your next license it expires 4 years later. After 21 years of age the format of the license changes. The fake Id that Sean used would make him over 25 years of age as per the format used. So in effect it is a fake ID. The pictures reverse and the red banner is removed on your license once you turn 25 years of age or you get a license after you turn 21. The one that says age 21 in whatever year you turn 21 would be the license Sean would have now. The fake one that Sean used for Cobra Video was the wrong format. It is very fake if you ask me because it says that he is 21 now and the format is wrong if it was issued in april of 2003.

Just goes to show how diligent Cobra Video was with they’re ID checking. Their 2257 records must have been destroyed for a good reason. Probably to hide the fact that they were not that accurate and did not adhere to the standards set for the industry. I really don’t know and really don’t care because Cobra Video is no longer a viable entity in the porn world because they no longer have any records. Cobra video was not supposed to live on after Bryan’s death as a family business. Bryan’s Last will and testament stated that all assets were to be sold and the proceeds split among his heirs listed in his will.
Cobra video was not listed in the will, as was any real or specific property other than the Rolex watch, which was to go to Bryan’s father. So I guess Cobra was to be sold like the cars and the property. Maybe that is why there is such a big stink about the 2257 records still existing. With out the 2257 records Cobra Video has no value and all the videos should not and can not be legally sold. Maybe that is why there is such a big stink about the fake license to create a smoke screen to detract from the fact that Cobra is a illegal company and they are selling what can only be called contraband at the present time. We will have to wait and see if that is a fact. But as far as I’m concerned it does not look good for Cobra.

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  1. A good post Elm.

    It's also important to point out that not only is that WA DL number verifiable online, it is also biometric...the year of birth is encoded in the first two numbers of the serial: 14, which refers to 1986 (2000-14=1986).

    BTW I was wrong earlier on HandJ-blog. I said the CA DL was a Photoshopped copy of a real CA ID. I thought this at first, due to the incredibly fact-sloppy way the Rolling Stone article was written.

    Reviewing the firsthand sources, I now see my error. There were actually THREE fake IDs involved here: 1) a fake scanned and Photoshopped WA DL; 2) a fake scanned and Photoshopped Idaho birth certificate; 3) a plastic fake CA DL (pictured in the RS article) that was bought in MacArthur Park in Los Angeles from a seedy Mexican for $200.

    All this detail can be found firsthand here, in "Siren's Tale":

    BTW, this all explains the early press statements made by Cobra when the controversy first exploded saying that they had THREE copies of Brent's ID on file. They did in fact, as you all can see: Two fake Photoshopped ones, and one fake plastic one.

    I will back up bb on one minor point, tho: there is no evidence Bryan paid the $200 for the plastic fake. "Siren's Tale" seems not to say that (although it certainly implies Bryan by this time must have known, via the circumstances, he'd be getting a fake).

  2. BTW Elm can you somehow post a copy of the will?

  3. Jim as to the will I would but it contains to many family names and other information. I really do not feel right about posting such a document. I do believe it is availiavle online if you look for it.

  4. How about just the para as applies to the behest of Cobra LLC, with family names redacted of course?

    This is the other interesting topic of your post, IMO.

  5. Hey Jim I promised that I would not post it. That is how I got it. Sorry about that but I try my best to keep my word.

  6. Oh never mind, you say the will does not mention Cobra Video at all (which is interesting), and that was what I was getting at; to see if there was any mention of the secret Cobra silent-investors in the will.

  7. There were no investers in Cobra as far as I know but one thing is interesting is that Cobra was a regitered LLC in Pornsylvania in 2001 and Delaware in 2006 as two seperate entities. Kind of interesting when you think about it when one was set up right before the civil suit with LSG Media. So I wonder what that was all about.

  8. Bryan did have silent partners in Cobra Video. We now know that to be a fact.

    How so? Well, three things:

    1) It was mentioned a while back that while an LLC might (depending on state law) be able to exist with only one shareholder, and LLC terminates upon the death of it's last shareholder. Thats right, POOF! Gone.

    It was claimed (by Cad!) that Cobra Video LLC only was made up of Bryan Kocis...but if true the LLC legally would have ceased to exist once Bryan's pulse stopped.

    But no...the LLC, as you see, lives on. And there is no evidence it was reconstituted, it's the same one (actually two, with the Delaware one added) that's always been there.

    So there MUST have been at least one other LIVE BODY acting as a shareholder.

    2) Notice that I just said above that only in certain states can an LLC have but one shareholder? Well guess what, according to a poster over at DeWayne's blog, PENNSYLVANIA IS NOT ONE OF THOSE STATES!

    In other words, you NEED at least two shareholders for an LLC in Pennsy.

    So who be these other shareholder(s)? DeW goes on to speculate they may be Kocis family members, but this seems doubtful to me; I've always been under the impression they were less than thrilled with his new career choice.

    And besides, we have this bit of dynamite, that has been under our noses all along:

    3) You remember that incredible email Bryan wrote to Brent, threatening him with vexatious litigation and rape for daring to suggest ways Brent could fulfill his contract with Cobra w/o feeling threatened? Well, there was something bothering me about the email...something beyond the obvious revelation of Bryan Kocis as a monster...that I just could not put my finger on. Something snagged on my brain as I was reading it...but I could not quite realize (right away) what that was.

    Well, it finally came to me! In a flash of inspiration, I realized what had subliminally caught my attention; see:
    05/ranting-and-raving-from-lunatic.html particular, THIS line written by Bryan: "... More lies, how many do you expect me to believe?? And that investors money this week kicking in, did you really think you aren't being watched now? It's worth the money."

    HA! Right there! From the mouth of BRYAN himself!! INVESTORS!!!!

    THIS is what stuck in my mind! NOW I see it!


    Now here's the kicker: We've been led to believe, from early on in this murder mystery, that Cobra Video had no investors or silent partners.

    How have we been led to believe this? It was CAD. I brought up the theory, early on (back on Jason Curious) that perhaps business partners in Cobra had a hand in the murder. And immediately CAD jumped all over me, and that theory.

    "NO" he said. Cobra was a one-man show, NO partners. The LLC was for business convenience only, Bryan was the sole shareholder.

    Yes, Cad lied to us.

    Oh I suppose Cad merely might have been mistaken. That Bryan lied to him about the hidden investors, and Cad was simply innocently passing the lie on to us. But I think that unlikely. Cad knew too many personal and business details to be an unwitting partner in this deception. I THINK HE KNEW OF THE LIE TOO.

    And intentially lied to us.

    So, now the questions is: Why? Why did Cad feel the need to lie about this, so strenously, to us?

    I suspect there is a HUGE bombshell out there...I am NOT sure what that bombshell is! But it must be huge to have generated such a whopper of a lie on us all.

    Elm, if you want to do something really nifty and soem digging, anFIND OUT WHO THESE SECRET COBRA SHAREHOLDER/INVESTORS ARE! There is a no doubt quite explosive bombshell hiding behind that secret, I'll wager!

    I have a theory...for another post, perhaps... ;-)

  9. Well Jim I think the investor could very well be "Back door Lee". You see it goes with Bryan's statement that you are being watched. Who better to watch Sean than Lee, a so called trusted partner. You see when Bryan set up the Delaware LLC he did this to protect the Pornsylvania LLC. He also did this with the take over of LSG Media in mind. Hence all of the legal speak on the day he was killed. His plan was in motion but he did not live long enough to see it come to fruition. Pity that Lee did not get paid and Bryan did not get Brent/Sean. Maybe that was the plan or maybe Bryan wanted to get his hands on Sean because Sean knew to much about Cobra's other dealings and if they got him back in the fold they could make him an offer he could not refuse. As we all know Bryan did make some pretty blatant threats towards to Sean.

  10. Ah, very good, Elm, VERY good!

    Besides the "watching" clue, take a gander at the lawsuit. Cobra Video, LLC (Del) sues:

    1) LSG LLC (Cal);
    2) Sean Lockhart, personally (the "S" in "LSG");
    3) Grant Roy, personally (the "G" in "LSG"); and


    ...hmmmm, THAT seems to be it...

    Strange, don't you think, Elm? Don't you get the feeling a defendant here was CURIOUSLY omitted from the lawsuit?


    Of course, it would be VERY BAD if it were discovered that one party in a lawsuit was essentially suing itself! Depending on the circumstances, that could very well be looked at as a criminal fraud on the court.

    Follow the money, Elm! That should be the new battlecry, here, lets follow the money! Find out those secret investors...

  11. Elm or Jim ever noticed this Distributor out of Amsterdam?

    They have used this name since 2001.

    I am sure litigious Bryan would have sued over this use of his Cobra name.

    After all this company deals in BB Twink porn from Costa Rica & Columbia. At my Video store we call this stuff from OTB
    "Latino Cobra Twinks!"

    I bet if you look you will find a connection between CobraVideo LLC and Cobra-Photo BV &
    both in Amsterdam.

  12. If they used it since 2001, this Euro Cobra-Zone name would have predated the American Cobra Video, no?

    I would think if there was a connection 'tween the two though, they'd at least link to each other's sites. Which they don't appear to.

  13. Well in regards to the two cobra companies they do not appear to be linked but then again why would they be? If one was for specialty products and the other one was not that could explain allot. It would appear that Bryan had his fingers in a llot of different companies. If you did deep enough you will find it. Jim you have just scaped the surface.

  14. So why would Bryan Kocis start Cobra video LLC in 2002 in Pennsylvania only to start another company with the same name Cobra Video LLC in Delaware 3 years later? What is up with another entity that was started in 2001? Are these companies related?

    Why would Bryan sue LSG Media? The fact that he sued Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy is basically unheard of in the porn industry. The whole trademark filing was just a way for him to exercise control over a model that wanted nothing to do with him. That is a fact that can not be denied.

    Was Lee Bergeron a party to this from the beginning? Was the backdoor deal with Lee planned from the beginning of the civil lawsuit? This is getting more convoluted every day.

    It would appear that if you have a LLC in Pennsylvania you would have partners. Who are the partners in Cobra Video LLC? Has anyone seen the articles of incorporation?

    When you look at what Bryan had done with regards to Sean Lockhart would it not surprise anyone that he would flee that terror? Did Bryan evade the justice system I would say yes? Was Sean Lockhart innocent in all of this? No he was not innocent by any means.

    What purpose did any of this serve? As far as I am concerned it served no purpose at all. The obsessive nature of Bryan Kocis was his downfall and could be directly responsible for his murder.

    If he had just left Sean Lockhart alone we would no be talking about this today. Bryan’s treatment of Robert Wagner was something that caused a great deal of grief and hurt for Robert. How he used him for his own purposes and then would cast him aside like damaged goods once he did his bidding. It is no wonder Robert is so angry.

    From where I sit it would appear that Bryan was an outcast in the world of porn and he caused great hurt to so many.

  15. Was Lee Bergeron a party to this from the beginning? Was the backdoor deal with Lee planned from the beginning of the civil lawsuit?

    Hmm I wonder if Lee Bergeron was broke how could he invest all that money in LSG?

    He could if it came from Bryan!

    The obsessive nature of Bryan Kocis was his downfall and could be directly responsible for his murder.

    Yes it was

  16. Yep, follow the money!

    Follow the money, see who the remaining silent owners of Cobra are...and you'll see the people behind various screen names, I'll bet...

  17. Could one of his silent partners planned this murder? Jim is this what you are thinking? That coulds be a interesting thought. Maybe they were getting upset with Bryan because of his obsession with Brent and they wanted it to stop. And the only way to do this was to remove the problem.

  18. Very early on this was a theory of mine, yes.

    Then Cad derailed us all by lying about the existence of these silent partners. Back then, I was not as suspicious of what people said who claimed to be "in the know" so I, like everyone else here pretty much, took this denial at face value.

    I now know better, obviously.

    But I don't see any need to dredge up my original theory. The facts of H/J's guilt seem to disproove it.

    When a theory of mine becomes untenable, I am not shy about dumping it.

  19. Jim,you might want to rethink that. The possibilities are endless. Cobra Video was not some one man operation as we were lead to believe. The fingers of that company are allot longer than we thought.

  20. If a revelation concerning these silent partners reflects suspicion on them, yes of course I will rethink.