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Black helicopters
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Boybatter updates:

News Flash: The Boybatter auction site is finally up and running. You can now go to Free and make you bids on the items listed. All proceeds are for the Harlow Cuadra legal Defense fund. So buy some stuff and help the guy out of this tough situation. There are several cool items up for bid. Check out the Harlow Cuadra Online for info. A little birdy told me today that a portion of Boybatter video is also being sold to the highest bidder.
They are selling 40% share of the online Video on Demand operation. From the reports that I have seen it is a quite lucrative operation. It could net someone a nice little chunk of change. Lets see who the lucky new part owner will be.

All proceeds are for Harlow's defense fund. As for the sell of the home that will be split down the middle to benefit both Joe and Harlow. From what I have been told their trials are still being held together and there are no deals with the prosecution at this time to speak of.
So it is still the same struggle to keep their defense teams in place.
These Guys need our help to get a fair trial with good legal representation so bid on what you want and help them get just that.
There are still items for sale on the Free Harlow Cuadra site as well.

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