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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gay marriage ban overuled in California

Gay marriage appears to be legal in California after a 4/3 split by the states supreme court. Gov. Swartzenegger said he would not support a ballot initiative to over ride the courts decision. He says that the supreme court decision should be let to stand. Now I have never been a great fan of the "Govenator" but his words today speak volumes to how he really feels about the issue. I just want to say this California rules.

Can we all say equal rights for everybody is a constitutional right for all US citizens and leave it at that. I think there will be allot of people who are upset about this decision and they will continue to fight to keep the gay population second class citizens. I personally believe that there should be a separation of church and state but as this election year plays out you will see that the politicians will be courting the same people who are against Gay marriage.

This president who is in office right now campaigned against the rights of gays and was elected by the same people who are going to try and get an initiative on the ballot to override the California Supreme Courts ruling. Through out history it has been the "Christians" who have been oppressive to all other religions. I really wonder what Jesus would think about these people who claim to be his followers.

The problem with most churches and religious groups is that they foster hate and that is why I am not affiliated with any church now. Do I believe in god , yes I do but I have never believed that God did not like gay people. I have never felt any guilt for being gay, I was born this way and if I was not supposed to be gay as some claim than that would make God wrong and that my friends is blasphemy and that is a sin.

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Joe and the truth

Well it appears that Joe Kerekes has spilled the beans on his plan to turn on Harlow Cuadra. Joe has spoken to several jail-mates and told them all about how Harlow killed Bryan Kocis. What I find interesting is that Joe has told so many different stories that it is hard to follow them. Joe claims that Harlow planned this whole thing and that he was just along for the ride. Joe also claims that during the murder he was at the motel surfing the Internet or was he in the car waiting for Harlow. From my perspective it appears that Joe is trying his level best to cause confusion in this murder case. His court room outbursts not withstanding.

First of all on my blog Joe states that he is not Mark but the fact is I knew who he was all along. He was MJT or Mark Joe and Trent. Joe contacted me through Email about a picture that I had of Harlow on my blog that he wanted changed. The date of our first email was Tuesday, April 17, 2007 2:58 AM. Contrary to the beliefs of certain bloggers that was our first contact other than his regular rants on my blog. As far as I am concerned with this case my motivation was to just write about it, no more no less. It seemed to take on a life of its own with the attacks and the fighting and blame throwing and it just got ugly.

The sad fact is that a man was murdered and several lives will be forever changed by that fact. Not withstanding that the victim of this murder had already ruined several lives with his bogus legal suits and his lies and his unscrupulous business practices. The fact is that Bryan Kocis was not a nice person and he was willing to do anything to destroy "Brent Corrigan" speaks volumes to his character. Dirty underhanded deals, public smear campaigns, bogus lawsuits, underage porn and child molestation all speak to his character.

Joe and Harlow were not the brightest couple in the world and I don’t think that they should have ever got involved in any of this but that is my opinion. The fact that Sean and Grant were having problems with Bryan was enough for me to know that I would have just avoided the whole situation if I were Joe and Harlow. But then again who knows what they were thinking. Fast cash in the porn industry is a joke but I guess Joe and Harlow were not aware of that.

The fact that I got involved in this whole debacle is something that I do not regret. I have been accused of aiding and abetting two criminals, illegal phone conversations, possession of stolen property and various other crimes by someone who claims to be on the inside of this investigation. I just want to thank PC for posting the arrest warrant that shows that I did not aid and abet two known fugitives. I would also like to thank Jim for confirming the first contact that I had with Joe and Harlow.

Now I do not believe that Barry Taylor was one of Joe and Harlow’s clients. The fact that if he were it would be grounds for his disbarment. I also really don’t understand why Joe would tell complete strangers about his part in this murder other than to gain some street cred in the jail. His claims of being straight and doing this for money and the privilege it provides are in my opinion is a bunch of crap. Joe has lied to the police on several occasions and I think that is his defense. "You can not believe a damn thing I say so I must not be guilty".

Harlow on the other hand has said very little about the case and in the few times that we have spoken after his arrest he has stated the same thing and he has never wavered on that one bit. Do I believe him well that I will just keep to myself as I am not on the jury and it really does not matter what I believe. You all can believe what ever you want and you can spout off about it as well. Just an small note to all of you who think that I am involved in this in any other way other than my blog you are sadly mistaken.

I am still waiting for the truth to be revealed and from what has been posted as relevant to this case it is not the truth. It is just pure speculation, the police are still grasping for a reason as to the why Bryan was killed. The evidence presented so far is purely circumstantial. The beach tapes are in my opinion a joke and it will backfire. The so-called involvement of several of the people mentioned on other blogs that is a joke as well.

Joe and Harlow were aware of the "trap" that was set by the FBI and all of the other police agencies with regards to the beach tapes. They were also aware of the whereabouts of the missing Maserati, as was I long before the beach tapes were made.
This case is really just becoming a joke, a comedy of errors and it will all play out in the fabulous Luzerne County court system which I might add is the biggest joke of them all. There have been claims that Robert Wagner was at Bryan’s house on the night he was murdered and I for one do not know if that is true but some seem to think so and that would explain the constant attacks on BB. I would like to think that BB is not involved and he is being attacked because he is not in agreement with the party line. BB is of the belief that Sean and Grant had something to do with this murder. That is what BB believes and I’m fine with that.

Do I think that Sean and Grant had anything to do with this murder? The answer would be yes. They contacted Joe and Harlow and invited them to Vegas. Joe and Harlow took them out to dinner where the subject of Bryan came up. Now common sense would lead you to believe that Joe and Harlow did not just bring up the subject of Bryan. That would have been Sean and Grant. Their deceitful partner Lee Bergeron was suckering Sean and Grant into a bad deal with Bryan. They were most likely pissed off about the pending deal and voiced there opinion about it to Joe and Harlow.

I don’t know who brought up the subject about making Bryan disappear and I don’t doubt it was brought up. I was not there so I can not attest to who came up with that idea. But for Joe and Harlow to just come out of the blue with something like that is a bit of a stretch. They did not even know Bryan or have any prior contact with the man. Sean and Grant did have prior contact with him and made their animosity well known.

Now as far as Joe and Harlow devising a plot to do away with Bryan on a promise to work with Sean that is a bit of a stretch. Bryan was not a threat to their business and the claim that they did all of this to work with "Brent Corrigan" is a stretch as well. Brent Corrigan is a commodity in porn but he is not the only hot twink out there. As far as Sean and Grant’s involvement in this murder, it is guilt by association. They know the accused and they knew the victim and the are a crucial link in the theory of the police as to why Bryan was killed.

I don’t think the truth will ever be known because there are just to many lies out there and not enough credible witnesses to make the truth available. The police have a theory and it seems that they will make the evidence work with that theory. The fact is that the evidence presented thus far has to prove the guilt of the accused. It could very well do just that but then again it could all be disproved. Did Harlow snap and kill Bryan? Did Joe kill Bryan? Was Bryan dead when Harlow arrived? Was Joe at the motel? Was Robert Wagner at Bryan’s house on the night he was murdered? This is for the courts to decide and I am more than willing to let them do they’re job with regards to that.

With all of the negative press on the courts of Luzerne County I do think that this will be a fair trail as they are being watched by the FBI. The Fed’s want this case over as soon as possible because of their investigation into Bryan’s other dealings. They want Robert Wagner so bad that they can taste it. Bryan had been under investigation for several months prior to his murder and that is why this case had so many different police agencies involved. There are those who deny this but the facts of this investigation prove otherwise.

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