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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gay marriage ban overuled in California

Gay marriage appears to be legal in California after a 4/3 split by the states supreme court. Gov. Swartzenegger said he would not support a ballot initiative to over ride the courts decision. He says that the supreme court decision should be let to stand. Now I have never been a great fan of the "Govenator" but his words today speak volumes to how he really feels about the issue. I just want to say this California rules.

Can we all say equal rights for everybody is a constitutional right for all US citizens and leave it at that. I think there will be allot of people who are upset about this decision and they will continue to fight to keep the gay population second class citizens. I personally believe that there should be a separation of church and state but as this election year plays out you will see that the politicians will be courting the same people who are against Gay marriage.

This president who is in office right now campaigned against the rights of gays and was elected by the same people who are going to try and get an initiative on the ballot to override the California Supreme Courts ruling. Through out history it has been the "Christians" who have been oppressive to all other religions. I really wonder what Jesus would think about these people who claim to be his followers.

The problem with most churches and religious groups is that they foster hate and that is why I am not affiliated with any church now. Do I believe in god , yes I do but I have never believed that God did not like gay people. I have never felt any guilt for being gay, I was born this way and if I was not supposed to be gay as some claim than that would make God wrong and that my friends is blasphemy and that is a sin.

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