Black helicopters

Black helicopters
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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Out and about

While on a recent trip to the grocery store to restock the cave of mystery with edible delights. I while standing in the check out line saw several of those magazines. You know the ones that spew forth lies and innuendo about the famous and fortunate. Well I spied a cover with the tragic and bald Brittany Spears.
I think to my self is she pulling a Demi Moore, then I remember if she wants a guy 15 years younger than her she would have to go back to the fourth grade.So I read the headline and realized she was having a meltdown. Not the regular kind you do in private with some pills and a bottle of vodka. But a real serious call the paparazzi I need attention from you but you won’t leave me alone kind of melt down. Now it was sad when they showed he private nether regions all over the Internet but get real she should have had on some panties.
Her little Las Vegas trip where she was so sleepy she had to be carried out of the club Her window shopping trips for different rehab facilities and her escape from one earlier in the week not withstanding. She was crying for help. Well maybe she was just crying. Why are there no people in these young peoples lives with the balls to slap them and say wake up you’re an asshole. Now I have never really cared for her music much. Slave and Toxic were the best tunes she ever did in my opinion. But lets face it she got lucky got rich and screwed it all up. Why is this always the case? You get some coins and think you can do any thing.
Well maybe Kevin Federline is not the screw up we thought he was. He just married one. This whole thing reminds me of Whitney and Bobby Brown. My question is who’s next.

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