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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And the Nominees are

This is my take on the 2007 GAYvn Awards NOMINEES Part one. It looks like gay porn is going mainstream. With Kathy Griffen hosting the Gayvn awards in San Francisco at the Famous Castro Theatre. I guess she is really a friend of the Gay's.Who knew.
Maybe I need to get a life because as you can see I have watched a lot of Porn this year. You would think I was getting paid to do it. Such is not the case. I watch it because I am doing my thesis on the gay male. Yeah right! You say, well it could be true. So on with my critique. We begin with the best "actor" nominations.

Shane Collins - Doggie Style (Jet Set Productions)
I saw this movie and found his character a little stiff and just a tad bit boring but he does look good and he has a big cock.
Michael Lucas - Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita (Lucas Entertainment)
Ah Michael Lucas, He was alright but he seems so full of him self that it is just a little distracting.
Erik Rhodes - The Velvet Mafia 1-2 (Falcon Studios)
While he is quite the beefcake he was topped by super twink Fox (Brent Corrigan) Ryder in this flick. It might disturb some of his fans but the scene was hot.
Danny Roddick - Boot Black Blues (Buckshot Productions)
Danny Roddick actually makes you care for his character in this. The scene with him and Josh Weston was oh so hot.
Shane Rollins - Justice (Hot House Video)
I just have one thing to say. You better work bitch. He was hot, oh yeah he was hot. He has a remarkable ass. So round and inviting.
Cole Ryan - The Chest (Titan Media)
I did not see this one, maybe later on I will, but Cole Ryan is hot.
Eddie Stone - 2nd Inning (Electro Video)
Eddie Stone was quite hilarious with his over the top performance in this vid. His sex scene on the bus was hot. It made we want to get on that bus too.
Colby Taylor - Big Rig (Buckshot Productions)
Colby Colby Colby I always thought he was hot in a guy next door kind of way. He was so sexy in the scene with Gus Mattox. The chemistry was on fire.
Derrick Vinyard - From Top to Bottom (Falcon Studios)
Well I will just say this I do not like Jason Adonis. But Derrick Vineyard was good considering who he had to work with.
Justin Wells - Booty Thief (Arena Entertainment)
I did not See this one.

Jean Franko - The School for Lovers (Lucas Kazan Productions)
I found this on a little bit to cinematic and not really that sexy. They just seemed to go through the motions not much feeling in the scenes, to me it could have been better.
Mack Manus - Harassment at the Work Site (Stud Mall)
I missed this one.
Sebastian Stone - World Soccer Orgy 1-2 (Eurocreme)
Very typical of euro sex movies not really hot but good non the less cute boys f------g what more could you ask for.
Julian Vincenzo - Good Fellows (High Octane)
Missed it
Johan Volny - Hard Riders (Beau Mec)
missed this one too

Black-n-Blue (Hot House)
Missed this one, might see it, don’t know yet.
Breathless (Titan Media)
Missed this one but I will check it out, there’s a lot of buzz about Francois Sagat.
Devil Inside (HIS)
I will check this one out, some of my favorite boys are it.
Dripping Wet (Falcon Studios)
Typical falcon it was OK .
Lords of the Jungle (Raging Stallion Studios)
I have not seen it yet but it looks like it might be good
Manly Heat: Quenched (Buckshot Productions)
See comment above
Sized Up (Rascal Video)
It was OK a little drawn out but the boys were hot. The behind the scenes stuff was good.

Damon & Hunter: Doing It Together (Comstock Films)
Gay Sex in the '70s (Wolfe)
Stonewall & Riot (AVA)
Story Film Classics: The Wild Ones (Athletic Model Guild)
I did not see any of the above.
That Man: Peter Berlin (Water Bearer)
This was interesting because I have met Peter Berlin and find that he is a total enigma.

Take It Like a Man (Xtreme Productions)
Florida Fresh (Jake Cruise)
Rear Gunners 2 (Active Duty)
Straight College Men 48 (
Top to Bottom 4 (Defiant Productions)
I did not see any of the above but I a familiar with the companies.

French Farmers (Oh Man! Studios)
missed this one a boy has to sleep.
Going Under (Jet Set Productions)
same as above
Justice (Hot House Video)
The sets were very theatrical. Great lighting.This one made me loose some sleep.
Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita (Lucas Entertainment)
Very good sets this did not feel like it was a porn movie. Use your fast fwd. button.
Spy Quest 2 (Titan Media)
This movie was quite well done the sets were interesting and they helped too make the sex hot.
Underwater (Alexander Pictures)
missed this one.
The Velvet Mafia 1-2 (Falcon Studios)
the sets were good but the jewelry, well can we say over bling. The boys pants barely fit but that was kind of hot. Oh and Chrysler and Cadillac must just be thrilled, their cars are all over this movie.

American Bi (Pulse)
Bi Bi American Pie 9 (Macho Man)
Bi Back Mountain (All Worlds Video)
Bisexuals in the Woods (Male Media One)
Fine Bi Me Too (Adam & Eve)
I saw none of these oh well guess I have to get busy.

Brother Load (Catalina Video)
Falconhead 2 (HIS)
Hardcore Film Classics: Vito & the Love Bandit (Athletic Model Guild)
Nights in Black Leather (Gorilla) see Peter Berlin comment
Screenplay (Bijou)
These were all good before, so now a whole new generation can see them. Cool.

Kristen Bjorn - Fire Dance (Sarava Productions)
Always impeccable.
Joe Gage - Arcade on Route 9 (Titan Media)
Did not see it.
Doug Jeffries - Delinquents (All Worlds)
Missed it but will look for it.
Michael Lucas, Tony Dimarco - Michael Lucas' La Dolce Vita(Lucas Entertainment)
Pretty good direction and scene structure. It was just a little drawn out for a porn flick.
Brian Mills - Folsom Filth (Titan Media)
Not really my style did not see it.
John Rutherford - Big Rig (Buckshot Productions)
This was great the scenes played well and the sex was hot. Very good chemistry between the models.
Steven Scarborough - Justice (Hot House Video)
Amazingly well done. You feel for Shane Rollin’s character and the sex was oh so hot. great chemistry between the models.
Chris Steele - The Velvet Mafia 1-2 (Falcon Studios) Great Idea to use Brent Corrigan in a topical story. Art imitates life literally. It was little over the top but well directed in a kind of tounge and cheek way.
Chris Ward, Ben Leon - Lords of the Jungle (Raging Stallion Studios)
I still have not seen this one.
Kristofer Weston - Boot Black Blues (Buckshot Productions)
Well done I enjoyed this one, a lot.

With all the turmoil in the gay porn industry that there seems to be lately they are churning out product like there is no tomorrow. Some good, some not. I also might add that it is starting to become a real killer industry. Seriously.

Well till we chat again this is Elmysterio signing off.

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