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Black helicopters
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Friday, November 16, 2007

Moving on.

It seems that my blog has become a place where all we discuss is the murder of Bryan Kocis. Well that is far from my only interest in life. As I have been blogging here since February and I am getting just a bit tired of all of this. So I have stated my views and now I will be moving on to different subjects, which is what I originally wanted to do with this blog. So this murder will no longer be the center of attention of my blog. I will not delete the older posts and they will remain there for you to read. I will still comment on it as it is still one of my interests so you can still expect to hear from me on that subject. That being said lets move on.

Now for a bit of news: I just received an email from the new owners of Boybatter and they seem to think that my little blog is a good place to make this announcement. Well I guess I already made that announcement did I not, oh well so much for suspense. Well here is the news anyway; they are no longer affiliated with Joe and Harlow. The new owners are going to reopen the Boisrus site and it will be a site where you can send your amateur videos in and they can be voted on and the winners will receive fabulous prizes. It will no longer be affiliated with the escort site as there will not be any of "that" going on there.

As for the Boybatter site they have some new content and they are going to be updating it on a regular basis. It appears that Angel and Star are doing some work for them. So far they have 5 new scenes up and ready and more on the way. They had to move to a new server as they were having trouble with some Turkish rebels who did not like the site. But that is all behind them and the site appears to be working fine now. If you want to get a idea of what is going on at the new and improved Boybatter and Boisrus site check out Drab Boiz. He will be posting updates and links on his site.

Then we have the little issue of Joey K. who it seems is a little bent out of shape about the sale of the company he and Harlow helped to build. His latest rant on his blog seems to be a direct result of his demands of certain financial considerations not being met. I guess he is just a little pissed that he did not get considered a little more in the financial department and he carried out the threat that he made against Harlow. So I guess that there really is no deal between Harlow and the DA. Just Joe blowing off some more steam. I just have a bit of advice for Joey K., shut up and let your attorneys do the talking and follow Harlow’s lead. Oh well since when has Joe ever listened to me anyway? There are two instances that come to mind when he did not.

I am not in the porn industry and never have been but I have known several people who were and still are involved. So my view was always from the outside looking in. I don’t really understand what the whole hoopla is all about when it comes to some guys and girls taking of their cloths and having sex on camera for others to watch. That is something that I have never done and when I was offered the chance I turned it down. As far as doing porn goes I just read the latest post over on Brent Corrigan’s blog and he does one of his long dissertations on the pros and cons of the business and it was quite interesting. The little bitch must have read my mind or something cause I was going to do a post just like that.

To me most of the porn out there is not that good. It just appears to be some models going through the motions. There have been highlights that I have seen over the years but they are few and far between. The Boisrus idea seems like something that just might work out because you will have people who are into each other performing the nasty on film or tape or whatever the fuck you record on these days. And it will be a pay-site where you can submit your own content and get voted on. I guess it will be a kind of Sex Star Search. Now how cool is that. I wonder is there is going to be a special talent category? Now that could be interesting.

So I was thinking the other day that if I were going to put together my favorite scenes from several different porn movies and create the best porn movie ever what scenes would they be? So I started to go through the archives and find out which scenes were the hottest that I have seen in recent years. That my dear readers is going be a most daunting task to say the least. What are the criteria for a porn scene to be hot? Well I would have to say chemistry between the models is a given. The models don’t necessarily have to be hot as fuck for that to occur. But the if the models are attractive that does help but what is really hot is when the models appear as if they would choose the partner that they are paired with.

But I can say that I have seen a few that cum to mind right away. One of them is the now infamous scene with Kurt Wild and Julien when he was with Corbin Fisher when he gets fucked for the first time. That was hot. Then there was the scene with Chaosmen when he blew his wad for the first time while getting fucked the look on his face was priceless. Oh and Kurt is very vocal while in the throws of passion. A couple of his best lines were "Fuck me like you mean it" and "Man handle me" that was hot.

Then there was the scene with Harlow and Troy from Boybatter. That scene was way hot and I must also add it was quite sensuous as well. Another great line was uttered in that one and it was not so much the line but how it was said. When troy is getting it good and he say’s "Fuck me Harlow" and you knew he meant it. Funny thing is most of the scenes that are really hot that come to mind where with amateur companies. It looks like the pros are slipping a bit behind in the hotness category. But you can’t count them out yet. So it would appear that Boisrus just might be on to something here.

There was the scene with the late Danny Roddick and Alex Chandler from Hard Studies as well as his pairing with Josh Weston in Boot Black Blues. Those were hot scenes and they were done by Buckshot. That warehouse scene in Wrong Side Of The Tracks with Johnny Hazzard and Shane Rollins was way hot. Channe 1 releasing won a few awards for that one, Go Chi Chi.

As far as the sites that I enjoy for their content: Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, Chaosmen, Boybatter and College Dudes 247 come to mind. There are several others who have shinning moments but they are in no way consistent. So I want you to all chime in with your feedback so we can see if we can cum up with the hottest porn video of all time.

So tell me what scenes you thought were hot and who was in the scene and why it was so hot that you remember it and we will discuss it and add it to the list. I really don’t feel that it has to be any certain category because I like it all from bear to jock to twink. As long as the scene is hot I really don’t think it matters all that much. So lets get this discussion under way and see what we all can come up with. Hope to hear from you all soon.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.