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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Latest Dish, From the rumor mill

Well with the rumors and innuendo being thrown about in the gay porn industry about HIV infected performers I thought I would bring this topic up for you to talk about. We have had some recent claims by a few people who have claimed that they became infected after encounters with Ashton Ryan. Ashton has denied these rumors and said he would submit to testing when Jason Curious volunteered to pay for it. But he never showed up for the test. We now know for a fact that Ashton Ryan is HIV positve and he has infected at least 3 other people, and he is still lying about his HIV status. He sent out a letter to all the men he had sex with telling them all about his status and to get tested. But he was on Jason's Ksex radio show and he denied he was HIV positive. And we have Tyler Mason who is
on record saying that Ashton is not positive. Did Ashton lie to Tyler or was Tyler lying for Ashton. Tyler is also reported to be the one who started the whole "Cleaner" rumor about Sean Lockhart and Grant Roy. Update: 07/15/2008 It has been reported to me that Tyler has been cleared of that accusation. My apologies to Tyler for any harm that rumor caused I guess their was bad blood between he and Sean. Why would Tyler accuse them of wanting to have someone killed? Tyler was said to have made that statement but we now know who started that rumor. CC why would you lie about your friend? Who are we to believe when it comes to such stories? Then we have the innuendo about Carter Longway or is it Jarrod Steele
who was recently released from his contract with Falcon and he is now working with the notorious Hot Desert Knights in their latest Dungeon Gang Bang. He has also performed bare back with Lycon films as well. Now I am not saying that he’s positive but with the type of work he is currently doing it would lead one to believe so. So where do I stand on the bareback issue? Well if the producers used reliable testing methods and the performers used condoms off the set I would have no issue with it. But there has to be a remarkable level of trust on all the parties involved and that is something that I just don’t see happening. So I would be against it for ethical reasons. I have watched bareback porn and I can understand the lure of it, that was all there was when I first started watching gay porn. I just find it hard to watch someone risk their health doing it now. The decision by a performer to do bareback porn is personal and I am not going to claim that they should not do it. We now have a better idea of how the virus is spread and we know allot more know than we did 25 years ago. I just hope the models are aware of the risks involved and take precautions in their personal lives. HIV is more treatable now but that still does not make it an acceptable risk in my book. I can tell you from what I have witnessed that its no picnic.
There have also been rumors about Falcon Studios who have been major players in the porn business for the better part of 30 years. It seems that they are in a bit of a crisis, performers and directors are leaving in droves. What is the meaning behind all of this. I have seen there last few releases and they have good stuff out there but allot of their recent stuff is pretty hit and miss. I think they are basing there business on the same old formula and the whole gay for pay thing is pretty much played out. Maybe they just need to regroup and find a new direction before the bird becomes extinct.

The Bryan Kocis murder investigation seems to be at a stand still and the future of Cobra Video is still up in the air. Through a comment on Brent corigan online we have found out that no other than Arron Phelps, a Cobra model and confidant to Bryan kocis is helping to run the studio with Bryan's sister. I guess Mr. Phelps is trying his best to get the company together. But I have not seen any new progress on the site. And last but not least the boys at Boybatter productions seem to be pushing their new venture Harlow Cuadra online. They have also been spouting off about a secret big new production. It seems they are keeping a bit of a lower profile as of late and not flooding the blogs with their propaganda. I guess they are busy with their New super secret huge production being filmed at a super secret mysterious location .
I hear it called Super Stud Twink Wonders of the New Millenium. Catchy title but allot to live up to don't you think.

Well that’s the latest form the rumor mill.

If you have any dirt or new dish you can spill it here.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out.


  1. Elm Thats a NICE and Very informative Blog entry! I hope Harlow learns from the wise on how to do a blog. YES I have been drawing back a bit with my blab for many a great reason! Please just be patient with Harlow & boybatter as we as I once said before "venture down a path we know not where it leadeth" BUT assuredly I do declare it will be exciting!
    Harlow is working on a nifty new blog as well entitled "tale of the bow tie" and one Im sure will strike a few chords.
    love you elm your work!

  2. That was very sweet of you Mark and your the first poster as well. Been digging up stuff for a couple of weeks for this one. So you have any dirt on the secret project? you can tell me no one else will find out. you can trust this blogger.

  3. hey Mr Elms...
    great post - love your commentry ... not happy that mark got "pole" position ..
    ... hanging for "tales of the bow tie" sounds like the "only one" post about the kocis case is turning into an ongoing post at the pro's blog ... appears that although harlow says - "this is all that i am going to say about this" must have been about something else - appears he realising the only thing of interest about him - is the kocis case ... gotta make ya wonder
    thanks Elms for ya blog - it continues to rock !!!
    rob in oz

  4. Well El a lot of juicy subjects but the Falcon blurb is the one I think will be the big story of the year*. Falcon is not paying their bills and bouncing a check to Chad Donavon is bad form for the studio that still thinks they have "The Big Kahunas!" IF Falcon is Bankrupt by summer THAT will be the talk of all GayPornLand! *excuse me the big story of 2007, not Bryan Kocis? Well it's been 3 months and no leads and frankly GayWood has always been embarrassed with Bryan ever since the GayVN's awarded him "Best New Studio" in 2001.(rumored after BK wrote his own nomination,,get it thats how you get nominated,,big fat zero's on a check) Anywho BK got that Award in 2001 then turns into Americas premier BareBack studio! Then when the Brent Corrigan scandal erupts GayVN finds out their former "GayVN Awardee" has a nasty criminal history with underage boys! OH the RED FACES! Of course those Nelly Queens deserve the shamed faces. Yes thats right the GayVN's are a bunch of Nellie Queens,, who else would spread their Legs WIDE when Michael Lucas comes a calling! And how much do you think Michael SPENT on his passel of trophy's! Good post El

  5. carol brunette! AMEN BROTHER... or would that be sister? You hammered the nail right on the head!

    I couldn't have said it any better myself!

  6. Hey Carol, I was not gonna go there but since you did. It would appearn that the big bad bird is in a nose dive as we speak. let's hope it can right it self before the big crash.

  7. Well the reason Tyler is pissed at Sean and Grant is because they would not use him at LSG Media because of the whole Ashton Ryan thing. He would not come clean about HIV his test results. Apparently they did not say what he said they said. So he just got all pissy with them. He and Caleb Carter both got rejected By LSG and started all kinds nasty of rumors about them. Its been all over WeHo and we all know the real deal. These boy’s have serious issues.

  8. Ooh its just getting too juicy. Caleb and Tyler WeHo shit disturbers. Is Caleb really bb the psycho poster? Can anybody really confirm this? That would be so funny if it were true. It would explain allot of his hate and make things so much more clear.

  9. Well Well BB posted twice after Carol posted her "Theory of all BB" Not one Denial just silence from BB as far as Carol is concerned! Damn I was all convinced BB was Aaron but CC fit's the BB. An erratic,emotionally unstable so called porn star, Caleb Carter with an online hate Vendetta,explains a lot! Caleb is a known drunk (see MTV & any WeHo bar on Mon,Tues,Wed,etc) so that explains the late afternoon rants of drunken insanity! Caleb is usually passed out by 10. As for Tyler I am sure he was Burned by the whole Ashton Ryan Hiv test fiasco after all he was practically bragging about BareBack sex with GayWoods most Famous "Toxic Twink"

  10. So we believe this to be true about Caleb=bb. And the whole Tyler Mason fiasco is as well. Well then I guess that explains allot of the unanswered questions in this whole mess. I was hoping it was Aaron as well but no such luck.
    So as Chris posted they were not hired by LSG and this sent them on a mission to destroy? They have been rather quiet now haven't they? So you're an insider whats your take on the big bad bird?

  11. Hi Elm

    Can I ask - it's sort of off the topic...

    Have you looked at other bareback twink porn studios (other than BCO) that may have wished to get rid of Bryan? To be killed in such a vicious manner does suggest more than just the need to kill him - 28 times stabbed!

    I understand porn studios can be quite nasty...Bryan was successful and maybe someone did not want that - my understanding of twink bareback American porn is limited - would anyone is this particular area of the industry wish Bryan gone?

    Love ya posts


  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. That is a possibility. But the porn industry is really wide open for new companies. There are quite a few who produce bareback twink porn. FYI BCO is not one of them. The police seem to think Bryan's murder was personal. It seems he might have pissed someone off and they killed him. The police seem to think it has to do with the settlement but I don't think it does but there are allot of other people who do. Just because of the timing and all. It really could have just been the only time for the killer to do this. Bryan had more enemies than friends. He could be cruel to some and others thought he was kind and generous. He was a person that you did not want to get on his bad side. I find it strange that very few people have really had too much to say about him. It is almost like everyone wants this to just go away so they can be done with it. It really is quite sad. I don't see this case being solved very soon but it will be solved and it will probably shock us all when it is. He was really not that close to that many people and he was a near recluse.
    I don't think it had anything to do with his business or the porn industry. It is most likely something in his personal life that brought this on.

  14. Weel I have been blog hoping and I have noticed a marked silence over at the Corrigan camp and so has DeWane he even did a post about it wanna link well here ya go
    there are some Donkey Puncjh pictures and a video. new Game Wheres Brent? Find him and win a prize.

  15. first I was accused of being Bryan, then Aaron, and now Caleb.

    why are you so desperate to explain my reasons for being so sure Grant CobraKiller Roy had Bryan bumped off?

    too funny, who I will be accused of being next? :)

  16. where is Brent? who the fuck cares. with any luck he found a hole in the ground, crawled into it and is forever staying there along with his Cobrakiller too.

  17. "why are you so desperate to explain my reasons for being so sure Grant CobraKiller Roy had Bryan bumped off?"

    well, i always wondered why some people care that much to influence the public opinion rather than find some facts and understand what was going on.


    but i still would like to know your juicygoo moniker ;-)

  18. Bb it is obvious you care you would not rant so much if you didn’t. I se you slept off your last bender. Typical lush you get drunk and forget what was said and then you go back on the same tangent.
    Get a life go to rehad and get fucked maybe then you will be nice.

  19. ab, to me it is obvious who did this.

    my question was not directed at you :)

    i will not give out my jg name, the murderer is out there. the less info about me the better till this murder is solved.

  20. Elm, I just wonder why someone with the initials CC would choose BB as their alias.

    Surely the point of most aliases is to confer anonimity. Of course there is no accounting for just straighforward dumbness.

    I just love those naive posts about paying for sex. Without being too cynical - you are quite right that we all pay for companionship - which includes sex - in many ways besides money. Is escorting "worse" than being a porn model? I have no idea where either comes on the hierarchy of sins.

    Of course I remain dissappointed to see there have been no developments with Bryan's murder. But at least this week Albert and I got close to having a duet !!!

    Now what should that song be ?

  21. Don't even start singing 'that song.' I'm covering my ears. I can't hear you. LA,LA,LA,LA.

  22. Why would someone from a wealthy family want to get into porn? For the thrill of it I expect but I could be wrong. Acting is a harmless ego trip for the most part. Since it seems CC has been drinking already tonight I would suggest one answer CAD. BB is easier to spell.

  23. albert,
    which porn star is from a wealthy family? ;-)

    when bb actually was at juicygoo a year ago i doubt he is cc. this would make no sense.

    and for a drunk he can spell quite well compared to some other bitching queens here ;-)

  24. Albert some 20 years ago a young man (Porn moniker Mitch Henderson)did some porn for William Higgens. The word then was Hendersons dad was not only wealthy but politically connected. Mitch did the porn for the thrill I guess and maybe to piss the old man off. There are sometimes as many motivations for porn as there are reasons for sex. Cad said,,,"I just love those naive posts about paying for sex. Without being too cynical - you are quite right that we all pay for companionship - which includes sex - in many ways besides money. Is escorting "worse" than being a porn model? I have no idea where either comes on the hierarchy of sins." I don't think you are being Cynical Cad this is the reality(esp in Lotus Land) we all pay eventually for companionship. Ab Caleb Carter is from a "comfortable" family, Very good education and a former member of the San Diego Childrens Choir. I believe he works for or has worked in the family biz. He has at least alluded to it on his My Space. As to why Caleb would do porn well see my Mitch Henderson comment above.

  25. Albert, you just just raised another question in my mind. I look at and wonder why does a guy think the world wants to see them j/o or stick a wine bottle up their ass?

    Xtube doesn't pay.

    Money is probably the major factor in most porn but exhibitionism must have something to do with it. There is also perhaps a sadder notion that nothing will happen later in their life such that it could have a consequence.

  26. Speaking of poodles, did you see the story about the sheep being sold as poodles.
    Japanese actress inadvertantly blew the lid off a scam which had duped
    thousands of women into buying coiffured sheep in the belief they were
    poodles, the Evening Standard reports.

    Maiko Kawakami appeared on a TV talk show with snaps of her pet, and
    admitted she wondered why it "didn't bark and refused to eat dog food".
    She was soon set straight - her dog was in fact a sheep.
    The revelation provoked a stream of women to contact the cops with
    "similar problems". The powers that be reckon that as many as 2,000
    have fallen victim to the audacious ovine poodle con, perpetrated by
    internet company "Poodles as Pets", which offered the animals at £630 a
    I did not make that up.....but somebody did. It's an urban legand. Not true but there seems to be a LOT of credibility in another poodle story going around. Check the poodles defense of his keeper above.

  27. Howard, I agree with your comment that crossed with mine.

    My view is that just as punters don't pay escorts just for sex, so escorts don't just escort for money.

    There is a weakness and longing on both sides.

  28. i already don´t understand all this star search stuff on tv or these people in the afternoon talk shows. they just want to get the attention. porn seems to be another thrill.

    the bf of a friend of mine was also escorting. he did not need the money but could afford with it expensive fashion. on the other hand he was somehow a insecure person. that someone was willing to pay a lot of money to have sex with him gave him probably something.

  29. I for one don’t think Bryan’s murder had anything to do with the settlement. I think it is much more sinister than that. I think it has to do with someone from close to his home. The possibility of a nearby neighbor kid who he upset or messed with and the kid got upset and killed him. All the leads the police have released to the press really don’t make to much sense when you think about it. Why would LSG Media want to kill Bryan or for that matter what would Harlow gain from Bryan’s death? This case is not the national scandal we think it is. I think it is much more local than that. I just have a feeling that the killer is much closer to Bryan than we would want to think. This case smacks of the OJ murder case. And he lived a few miles from Nicole. The police should canvas the neighborhood surrounding Bryan’s house and see if there are any clues there. Bryan was not the most likable person and he could have pissed off a neighbor or someone could have thought they were doing the world a favor. Did he have anyone help him box the videos for shipping? I do realize he was a one man operation but he could have hired local kids to help out with things. Maybe he crossed the line with one of them and they killed him. That’s a distinct possibility.

  30. Elm, I understand where you are coming from and God knows I wish both that I had had more time available and had paid more attention to Bryan after his return from SD.

    To my mind Bryan was what I call demob happy after the settlement and was looking forward to the future.

    If some local kid coincidently decided to give payback at that time well it is unfortunate.

    I am unaware of Bryan playing with the local talent and would be surprised if that was the case. Remember his parents lived nearby him. They knew how he made his money but he would not embarress them with rumours of him interfering with the neighbours.

    Bryan was happy to and could afford to fly in his boyfriends or wouldbe models. So doubt the locals came into the equation.

  31. Cad who knows what someone’s motivation is to do something as silly as post on a blog and use Initials so close to their own. BB/cc’s motivation is most likely anger towards Sean and Grant for rejecting him as a model. Why would someone kill someone in cold blood and then burn their house down. People are bizarre and complicated and what may motivate someone else action might not move you or I to.

    Ab people have various reason for doing porn and modeling for nude photos some are exibishionist and some do it for the visceral thrill. The same goes for being an escort, it’s a big ego boost to have someone pay you for sex.

    As for the chat shows you refer to some people fill validated from the public attention. It really does not matter what kind it is just attention of any kind. The human psyche is very complicated it si based on emotion and logic and the two don’t always work together.

    An example is that a computer works on logic and there is no emotion involved. You give it a command and if that command makes sense to it you will get the required results. Try that with a person and you will get any number of different responses. So ours is not the reason why it just is.

    Sean and Harlow have their reasons for doing what they do we don’t know them and probably never will.
    But the basic reasons for doing porn is for the ego boost, the adulation and the money and whatever other reasons the performers have vary from one to the next.

  32. Elm, was Caleb Carter ever mentioned in a Sean blog ? I seem to recall it but maybe it was something to do with Jason; who has his own connections.

  33. Maybe a while back I am not sure but he was mentioned on Jason’s blog. I can not recall if it was in reference to bb though.

  34. well, after seeing cc´s mtv video i can understand why people don´t like him. but does it make him to be bb?

  35. hey mr elms have you seen harlows latest workout vids?

    guessing they will go up at the blog .... and look recent evun

    rob in oz

  36. Hey rob, Yes I have seen the whole video. It is actually pretty good if you like watching sweaty mens work out in a gym and getting naked and playing with their large stiff and throbbing……….where was I ? oh yes I have seen the video. ;-)

  37. so why aint mark been promoing it ...
    bit strange ...
    rob in oz

  38. Ab several posters have said that Caleb is bb but it is still a possibility that it may not be him. But he does have a history with Sean and the animosity from which he posts would lead me to believe it is him because of their history. I’m not here to out posters and could really careless what there real identities are I just enjoy the interaction and the different viewpoints. So if Caleb and bb are one in the same that’s fine. I just really want to catch a killer. What we don’t need here are people who have an agenda which derails our progress and scatters our focus in to many different directions.

  39. cad I recall Brent mentioning Caleb a few times last summer, in reference to his attending Mickys(Cocktails with the Stars) with Brent in June and then later that he was "trying" to get Caleb to go to the gym with him. I was there when CC got thrown out of Micky's (yes he was drunk) How are you doing cad?

  40. I don't think he posted it. Why would he when they have their own site? It would seem counter productive. they could just put it on Harlows blog but it is not there.

  41. ab said...

    "when bb actually was at juicygoo a year ago i doubt he is cc. this would make no sense. "

    Finally, someone with a brain in here :)

  42. He's back, guess the bar's must be closed today. hey bb/cc wanna cocktail? or are you on the wagon today?

  43. elm,
    to be honest, i enjoy these weho/porn star gossip. ;-)

    it is difficult to decide where being on focus ends and distraction begins. the sean camp is more than over represented here.

    well the most constructive discussion about this topic i had outside the blogs with someone who likes brent more than i do now.

  44. The weho gossip is a bit much if you ask me I find it tedious at times but it can be fun others just depends on my mood I guess. I just really tell what I’m told and I maintain secrecy when asked. Honey if you only knew how much dirt I have stored away you would freak. But that is neither here nor there as the really good stuff can’t be spilled just yet. But if you have any dirt worth sharing you can do it here and only we will know.

  45. Chris, Elm needs secrets spilled you can e-mail me with them and no one will ever know. I promise you no one reads this blog. So give me the good juicy dirt on the WeHo crowd. I want it all , the who is screwing who and who is a drunk and who is working the streets all of it. Kisses sweetie you know Elm’s love ya.

  46. Elm you silly drama queen, what history do you think I have with Sean Lockhart and his CobraKiller?

    You have no clue what your talking about... as usual.

    You are clearly someone within the Sean camp. You always have an excuse to explain away what non Sean camp people have to say. Naturally your excuses and reasonings are all hearsay.

    When Grant CobraKiller Roy is eventually arrested, you my dear will look like the total asshole you really are.

    Am off to the bar to have me some fun. Yes FUN, try it, you might like it.

  47. BB dear apparently you did not read the entire post which I based on what other posters have said about your dealings with Sean. I do not know Sean Or Grant and I live 600 miles away from them so it’s not like I can pop over and chat with them. You have me mistaken for someone who cares about you drama. I just report what I am told and I form my opinions based on that. Several people have told me about your falling out with Sean over a video gig that never happened. If that is not true then tell us the truth and set the record straight.

  48. elm dearie

    "Several people have told me about your falling out with Sean over a video gig that never happened."

    no clue what your talking about. it cracks me up this who is bb stuff. you really do need to get a life.

    nobody here knows me, nobody here ever will, no matter what you and they say.

    who are you? full name address and telephone number please. you have nothing to hide right? :)

    did a lil research on CC, he is by far a better person than Sean and his CobraKiller could ever be - from a decent family too. naturally they'd paint him as being bad - even evil. they do that with everyone else.

    so elm, come on come out come out wherever you are... save me the time and effort.

  49. I am actually Caleb Carter. S now you know who I am are yo happy?

  50. Elms, what gives? I must not be saying anything interesting anymore :-(
    {cries softly}

  51. What do you mean I read your blog daily. I even refered to it in an e-mail.

  52. The first reference to CC on Brent's blog was a comment made by Albert. CC had written a guest post for Jason on his news desk. In it he referred to how excited he was to be going to the gym with Brent Corrigan.
    Anon 7:12 is correct. CC was mentioned once or twice until about October.
    AB 7:23 You continue to sound like the suggested poodle boy. I am totally pissed off at CAD for a singular reason I have already expressed to the hilt. This is not a 'Camp' thing. I can work with CAD because I believe he is focused on solving the death of his friend. CAD and ELM have a good communication going and when I think I have somthing to add I wlll, even if it is just a bit of levity. Keep your emotions in check and we might get somewhere. You know this is being watched by those doing the real work. Give them a break from the 'flame gueen' rhetoric. Thanks much, from Texas, Albert

  53. The preceding post was a pubic service announcement and the poster is in no way affiliated with Rants from a mysterious place or Elmysterio. We do appreciate his candor and the levity he has brought to this blog and his message is correct we are on a mission to find a killer. Let us all stay focused on that fact.

    Oh Albert can we send up a small flame? Kisses from the left coast. Elm

  54. albert,

    you should re-alignt your judgement.
    read the two last threads on elm´s blog. ignore bb´s rant. and then tell me who are the flame queens.

    just accept that there are different opinions than the sean camp propaganda

  55. elm said:

    "...correct we are on a mission to find a killer. Let us all stay focused on that fact."

    yes, you might just want to remember that yourself.

    you prolly wish you were CC instead of the old dull boring queen that you really are dearie.

  56. albert old man, go play with your toy boys. who do you think you are? king shit? like your cohorts, GET OVER YOURSELF. if your reffering to the documents that included Grant CobraKiller Roy's home address, too bad. he never once stopped and thought about the private information he made available about Bryan for all to see.

    with that information things became a bit more FAIR AND BALANCED.

    the CobraKiller brought all of this on himself. he is without a doubt the most evil nasty vindictive pervert to ever troll the internet. counting him as one of your friends speaks volumes about you.

    he has gotten to be so pathetic he remains in hiding from the internet. hmmmmm. afraid he'll slip up?

  57. BB I see you had a few cocktails you sound like your normal delirious self. Got kicked out of a bar again and sent home early? Well you rant all you want we like the entertainment. There is nothing funnier than a deranged drunk.

  58. BB,

    What do you have against Grant "Cobrakiller" Roy? Sounds pretty personal to me - like he has done something to you?

    Could you please enlighten us?

  59. Hey Guys! check it out! harlows latest lil blog as he spends some QUALITY time out West! cute new pics too. well I have exhausted all I can say about just bout everything, BUT soon we might have lots to chat about LOL

  60. Mark, I continue to enjoy your respectful P. T. Barnum reflections. You, are clearly meant for the entertainment industry. D and I were discussing the ongoing possibilities last night. Look forward to the outcome. I sincerely hope this is good for everybody. Keep selling.

  61. Mark better watch his back because I might just take his job. He is getting so demure as of late. What happened to the P.T/ Barnum of porn? No major hype about the fabulous Harlow? Hey Mark here’s a new title for Harlow, Super Stud Twink Wonder of the New Millenium how does that fit for you. Bet you like that don’t you? Watch your back your job will be mine.

  62. I saw two interesting posts on Jason Curious’s blog today in the Harlow Cuadra thread. One is by a new blogger named Marc. He has an interesting take on Brent Corrigan. So check it out he also has a very nice Writing style too.
    Marc said...
    Hey Jason and company,

    I just posted an entry on Brent Corrigan on my new blog.
    12:11 PM

    The second post is a little more bizarre it has a link to the Pennsylvania Megan’s Law web-site where it shows who has to register and why. It looks like the poster is not pleased with the fact that Bryan did not have to comply with the law and or the fact that his charges were reduced. It contains information on what crimes require you to's a pretty interesting site.

    Anonymous said...

    A person commits a felony of the third degree and can be prosecuted if the person has reason to believe that a sex offender is not complying with or has not complied with the requirements of the sex offender’s probation or parole, or with their registration requirements under Megan’s Law ...
    12:44 PM

  63. Let’s deal in facts please. Ashton Ryan became HIV positive sometime around my A Young Man's World shoot. After he tested positive he sent a mass email to everyone he had slept with and told them to tell anyone they had slept with to get tested. When he publicly announced that he had HIV this was no longer a private matter. If you followed Jason Curious’s blog you saw that both Noah Walker and Christian Owen said they received it and Noah Walker said he was told personally by Ashton that he had it. As I have said on many occasions I know of 3 people he infected on was Alex one was a 16 Y.O.boy in Chicago. I also took him to his HIV doctor, I picked up his prescriptions. I took people he lied to do get HIV tests. What I objected to then, as I do now, is that I do not think you have the right to lie about your HIV status and have unsafe sex with people. Now what Ashton Ryan did on Jason Curious was to say that he did not have HIV. (A LIE). That he has not infected anyone. (A LIE). He said he would take a test to prove it. He tried to say he would present a test but Jason said no one would believe it you need to get the industry standard test. He said he would then did not show up for the test. At that show he bragged about having unsafe sex with the model that was there with him. That is a person who has HIV lying about his status and deliberately putting another at risk. That is a crime. Now I know Alex. We spent a lot of money on getting him the best insurance and doctors we could find. To suggest that this is rumor is hurtful to those he infected. It is hurtful to the literally hundreds of people that have direct knowledge from him that he is HIV positive. It is even worse for those he lures into his so called business then as he said in his Jason Curious interview cums up their ass all night long. How about his Co-Star in Field Of Creams that directly asked him if he was positive and he lied to him. Should not that model have had the right to make that choice? Let’s be very clear about the facts here. He lied about his status then swore he would take a test to prove it. The first test he missed he said he was busy, then he refused. As I said to Jason there will be no test as he has HIV. There was none, just the lie was left, and the liar….

  64. Kevin thank you for your post. I truly do appreciate your candor on this subject. I have dealt with friends who have been subjected to liars as well. I do not know Ashton Ryan personally and could not say for a fact that this is true or false. I read Alex’s letter on Jason’s blog and was truly saddened by it and moved as well. That’s why I have made comments on Jason’s site and also posted on my blog about the subject. I think it is sickening that in this day and age with what we know about HIV and Aids that there are people who are still out there infecting people. To me it is a sign of a true sociopath who would boldly lie to you face and then show no remorse about what they have done. I liken it to playing Russian roulette. I will correct the post to show the truth. Again thank you for your post. It truly clears a few things up for me and all who read this blog.

  65. You should treat every encounter as if a person is positive; I never ask and think asking is just plain stupid because it doesn't really make a difference. Just be safe, and don't blame someone else for getting HIV.