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Black helicopters
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who is BB and why is he so angry?

I bet it’s a question allot of people are asking themselves. He rants he raves and he calls the other posters names. BB began steering discussion towards a hitman by talking about it on Sat Jan 27th. Everystep of the way BB has been trying to "shape" a story. Even before "Drake" was ever heard from. he has accussed anyone and evryone of being the killer including Dewayneinsd and Albert. He obviously hates Brent Corrigan and Grant Roy with a passion and he spits out venom like a snake. He has ranted about Grant Roy calling him all kinds of names and always trying to direct the thread towards him. He has called Brent all sorts of names and constantly accuses him of lying. He also seems to have an obsession with Harlow. And If I were any of them I would be on my toes at all times. He has gone after me from the very start, as all I have tried to do is get at the truth. Something he apparently wants hidden badly to the point of obsession. Does he serve a purpose on these threads? Well yes he does he is comic relief. He just doesn't know this. He adds no value to the discussion and he calls anyone who does not agree with him a Cobra Killer among other things. This leads few other posters on other threads and me to believe that he is hiding something. Something that could break this murder case wide open. Could it be a confession from him on his involvement in this case? Or is he just the main culprit. He seems to be at the breaking point again as his rants are just disturbing now. He seems to want to report everyone to the authorities yet the authorities really need to speak with him. He accuses others of hiding yet he is the one who is truly hiding, behind his false bravado and truly evil nature. BB come out, come out where ever you are. The police really want to talk to you.

I have decided to post a very consice statment From BB. I might also add it is one of his most resonalble and well thought out statements made. I am not going to change the original post but I am going to give BB his say.

bb said...
to Elm and anyone else who cares:

I have done my best to keep this story alive on Jason's blog. Go back and read from day one of this mess.

My posts are actually carefully worded. At every opportunity yes I do scream GRANT COBRAKILLER ROY is behind the murder of Bryan. Yes, I also do this to those who make excuses and and buy into what Sean and his so called camp say. These people are amazing. Sean the self admitted liar shows nothing as actual proof to his REAL age and his REAL name. Sean could very easily clear this up, to date, he refuses to do so. He'll flash some document as proof PFFT. It is NOT proof people. Wake up.

Sean seems to have no problem showing two versions of id. Why does he have a problem providing a certified birth certificate? Lets not forget Sean and Grant CobraKiller Roy started this. They wanted everyone to buy into their claims WITH NO BACK UP, only lies, proven lies.

I have no problem with someone else's point of view really. When I ask for back up of claims made, I find I get attacked and the issues ignored - no big deal to me, I give as good as I get. I will continue to do so.

I had posted my thoughts and comments at juicygoo when Bryan and the CobraKiller were at war. The CobraKiller accused ME of being Bryan, he said some really nasty horrid things. I took it personally - my mistake, I should have ignored it. I know only too well how evil and nasty Grant Roy really is. I have verified legally many of his claims to be lies.

Grant Roy is a sick twisted pervert. I also believe Bryan was a pervert too. However, it is not for you or I to condemn anyone to death for this. That is a matter for the courts to decide.

I will not shut up until this crime is solved. That is and always has been my goal - to keep this story alive.

April 22, 2007 3:07 PM

In an attempt to playcate BB I posted this comment from him. But it just goes to show what a sad attempt he has made to get real facts. The truth is he has none. BB's main claim is that Grant is the "Cobrakiller" this has been his mantra from the very beginning. What is funny to me is that he does not comprehend the difference between fact and or conjecture. He takes all that is said as meaning that it is what a person believes. I find it sad that he can not see past what is written and make a decisian based on what is presented. BB aligns himself with anyone who believes as he does. And when you disagree with BB he goes on the attack. He has no facts or evidence to back up any of his deluded rants. BB is the real puppet here and he has proven that at every turn in this case.