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Monday, May 14, 2007

Don't ask Don't Tell, Get Real

What is the navy thinking, why are they backtracking on the "don’t ask don’t tell" policy when they fought so hard too stop gays from joining the military? Then they boot a guy out take away his signing bonus and then reinstate him and send him off to the middle-east. Kinda makes you wonder who is running things in this country. I read this story on and thought it was kind of humorious and sad all at the same time.

An openly gay U.S. sailor who was discharged in 2005 after coming out to his command was subsequently recalled to duty in 2006 and has been serving actively in Kuwait with the Naval Customs Battalion Bravo, according to Sunday's Stars and Stripes. Petty Officer Jason Knight, a Hebrew linguist in Navy intelligence, said he spent four years in the Navy, has buried fallen service members as part of the Ceremonial Guard, and has received awards for exemplary service. "However, because I was gay, the Navy discharged me and recouped my $13,000 sign-on bonus," he wrote in a letter to the newspaper. "Nine months later, the Navy recalled me to active duty. Did I accept despite everything that happened? Of course I did, and I would do it again. Because I love the Navy and I love my country." Knight decided to make his sexual orientation known in 2005 while he was in the process of annulling his marriage to his wife. Since that time, he has been open about his sexuality with his commanders and colleagues, many of whom have spoken out in support of him. "He's better than the average sailor at his job," Bill Driver, the leading petty officer of Knight's 15-person customs crew in Kuwait, told Stars and Stripes. "It's not at all a strange situation. As open as he is now, it was under wraps for quite a while. It wasn't an issue at work." Steve Ralls, director of communications for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, said the situation flies in the face of the justification for the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. "The Navy has reenlisted an openly gay sailor, which completely undermines the assertion that anyone in the military thinks that gay and lesbian military troops compromise unit cohesion or morale," Ralls said. "Jason has been very out to everyone he serves with, everyone has been very supportive, and it shows that despite an official ban, commanders and other service members are welcoming gays and lesbians and it's not causing any problems in their unit." Knight is scheduled to finish his tour of duty at the end of June, and Ralls said he is considering trying to find a way to continue his military career. Ralls said the Navy has declined to comment on this case. (The Advocate)

Well what do you think about this? I find it quite interesting that when it comes to war the military really does not care about whether you are gay or straight. They just really just want warm bodies. I personally think that they should lift the ban on being gay in the military and legalize gay marriage as well. let’s be real here, all the limitations that his countries government is putting on the most creative part of it’s population is just tiring to say the least. We make your homes beautiful and design your cloths and to tell you the truth we are just fabulous. And bitches we can fight too.
Don't ask Don't Tell, Get Real

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  1. maybe they are lowing standards just to make sure they have enough soldiers for a very unpopular war. Wonder what Bush thinks of this??

  2. Bush think? when was the last time that happened?

  3. I stand corrected - Bush don't think, but I hear he has people who do it for him:)

  4. good help is so hard to find - yes men that agree with Bush - almost impossible - yet he manages it - how - its not like he has brains, is handsome, or has a great personality - I fail to understand how someone so annoying is still in office.

    Just thinking - the attributes described don't appear in an polly I know...

  5. DADT is a ridiculous law. You know what president enacted it?

    The signature line reads: William Jefferson Clinton.

    DADT is one of the reasons I'll NEVER again vote for a Democrat. Ever.

  6. What republican president has ever done anything for the gay population. Reagan didn't do anything he acted like aids did not exist. Bush senior just did the same thing his ignorant son is doing so I guess you don't vote. At least Clinton tried to do something.It was not the best thing but it was something.

  7. why would you assume that because there is a gay sailor who was reinstated is lowering the standards? So gay people in your opinion are not worthy to serve this country in the military? I do not agree with that. if you are willing to do so then it is fine with me if you want to serve in the military. and I don't think it matters who you have sex with.

  8. " Reagan didn't do anything he acted like aids did not exist. Bush senior just did the same thing..."

    Actually no. Bush Sr. passed the Americans With Disabilities Act, which my friends in HIV social work call the single most useful piece of legislation helping people with AIDS ever passed.

  9. Oh Lord a Republican. Jim I do understand that having your head so far up your ass does cut down on the amount of oxygen to your brain but if you are going to spew crap at least get your facts straight. The Americans with disabilities act was not passed by Bush Sr. It was signed into law by Bush Senior. If anyone deserves credit for it it is Tom Harkin (D-Ia), it's author. In case you are still oxygen deprived D stands for DEMOCRAT!!! It was passed by the Democratic controlled congress and signed by Bush. Would you also like to address how your Republican friends acted during DADT. Would you like to tell everyone how your good friends and no doubt idols, Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond, were supportive of Gays? Just how many Republicans were fighting for the inclusion of gays into the military then or now for that matter?

  10. "Oh Lord a Republican."

    Kevin Clark, you would appear to be the idiot here, because I am not, indeed, a Republican.

    I await your apology.

  11. I personally don't care what party you are affiliated with my only request is that you vote. Because if you don't vote you don't have say in any political debate.

  12. You castigated the Democrats and defended Bush Sr. If it looks like a duck,walks like a duck,and quacks like a duck, odds are it's a duck. Let me see the logic here. "I will never vote for a Democrat because of DADT." Bush Sr. is praised for something he did not do. How could I come to such a conclusion. Your head seem to be going further up. If there was a shred of intellectual honesty in your thinking about this you would start with admitting that at the time of DADT the Republicans were virianilty anti-gay and DADT was as much as the Democrats were able to push the issue becuase of the republicans and a few Democrats like Sam Nunn. Now again if you want to be honest address the issue of George Bush Sr and the Americans wirh disabilities act. You stated he passed it in response to the question whatever Republican president did something for gay people. It is transparent what side you are on, though I can't blame you for not owning up to it. To suggest that the Democrats were anti-gay in the DADT situation is simply dishonest. By the way thank you for calling me an idiot. From the likes of Bush apologists that is an honor.

  13. Wrong again, Kevin. I corrected one factual error concerning Bush Sr. I made the point he signed a very pro-gay law, the ADA, into law. There was no attempt at argumentation on my part, I simply laid out a bare fact. Thats a fact, not a "defense."

    And you decide to double down on your moronic assertion that I'm a Republican. Well, guess lose, again! I'm still not one.

    It must be frustrating spend time writing all this anti-Republican vitriol, only to find out your opponent isn't one. HOW emabarrassing for you!

  14. y'all is so crazy; of course there have always been gays in the military; they, too are lookin for a "few good men." ever notice how they always be in intelligence? thats cause we smart.

  15. Keep going your forehead is almost touching your tonsils. This intellectual thug act of yours gets very old very fast. Does it really work on anyone with a brain? You mis-stated a fact, and used it as something it was not. You are the one who stated that you would never vote for a Democrat because of DADT and defended a Republican. So far I am am idiot, and a moron, I feel compelled that you go far a hattrick. There must be one more word you can use to get one.It is hardly embasassing exposing you. You must use this tactic alot in your life. The truth does not suit your needs so you take something misrepresent it and then use it as if it were a fact. One can't get any more Republican than that. The Truth here is simple. The Americans with disabilities act was a democratic idea. To use it to suggest that it was a good Republican thing for gay people is like gutting the clean air act and calling it the clear skies inititave. You may call me names and you may try and hide your agenda, but your slip is showing my dear.

  16. elms and bb gonna get together and make bb's kids; called El-BB :P

  17. flaym thrower jrMay 14, 2007 at 12:44 PM

    whatchu talkin 'bout zb? Cad and BB and me are in a love triangle, gurl!

  18. Flaym thrower Jr is a lying bitch. how dare you try and steal my thunder bitch. I will flame you into eternity you good for nothing thieving bitch.I AM THE ONE AND ONLY FLYM THROWER. FEEL MY WRATH BEEEOOOCH. and ZB is my love slave.

  19. flaym thrower jrMay 14, 2007 at 12:51 PM

    feel your viagra-induced confidence is more like it, gurl :-P
    i'll give you back bb, cad's a better fuck anyway, but i'm not giving you mj or jim or that studling julien

  20. Just the observations and opinions of an old guy here. The wich hunt for gays in the military became extreme under the paranoia of Nixon folowed by the extreme fundamentalism of Carter. The Air Force OSI was actually sending agents into gay bars to look for military members. Reagan did not really care one way or the other but did move the intelligence priorities into more appropriate areas. Bush Senior continued to head intelligence and military judicial emphasis away from the very hard line against gays. Takeing the cue from his predessors, Clinton instituted the Do not ask, Do not tell, policy. Military members now routinely visit gay establishments and here above is a story of an openly gay man in the modern military who does not fear prosecution or less than honorable discharge. That is under the current Commander in Chief.
    This is not a party line problem. This has been a matter of changing perceptions slowly over time. Some old school people needed to retire. Progress is being made. I was an Air Force Commissioned Officer with a total of 16 years active duty, Honorably discharged.

  21. Kevin doesn't seem to get it. I'm not a Republican.

    And no amount of derivative evidence he can concoct (LOL!) is going to change that fact.

    And it should be noted for the record that he spewed out his hateful, venomous personal attack on me first. And for what? For merely making a polite factual correction of another poster.

    As I see it, Kevin, sole legitimate point seems to be I inartfully used the word "passed" when technically I should have said "signed" or "approved."

    I'm too bored with THAT trivial issue to rummage through dictionaries and thesauses to argue it, so I'll concede it.

    But now it's Kevin's turn to concede that I am the superior NONderivative authority on my political affiliations (again, LOL!)...and that he's wrong, and hence now owes me an apology.

  22. From what I can see is that when one blasts Democrats for DADT and fails to point out the Republicans at the time were far more anti-gay then makes up a fabrication that a Democratic American with disabilities act as proof that Republican Presidents do something for gay people you are standing with the Republicans. As my mother would say "Tell me who you go with and I will tell you what you are." You may claim to be whatever you want, but when you fail to point out that at the time of DADT the Republicans were rabidly ant-gay and say you will never vote for a Democrat and say nothing about Republicans, then go on to make a false argument about Bush SR, I don't care what you say you are it is clear. Trying to sell Republican Presidents as gay friendly while bashing Democrats as gay enemies and not worthy of you vote says it all. And yes I felt at the time that all those Republicans had their heads up their asses and when someone like you brings their gay hate into a discussion I will tell you that you have your head up your ass as well. On the bright side of things if it gets any further up it will come out of your mouth. I hope for your sake that you have learned to watch your teeth.

  23. Kevin,

    Nope! Not only am I not a Republican, but I do not support or "stand" with them either. So, there goes your fall back postion, down in flames.

    You are taking a couple posts I wrote, misinterpreting the evidence and reaching false conclusions based on flawed logic.

    Simply criticizing the enactor of DADT and making one factual statement about the ADA does not automatically make me a Republican OR a supporter. Despite the fact that your narrow-minded thinking concludes otherwise.

    Hence you can go on and on bashing Republicans all you like, Kevin. Won't even ding my armor. Because I have no love for Republicans.

    I still await your apology.

  24. Jim that Kevin guy is sooo hating on you - what did ya do? Run over his pussy cat?????

  25. we must vote here in oz ... and think it works well - we will have a change in govt later this year ... so the polls tell us ...

    Bush - when he's not invading other countrys ....he's... funny always gives us a good laugh :)

  26. Elmysterio,

    Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. I added you to my links and thanks for adding me. You have quite the intriguing blog. Bush doesn't think. He hires people to do that for him 24/7.

    Hope everyone will visit my blog:

  27. Two Charged with Luzerne County Murder

    Tuesday, May 15, UPDATED: 5:04 p.m.
    By Jon Meyer

    Two men are under arrest in Virginia, charged with killing a man in Luzerne County.

    State police confirmed the arrests Tuesday afternoon. Harlow Cuadra, 25 and his business partner, Joseph Kerekes, 33, both of Virginia Beach, are accused of killing Bryan Kocis in his home near Dallas in late January. Investigators said he had been stabbed 28 times and his home was set on fire. State police said the two men will be extradited to Luzerne County.

    Police said the motive for the murder is competition between two gay pornography websites. Kocis had one and Cuadra and Kerekes ran the other.

    According to court papers, Cuadra wanted to work with a porn star currently involved in a federal lawsuit with Kocis, Sean Lockhart. Lockhart said that couldn't happen until the lawsuit was over. Court papers also stated Cuadra later contacted Lockhart and told him to go to Newswatch 16's website,, to read the article of Kocis' murder.

    Investigators said they found a camera from Kocis' house at Cuadra's home in Virginia Beach. The said Cuadra rented a car to go to Luzerne County and it had the mileage from Virginia to the Back Mountain and back. Court papers also stated the two suspects had a hotel room in Luzerne County.

    After the murder, state police released a photograph of a "person of interest". At the time they identified him by the name "Drake" and believed he was from the Allentown or Philadelphia area.

    That man, who turned out to be one of the suspects, Harlow Cuadra, contacted Newswatch 16. He said he did not know Bryan Kocis and that he was not in Pennsylvania the night he died.

    Cuadra said like Kocis, he is involved in gay pornography. He said his image online is often stolen and used by other people.

    Records show Cuadra is also known as Mardson Queiroz or Mardson McQuay. He is president and works

  28. Breaking News: Arrests made in Kocis murder 3:40 p.m.
    05/15/2007Email to a friendPrinter-friendly
    Two Virginia Beach, Va. men were arrested today on charges of criminal homicide for the Jan. 24 death of Bryan Charles Kocis of Dallas Township.

    Harlow Raymond Cuadra, 25, and Joseph Manuel Kerekes, 33, were arrested on criminal homicide charges and taken into custody in Virginia Beach.

    Kocis' burned body was found with multiple stab wounds inside his home on Midland Drive. Kocis was the owner of Internet pornography film business.

    The Pennsylvania State Police Major Case Investigation team led the murder investigation.

    Read further details of the arrests in Wednesday's Citizens' Voice