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Black helicopters
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Endowment, A new once a month club.

So I got invited to a hot party last night by none other than Michael Brandon. It is called Endowment and its a monthly party and it was full of major hotness. The DJ was non other than Dominic Pacifico. he spun the hottest hits and the club loved it. The go go boys were all hot. There was Lance Navarro, Ryan Patrick, Tober Brandt, and a hottie from Idaho Named Martin.

Oh yeah there was also my buddy Ricky Sinz. Also there was holy presence of one of our favorite sisters of perpetual indulgence Sister Maejoy B Withu. The venue was non other than Harry Dentons Star Light Room high atop the Sir Francis Drake hotel with a fabulous city view.

Now I have been looking forward to this evening for quite some time and I took my buddy @Heatizon with me. The evening started with us popping over to the city and finding a parking space right in front, parking karma strikes again. Then we were ushered into the elevator by a big ole strapping blond security guard. He was hot and I knew that the night was gonna be fun. so we get our booth and we get our cocktails and Michael pops over to say hello. Then he and Ricky sit down and chat with us for a while.

I had a nice chat with Ryan Patrick while we watched Lance Narvarro shake his money maker. he is a hot piece of work too I might add. Ryan Patrick showed us some hot pictures from a Raging Stallion shoot he just did. I also got to chat with a hottie named Martin, he is a real guy from Idaho and he makes me think I need to go back for another visit. Tober Brandt was looking all hot and dangerous too. Then it was time for Ricky Sinz to take the stage and boy did he put on a hot show. All the dancers did a great job of keeping to party hopping.

Ricky was all bump and grind and then he and Michael Brandon got all hot and nasty together. All I can say was that they were blazing hot together and the crowd loved them. Everything about this party was hot even the bartenders. I can't wait for the next one to see what hot nasty action Micheal can dig up. you can keep track of all of Michael's antics on his web page. I'm sure you won't want to miss the next event. I took allot of pictures and video for your enjoyment too. so enjoy. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE SLIDE SHOW,


There were some unmentionable things going on in the dark corners of the club. You know faces in places that you would not want the public to know about, allot of hot butts and hard dicks and well I'm sure you get the picture. Oh and yes I behaved myself I only grabbed a few buts and one cock. Yeah that's me being good LOL.

The end and this is Elmysterio and I'm out.


  1. God now even San Francisco has more porn star events than LAME San Diego, if it weren't for Steve Pena and Brent Everett getting OUT once in awhile we would not have ANYTHING here!

  2. well san fracisco is still home for several studios. so there is a regular turn over of talent rolling through town.

  3. DeWayne,

    Sounds like I should bring my ENDOWMENT to San Diego!!

    Hugs and tugs,

    Michael Brandon
    (two underscores between my name)

  4. hey that saounds like a hot plan there are 4 weeks in a month.