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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What is all this really about?

When I first started to write about this murder case I never thought it would be so complicated. I thought it was just a revenge killing but it has turned into much more than that. There is so much information that has not been released and so much innuendo surrounding what has been released that it is a bit too much for some to deal with. All of the parties that are involved in this sordid tale have their own agendas.
That being said I have to also add that some of us do not believe all the hype surrounding it. Joe and Harlow have been accused of killing Bryan Kocis and there is some damning evidence against them. But the real questions that most of us have goes to the why they would do it? As the police claim it was because of a "porn studio rivalry". Yet if you check out the Internet there are literally hundreds of sites on the Internet that are doing the same thing as Cobra. So as to the motive I guess the police assume that Joe
and Harlow would systematically go about killing all of they’re competition. Maybe they were doing it alphabetically, who knows what their plan was. But it still makes no sense to me.
As to them wanting to kill Bryan, a man that they really did not know that much about as to them using US People search to get info on him. As I have said before, you are innocent until proven guilty but as I have read on several blogs they have already been convicted with out a trial. It looks like the Salem witch trials all over again.
You see the police only have to show just cause when they want to arrest you. There is no solid proof in the affidavit just supposition and circumstantial evidence. As to all the "evidence" presented against Joe and Harlow I still do believe that they should be afforded a fair trial. But the State of Virginia is seeing to it that they won’t get one by seizing all of their assets and dragging there feet with the court proceedings. I will just say this let the courts decide what their fate will be but at least let them mount a fair defense. That is why I am trying to help by publicizing the efforts of those who are trying to help them raise money for a decent defense. We really should wait for the trial for all of the other evidence to come out pertaining to the details that are alluded to in the affidavit. As to them wanting to work with Sean Lockhart that I can kind of understand, but the real question is if they wanted to work with Sean Lockhart why did Sean and Grant have to contact them? That also does not make much sense to me as well.
As to Sean Lockhart AKA Brent Corrigan we all must also be aware that he is followed by scandal wherever he goes. He started in this business with a lie and they seem to follow him wherever he goes. It seems that everyone and everything he gets involved with ends badly. I’m not being mean here that is just a stated perception of what I have witnessed. So why would Joe and Harlow fall prey to him? Joe and Harlow did not look for Sean Lockhart or Grant Roy, it was quite the opposite Sean and Grant looked them up. They were looking for models to work for the failed venture Brent Corrigan online. All this was done during a nasty civil suit with Bryan Kocis who ran Cobra Video. Bryan had succeeded in stopping them from making money with their web-site and they went to their fans and asked for donations to help with their legal bills and day to day expenses. They finally decided to settle the civil suit with Cobra Video, which I might add, was not a particularly strong case for Cobra Video. Sean was fighting to keep the name Brent Corrigan, a name that is now tainted with death. A simple solution would have been to loose the name and move on and Bryan would have no hold on Sean and Grant. But as we have all seen that was not the case. As to the dinner in Vegas allot has been said about it and there is some info as to what was discussed but that is only one-sided at best. We know that Sean and Harlow took a picture or two together that night as well. We also know that Joe and Harlow left Vegas in the next day or so. They also sent out a message to their subscribers stating; they were going to be working with Sean and Grant and that they had a new distribution deal for their videos.
We also have Jody Wheelers conveniently deleted post were Sean says that "Joe and Harlow fucked everything up" and that they were also on the run. The on the run part I get because Joe and Harlow were not home during the early morning search of their home in February. Question: Sean what did Joe and Harlow really fuck up? Why did you ask Joe and Harlow to come to Vegas? Did you want a free meal that bad or did you want to fill they’re head with your sad tail about Bryan and all he did to you? I know we do not know what was really said and that will most likely only come out in court. There is speculation that Sean and Grant hired them to kill Bryan. But that is clearly speculation and has not been proven. As to motive it would seem that Sean and Grant had a stronger motive to do this than anyone who has so far been mentioned. But as has been mentioned on several blogs they are working with the police on this investigation. So you would think that would rule them out of the equation. But there are several people who do not agree with that as well. So we have different groups who are claiming that Sean and Grant have to be complicate in this murder. It seems that this whole thing started with a lie and it continues to go forward with more lies. The other thing that has been mentioned is in regards to Cobra Video is that they were under investigation by federal authorities for making underage porn. If that is true then it could explain some of the secrecy surrounding this murder. As far as I know that is just speculation on the part of some posters.
These same posters are also claiming that there are dirty officials in the Luzerne County Justice System. And they are using Sean Lockhart’s refusal to go back to Pennsylvania as their main evidence. But to the casual observer this could be plausible with the recent resignation or retirement of President Judge Michael Conahan. There have been many allegations made about him and he was the presiding Judge on the child molestation case against Bryan Kocis and he is also the Judge who signed the order to reduce his sentence. He is also the same judge who reviewed all the video evidence that the police had collected against Kocis and declared it to be OK to be returned to him. This also made it possible for Kocis to not have to register as a sex offender and it also made it possible for him to continue in the pornography business. Something that under Megan’s Law he would not be allowed to do. If justice had been served in 2001 he would not have been running Cobra Video in 2004 and would not have gotten mixed up with Sean Lockhart. There is another question that I have, why when they had a video of him having sex with an underage boy was he not convicted of statutory rape? That was the first mistake of many that were made. Why when there was an inquiry as to his status as a sex offender was his record and the charges changed to a reduced charge making him exempt for Megan's Law? Who was behind the change of his charges and why? We have also seen that there is a large amount of people who have commented on the blogs that Sean lied about his age and is in fact 21 years old. That is not the case though he is 20 at the time of this post and there is ample evidence to prove his age. There are many that do not believe his claims that he was underage when he worked for Cobra Video. Bryan was going to make him pay for telling the truth, a truth he himself had known since 2004 when he paid for the fake ID for him. Now it appears that this issue is being raised again as some sort of smoke screen to divert attention fro what is really going on here.
Bryan was a control freak and he did not want “his models” to talk to the press or even their fans. He used intimidation and threats to control his models. There are not many former Cobra models who have come forward to tell their stories. But that is changing and the few who have come forward are shedding a new light on who Bryan Kocis really was. And the picture is not a pretty one. Sean was not just a model at Cobra Video he was a victim as well but he was much more ingrained in the dealings of Cobra Video than has been said publicly. Cobra Video was not a huge company by industry standards in the last 6 years they have only released around 22 videos and 4 of them are considered underage porn because they featured a then an under-aged Brent Corrigan in them. Those titles have been pulled from the market. The funny thing is those pulled videos were some of the most lucrative videos Cobra ever produced. That is what the whole civil suit was really about, the fact that Sean Lockhart put a stop to the gravy train at Cobra video. You see Sean knew his value there and he released his true age to get out of his contract and to move on to his own company and make the big bucks he thought were going to be in his future. And in order to do that he needed the name Brent Corrigan. Bryan was not at all pleased with that and decided to get him back anyway he could. So he set up a bogus lawsuit in Pennsylvania to get Sean to come back and when that did not work he filed a real civil suit in California. Bryan spent allot of money on this case and for what you might ask? He would not gain any money from it if he won, Sean and Grant were broke. What Bryan really wanted was to control Sean and to get his valid ID so he could sell his other videos with Sean in them. He also wanted to try and restore his name and remove all of the negativity that surrounded it. But that was not meant to be you see he was murdered before the settlement agreement could really take effect. Yes the settlement was signed by all parties involved but the only thing that really came out of it was that Sean and Grant could open up their members site to new subscribers and the title of a video was changed. There are a few other people who are involved in this as well and to what extent we can not be sure.
There is Lee Bergeron who is the principal shareholder at LSG Media a company that Sean and Grant have since abandoned. The reason stated is that Lee has taken control of the company and will not pay Sean for the videos that he shot for the company and is keeping all of the profits from Sean and Grant. It has also been said that Lee had a backdoor deal with Bryan to sell his share of LSG Media to Bryan after the settlement was finalized but Bryan was killed before that could happen.
Then we have Robert Wagner who was the right hand man for Bryan Kocis and his second cameraman on some of his video shots. Robert was the associate who received the pictures of Harlow and is said to be one of the main witnesses for the prosecution in the case against Joe and Harlow. Robert was in the home of Bryan Kocis in the days prior to the murder and some seem to think he was there on the day of the murder as well. We do have him calling Bryan on the 24th of January. Do we know where he was calling from and if it was really him calling Bryan or some one he told to call Bryan to give him a alibi. What is the real truth behind Robert Wagner and Bryan Kocis. So now you kind of have the whole picture of who is involved and what they’re association is. As you can see that this is a very confusing and complicated case all around.

Update: Joe and Harlow were picked up this morning at 7:59AM by the Pennsyvania Police. They are on there way to Luzerne County. We do not know when rthey will be arraigned. I will keep you posted.
By Wade Malcolm, Staff Writer
After fighting extradition from Virginia since May, two male escorts accused of murdering a Back Mountain man should soon be in the custody of local law enforcement.

Harlow Cuadra, 25, and Joseph Kerekes, 33, are expected to arrive at the Pennsylvania State Police barracks in Wyoming this afternoon. They are then expected to be arraigned before District Magisterial Judge James E. Tupper. Business partners in a gay male escort service and several pornographic Web sites, the couple conspired to kill Bryan Charles Kocis, a rival adult film producer, in his Dallas Township home at 60 Midland Drive, police allege. Authorities arrested the two in May in Virginia Beach, Va. The pair refused to waive extradition to Pennsylvania to face murder charges, forcing the Luzerne County district attorney's office to seek a warrant signed by Gov. Ed Rendell. Cuadra and Kerekes continued to fight extradition until their attorneys decided there were no grounds to contest the governor's warrant. Investigators found Kocis' body on the charred remains of his living room couch after responding to the house fire at around 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 23. The 44-year-old's neck was slashed and his torso stabbed 28 times, then set on fire, according to the autopsy report. Police said Cuadra and Kerekes killed Kocis because they wished to employ one of his premier actors, 19-year-old Sean Lockhart, who was embroiled in a long contract dispute with Kocis.
Check back to for more updates

This Elmysterio and I’m out


  1. Slimy Sean is trying another nasty tactic, by slipping in a rather obscure link in the alleged "abandoned" BCO site, to his "NEW" web site sans Bergeron. The toxic twink just go's on and on. Like the Eveready Bunny, only more deadly......

  2. Elm - please provide verified evidence of the other models coming forward and telling about negative experiences.

    So far the only model that I am aware of is Cameron Lane and his words were actually quite kind to both Cobra and to Brent and Grant.

    PS- A posting on a blog from someone claiming to be a former cobra model is not solid evidence.

  3. That affidavit/criminal complaint seems to cause folks of all agendas no end of consternation. Is it proof, or isn't it? The fact is that, no, the affidavit is not evidence. Not by itself.

    The affidavit was intended to show probable cause for arrest. That is, it was meant to demonstrate that that a reasonable person, knowing what it is in the affidavit, would conclude that a crime was committed and that this guy did it.

    I don't think anybody is arguing that the affidavit failed to accomplish that end. Are you?

    However-- and this is the important point-- that document very likely *is* a preview of what much of the prosecution's case is going to look like. It *describes* the evidence that the police think they have. They will try to present most of the evidence thusly described-- and more-- in court.

    Why do I say it only describes what the cops *think* they have? Because some of that evidence will be excluded under the rules of evidence. The jury will never hear what gets excluded.

    'Guilty' or 'Not Guilty' usually rides on what gets in and what gets excluded. There is no verdict of 'Innocent.'

    Now, what we don't have is a preview of the Defense case. PA is not a Reciprocal Discovery state, so the next best thing to a Defense preview will be the wranglings in the evidentiary hearings and, finally, the defense's witness list.

    And this brings us to what a 'fair trial' is. The fact is that, yeah, VA seems to be dragging its feet a bit on the forfeitures. But bear in mind, Cuadra and Kerkes don't have much chance of winning that battle.

    I haven't heard much out of Cuadra that denies that Norfolk Companions was a prostitution organization. They've been pretty up-front with that. In fact, his initial alibi was that he was out with a client when Kocis was being killed.

    Like it or not, agree with it or not, prostitution is illegal in VA. The law is such that you don't get to enjoy the ill-gotten fruits of illegal activities. You especially don't get to spend ill-gotten gains to pay a lawyer to handle your trial on how you got those ill-gotten gains.

    It's a crappy law, IMO, but there it is. Write your State Assemblyman.

    One other thing: A 'fair trial' does not mean Robert Shapiro and Johnny Cochrane at your defense table. Many Americans seem to think it does, but it doesn't.

    A fair trial means an unbiased judge, adequate counsel, and a prosecutor who operates within the canon of ethics. That's it.

  4. hey elms ... great job at trying to pull all this back into perspective... it sure is getting mighty nasty out there in blog land - and their are some real sickos who just taint the whole saga evun more...
    I must say that it amazes me that bc/sean/grant now wander off to another website... that he would want to be accosiated with the name just devalues his credibilty ... some of the points you raise about the underage vids and the judge ... well they sure ask more questions ... and i hope that it does all come out in the wash - i can't help but feel some pain for harlow and joe for i feel they will never get that fair trial .... i for one have been pulled from one side to the other - way back i was a big brent supporter - felt for him .... now i am not - i believe that he is not so much the victim in all this he sure knew what he was doing in those vids.. and then in releasing his age when he did... i'm sure that his "lover" played a big part in that also...

    so yes elms thanks for grounding the issues again - much appriciated

  5. Elm, I would have liked you to focus more on what we actually know and not go into repeating all the speculation that is consistently flowing throughout the blogosphere and elsewhere these days.

    With that said, it is a good blog - wish I could agree with most of what you have written, though I do agree on the official motive, as I've written elsewhere. It doesn't hold water for me.

    My prediction is that once they are in PA, Harlow and Joe will start to negotiate with prosecutors, to reduce their potential sentences.

  6. Your blog is based on a true story, only the facts have been changed.

    The affidavtit is a sworn statement of the evidence identified by the police to show a prima face case against Harlow & Joe.

    It is not some wish list and it may be that some of the evidence that has been identified may not be heard by the jury.

    But it is insufficient for the defense to create just doubt, it must be reasonable doubt.

    My concerns on the prosecution of the case would be an over-emphasis on the computer and internet evidence. Jurors like knives and blood stains they can see not intangible data streams.

    Look at the OJ case. For all the DNA evidence what probably swayed the jury to an aquittal was when OJ was unable to put his hand in the bloodied glove.

    Perhaps Elm you should help Harlow & Joe find their own bloodied glove rather than re-hash more of the Bryan as a baby eater stories.

  7. To KM-- great response.

    Your points regarding the money earned from male prostitution are dead on.

    A fair trial doesn't require one to have the highest priced attorney available.

    As long as an unbiased jury can be found, a fair trial is possible.

    And despite the attention this case is getting in the 'blogosphere'...I suspect that the majority of the free world has no clue it is even going on. They are more concerned about blackmail photos of Miss New Jersey.

    And I agree with 'anonymous'...the defense is going to have to come up with more than just slander against Bryan Kocis. Everyone agrees he was a disgusting human being. But that doesn't translate into a not guilty verdict for Harlow and Joe.

  8. After being in Law Enforcement for as long as I have, sometimes it shocks people, and people have a hard time to swallowing that more often than not some of the simplest explanations for crimes are true..
    This was a about greed pure and simple.

    I don't know for sure if Harlow and Joe did this, I don that the state of PA has mounted a VERY VERY SHARP and TIGHT case against them.

    Ask yourself why was the NCIS involved in the task force investigating this crime?

    And KM said everything else I was going to say...

    I will be VERY SURPRISED IF VA, does not pursue charges against them for organized crime or the very least.

    THE ONLY WIGLE ROOM I SEE THERE FOR THEM IS: That one of their former models involved at the time of production of a certain 3-way, was a VA BEACH Police recruit, who was ultimately fired for his involvement in the video.

    At the end of every video they advertise their prostitution biz, COME ON! That wall has been crumbling for a while!

  9. Anon 12:39--

    Would you agree with my observation that the case as presented in the affidavit/criminal complaint has all the earmarks of having been put together by the FBI? That is, as opposed to having been constructed by a couple of troopers in a backwoods State Police barracks?

  10. KM~ I most definitively agree with that assessment. Not taking anything away from the PA Staties… While never have working with them firsthand. I know from personal knowledge that by and large they are a very professional and very progressive Law Enforcement agency, that being said you cannot discount the seemingly high tech’ness of this investigation, and the tools being utilized are by and large outside the scope of most state agencies… NCIS was already credited as being a task force member. I wonder who else they received expertise and technology help from on this one?

    After all anyone can tell you using most standard PD practices for eavesdropping, that obtaining the alleged confession taking place on a windy, ocean front NUDE beach in San Diego, is going to take more than shotgun mic or an RF mic hidden on your CI.

    And it may never be reveled on how exactly they obtained the information. Other than to see “covert surveillance”.

    This case is going to be very interesting in about 1.5 yrs. Mr. Lockhart will HAVE TO TESTIFY, at the very least to authenticate the supposed beach recordings. And then to speak to the infamous Lamb dinner conversation in Vegas.

    This could speak to another reason why NO ONE WANTS TO OR WILL WANT TO TOUCH ANYTHING TO DO WITH Brent Corrigan.

    When he IS brought up on the stand, it will open up and settle once and for all his age at the time of Cobra’s productions…and his character/honesty...

    -Anon 12:39

  11. I agree with everything that has been posted which makes it a strange blog.

    In particular the level of detail within the affidavit seems somewhat excessive for its limited purpose. Given that another two months have passed one can assume that more evidence has been identified.

    The tape recordings are going to present a dilemma to the prosecutor. As anon 12.39 said it will be necessary for Sean to be a witness for the tapes to be introduced as evidence.[OK in theory the defense could allow them without context but that is not going to happen]

    The question is whether Sean's testimony will undermine the evidential value of the tapes.

    With all the mendacity and deceit in Sean's past combined with his own animosity towards the victim he has the potential to damage the prosecution case.

    Sean's true age will be a real issue that will cut to the core of his credibility. This is even more so given his release of new material that 'proves' he was underage. If he has actually lied twice I would not want to be the DA.

    With lives rather than mere money on the line, the age issue become much more pertinent.

    However, ideally DNA and other physical evidence has since become available and his testimony will not be required. If that is the case then his own involvement in the crime may attract closer scrutiny.

    Of course the ideal situation is Joe and Harlow simply plead guilty and there is no trial.

  12. Anonymous said...
    Elm - please provide verified evidence of the other models coming forward and telling about negative experiences.

    So far the only model that I am aware of is Cameron Lane and his words were actually quite kind to both Cobra and to Brent and Grant.

    PS- A posting on a blog from someone claiming to be a former cobra model is not solid evidence.

    July 12, 2007 4:02 AM

    you must be a special kind of stupid if you think I will open that can or worms. you just want their names so you can continue the rain of terror that was being used on them when Bryan was still alive. Fat chance that will happen. as far as the models who have come forward I seem to have forgotten their names. I really think I need to to write these things down.

  13. KM your points are well made and I agree with most of them. As to whether I agree with the affidavits mission, the answer would be yes. It served its purpose they are in jail. But they are still innocent until proven Guilty of the crime committed. That is all I am saying. As to the seisure of there assetts that is a more sticky situation. Some of the money made came from the escort Business and some came from the web-site so it would have to be determined if the web-site is illegal as well to seize all of their assetts.

  14. Anon @12:39 and anon @ 3:11

    I do agree that the evidence that is put in the affidavit is a little too concise for the Pennsylvania Police to come up with on they’re own. This case is much bigger than just the murder of Bryan Kocis. There is much more at stake here than just finding his killer. That is why you have so many other agencies involved. I would not be surprised what other acronyms show up on the roster. There is a much bigger story here and I don’t know when it is going to break but when it does the world will be truly shocked by what is revealed.

  15. you must be a special kind of stupid if you think I will open that can or worms. you just want their names so you can continue the rain of terror that was being used on them when Bryan was still alive. Fat chance that will happen. as far as the models who have come forward I seem to have forgotten their names. I really think I need to to write these things down.

    I think I made a reasonable request. It's not like was asking for their addresses to terrorize them. I was asking for a link to verifiable source to your claims. No need to call me a special kind of stupid. You could either ignore my question or you could just say you were not prepared to back up your claims. As for opening that can of worms you were the one who did that by making this claim which to date has not been substantiated by any independent source.

  16. As to the seisure of there assetts that is a more sticky situation. Some of the money made came from the escort Business and some came from the web-site so it would have to be determined if the web-site is illegal as well to seize all of their assetts.

    Presumably, the state of VA is going to allege one or both of two things: that the Boybatter website was also illegal because it was used as a legal front to launder the ill-gotten proceeds from the escort service; and/or that the escort service and Boybatter were different parts of the same criminal enterprise-- as shown by the escort service ads everywhere from the Boybatter site to the end of its videos, etc.

    The trouble here is that the financial seizure laws that are part of the VA RICO statute are a terrifically blunt instrument. That's why I said that I think that it's a pretty crappy law.

    But crappy or not, it stands as the law, so Mr. Cuadra and Mr. Kerekes are rather stuck with it.

    In fact, right along, the pair of them had to expect that they'd get nabbed by VA in just this way eventually. No one runs an escort business forever without legal problems.

    What's likely a surprise to them is the need to pay for attorneys to fight a murder case out of state. Most people don't set out to commit murder with idea of getting caught.

  17. PS: Am I right in recalling that the escort service came first? If so, all of Boybatter's proceeds could be seized as well if the escort service paid for Boybatter's start-up costs.

    Example: If a mobster buys a pizzeria with money he got from his extortion racket, the cops take the pizzeria along with the mobster's Cadillac and ugly, gold chains, eh?

  18. anon@July 13, 2007 4:55 AM

    Lets just pretend that I never made that claim and leave it at that. Funny that none of the other "claims" I made concerned you though. So I would assume that you were out to terrorize the models who have come forward.

  19. KM,I will agree that RICO is a ugly law and it is being used to thwart their efforts at a decent defense as it was designed to do. But do you really think that their escort business is that big of a deal that the State of Virginia would use such drastic measures to stop them? To me it just seems like over kill.

  20. This is a comment that I posted on BB blog and I thought I would put it here as well just so you all could see what kind of person BB really is.

    BB, If you have a problem with me the tell me but dont go on Harlow's blog and lie about what I have said.

    BB Says:
    July 12th, 2007 at 4:28 pm
    ok harlow, here goes a rant from me. take it was you will. no offense is meant in what i say right now. i am not robert. i do not know sean, grant, bryan, robert, you, joe or any other ‘players’ directly involved. i do believe you are directly involved in the murder of bryan. i believe you should and will get a fair trial. thats that. your blog posting while in jail is not a problem. the problem is the very small bits of information you give regarding your situation. it is then made worse when people like elm post on blogs that they spoke to you and they can not post the “truth” as it will come out at trial. this is very wrong and stupid of you if it is true. why you would tell a stranger anything is beyond me - again if it is true. it is wonderful and good that you have supporters - but statements like elm’s just do not jive, and it will backfire on you. it is happening now. until yesterday, i had been somewhat kind to you and joe and held back lots of my thoughts. i threw that out the window because of insults and accusations made towards me by elm’s and others. if this keeps happening by your supporters, others will probably end up doing what i did, not be careful or so kind to you anymore.

    This just confirms what I have said about you. That you are evil and you have no regard for the truth.

    July 13, 2007 6:21 PM

  21. But do you really think that their escort business is that big of a deal that the State of Virginia would use such drastic measures to stop them? To me it just seems like over kill.

    I have absolutely no proof for the following; it's just an impression.

    However, I can't help thinking that the RICO investigation was going on well before Cuadra and Kerekes had ever heard of Bryan Kocis. Then, of a sudden, two suspects from that leisurely hometown RICO investigation get tagged with an out-of-state murder beef.

    That's frightfully embarrassing for the VA authorities; it happened 'on their watch,' if you will. What ever are they to do to save face? Accelerating the RICO efforts (to make it appear that they were further along at the time of the killing than they, in fact, were) would be one option, no?

    Again, just a supposition based on nothing more than my small amount of knowledge of how these State Attorney guys operate.

  22. Elm,

    Thank you for providing the info in an easy to digest format. Question, and perhaps you may want to post about this or respond privately, you have my email, since the state of VA seems to be complicit in this RICO issue wouldn't they want to get rid of anyone who could tell the facts? Why are they playing with H's meds in prison? Do you have the fact on Welbutrin? How many suicides has it caused? Let's watch and see what happens. You were right from the beginning.

  23. Elm--

    I enjoyed your pithy and sourced comments on BB's blog yesterday.

    Your new material is intriguing. Keep up your work.

  24. Elm- Yes, I do think the escort biz is a huge thing, or IS going to be...VA can take it's time on this to make it all stick.

    I think the bigger issue may well be that BoyBatter used current and former military members as it's models/escorts. And I would venture a guess that it's client list includes the same including those above the ranks of E-10, i.e. officers.

    Thus the reason why NCIS is already part of the alphabet soup involved in this ongoing investigation.

    Additionally, I firmly believe that and HAVE on strong 2nd hand knowledge that at the VERY least VA Beach PD was involved in an investigation into BOYBATTER and their enterprises. Shortly (months) before the Kocis murder.

    But they have a black eye to show on this one, namely that a model used in a 3-way with Harlow himself was at the time of said production a VA Beach PD recruit, who was later terminated for his involvement in the scene.

  25. Sassy said...

    Thank you for providing the info in an easy to digest format. Question, and perhaps you may want to post about this or respond privately, you have my email, since the state of VA seems to be complicit in this RICO issue wouldn't they want to get rid of anyone who could tell the facts? Why are they playing with H's meds in prison? Do you have the fact on Welbutrin? How many suicides has it caused? Let's watch and see what happens. You were right from the beginning.

    July 13, 2007 1:12 PM

    Here is a link that explains the side effects and the cautions of the drug.

    it could be that they are messing with the dosage to cause a adverse effect. lets hope that is not the case.

  26. Anon 12.39 said... you say that the Virginia police have been investigating this since before the murder. Do you have any proof of that? If that is the case then why did they not arrest Joe and Harlow on the RICO charges before? Also you say there was a former Virginia Beach police officer involved in the filming of the videos, was he arrested with regards to his filming and if so where are the records of this? This case is very strange if you ask me because there has been talk of an ongoing investigation but no one has come up with any case number or other info until the arrest of Joe and Harlow. Also if the NCIS was involved and the Virgina Police and the Pennsylvania police in the search of their home was it with regards to the rico or the murder or both. And if they had enough info to search their home in February then why wait until May to arrest them. I have said all along that there is somthing really fishy about this whole case. Then you have the allegations that Bryan Kocis was under investigation by the FBI as well. Were they trying to tie the cases together or was the link to all of this Brent Corrigan? There are so many people making different allegations as to what was going on and who was involved that it just seems kind of strange that this is all revolving around the murder of Bryan Kocis unless there is much more that has not been revealed.

  27. ( To the first guy who commented )

    Thanks for the info about BC 's new website. I checked it out and it appears that " Queen ImaVictim "
    is telling her fans that she is broke again...LOL

    On the upside he is selling of some used "drawers" to raise $$$.

    Jerry Springer , if you are watching...PLEASE SAVE US from this

  28. Elm- Yes I do have proof it's difficult for me to say how I came across this other than to say, that 1.) I am in Law Enforcement, albeit in another state (coast) than VA, but that I do have a number friends that are/were on VA Beach's PD. When I first heard of the subject involved in the filming getting fired from the academy in VA Beach, Bryan had yet to be murdered, nor had Harlow's House been raided.

    Speaking from personal experience investigations of this nature RICO take a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME...and move at a very slow pace... often times detectives are sourced to multiple different investigations at once... in fact most of the time. It is not at all like TV... where you see this massive squad all focusing on only one thing at once...unless it is huge... and generally murder is a pretty big deal... especially when you start adding in multiple agencies as no one police agency wants to appear to be behind in a multi-state head line investigation.

    So when VA Beach SWAT conducted their non day light service warrant on the Harlow res, I knew it was going to be big.

    Judges rarely grant "emergency" non daylight service warrants. (And I am assuming it was non daylight based upon info from Harlow's own posts and others) as I never have seen the actual warrant affidavit for the raid. If it is avail anywhere I would love to read it. To see what the PC statement was and by which unit.

    They grant non daylight services based upon a few things: 1.) Potential for Evidence destruction, 2. Safety to the public/victims and 3. Officer safety.
    These all should be self explanatory, but alas are also primarily based upon my knowledge of LE in my home state. But to my discussions with friend/coharts in VA there are very similar and still apply there as well.

    And I can not and have not said that NCIS is/was involved in the actual search of the Harlow res, but that they are/were indeed listed parties involved in the Murder investigation task force, to also include the San Diego PD, And DA's office.

    The latter being more than likely a professional nod. But my guess on NCIS is: 1.) Primary they needed additional man power and technology for the investigation 2.) Knowing that from the content on boybatter they would be able to easily bring NCIS agents into on the possibility that current/form military subject were involved with Harlow and his enterprises...Don't ask Don't Tell, arrests and discharges for porn staring is still and will continue to be a big thing, even if/when gays are allowed to openly serve.

    Not sure if I can/did answer all your questions Elm~, essentially I know this from friends and the timelines...would lead me to believe that they were on to Harlow well before Kocis was killed...

    Not to mention, it was not been found out by myself nor anyone else attempting HOW VA Beach PD came across this pron site with their young recruit in the buff in the first

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. I have been away for a few days and see something truly revolting from Kent Barclay/Damon. According to his myspace he is willing to release funds to Harlow if Harlow signs an exclusive deal for a book. That Kent is extortion. Beyond being cruel you need to stop trying to profit from other’s troubles. In addition to being extortion it is fraud because we all know you have no money. What you are probably trying to do is get a signed deal and they try and get someone to give you money that you can then use to extort. Did you solicit money with the caveat that it was for Harlow only if you got something? If so did anyone give you permission to do that? It is illegal to solicit under such circumstances. You have reached a new low but let’s get real here. There is no money. All there is, is in your sick mind a way for you to make money. If you had a cent you have misrepresented what you solicited it for. If there is money put it in an escrow account for Harlow to see and let him decide on the basis of fact not your lying words. The bottom line here is you are trying to extort a person in jail on trial for his life. And yes you are a wannabe. Please tell everyone how much you were paid for the DNA article you wrote. ZERO. Please tell everyone how much DNA had to edit it to take out the references to yourself? Please tell everyone how many other articles DNA asked you to write? DNA by the way is in Australia. Please tell everyone your resume of national articles that can google your byline? Here is a test google Damon Kruezer and see how many legit articles come up. Google Mickey Skee, Doug Lawrence, J.C.Adams, real porn writers who have made a living writing about porn and see what you get. You have reached a new low but this very much smells like the escort extortion scam of your past. Rest assured that Harlows lawyers and the authorities will be informed of this extortion attempt

  31. Sethj-
    This is, unfortunately, the way Kent/Damon has always done business. It's not always extortion for $, though. For example, he extorted David Forest into giving him an on-screen credit for "Brad's Buddies" as the "creative consultant," when, in fact, he did absolutely nothing in the production of that movie. Forest gave him the credit just to shut him up, because Kent was spewing his usual garbage, and Forest thought that the credit would stop it. Then, no one in the industry would promote the movie because the DK credit was on it, and, by that time, it would have been far too expensive to recall all the copies and have the credit removed. Forest to this day regrets putting it on there. He has extorted others in the industry in a similar fashion, although even I have to admit this is indeed a new low.

  32. surely if this low life collected money for harlow - then he must hand it over or hand it back - sure their must be some law in the USofA to prevent this type of low life behaviour - what a real sickening human this dk must be ... surely people can bandy together and put a stop to this lower than life creep

  33. Damon is a disgusting excuse for a human being. He will lie about anything to make himself seem like he knows what he's taliking about.

  34. Rob-
    Kent/Damon has been doing this for over a decade...most of the industry has, at some point, attempted to stop him in one way or another, but because he has hidden his tracks for so many years, it would be a very expensive proposition that no one wants to take on. A couple of years ago, several of us banded together and hired a PI in the Boston area to obtain his whereabouts, and, aside from a few things that were already known or suspected, we were told that was all he could do on the $ we wanted to spend. So he continues, and preys mostly on newcomers who are unaware of his history. He'll drool all over them until they discover the lunatic they're dealing with, then Kent turns on them like a dime. It's the same routine over and over. And until he does something blatantly illegal (which he has already done, by the way- the details are jaw-dropping) and his victim persues the issue, he will continue.

  35. Again the lies. Kent nice to see you as Troy Halston today. How do you ever expect to become legit when you can't say where you instruct, and earn money. The reason is you have no money and the only thing you can instruct is Babs fingering herself every time you say Mommie the money from my brilliance will be here soon. We all remember how she almost got off when you were going to get the 5,000 from Mark Dalton but sadly it never came because it was a lie. This is Mark Dalton redux. Someone who you have mis-represented yourself too by not telling them the baggage that comes with you talks to you. You say nice things to ingratiate yourself and they try and say nice thing to you. Then you take those nice things and make believe in your own head that they want to work with you, and in your twisted mind they owe you because they said something nice. We guess again.Do you think anyone believes that a person who had his mother evicted from a senior citizens complex because he lived there because he had no income is an "instructor". You are not Kent Barclay the professor you are trying to steal his identity to hide what a deadbeat you are. There is no paper you work for, another lie. If you were legit you would be proud of where you worked and they of you. You are trying to make the fact that people you lied to talk to you means they agreed to work with you, it did not work before it will not work now. Now I truly do admire that you love your mother so much that you try instruct her to orgasm fingering herself but for obvious reasons at her size the fingers don;t go deep enough. Lucky for you I have the solution. We will all chip in and get her a Matt Rush dildoe and hopefully you will record the shrieks of joy as after years of your empty promises and lies she finally gets off.

  36. Sethj,
    Wow- that was a mouthful and funny too! If you go back on Harlows blog you will see that Damon/Kent whatever- has been posting under 4 or 5 aliases. They are names of model agencies, Designers etc. The very funny thing is that the only "pro" comments made about him has been from himself.

  37. Guys,
    DK may be a total loser but lets not sink to his level by insulting his Mother endlessly. It just makes us looks bad and weakens our arguments that DK should be ignored. A mother's love is unconditional and it's sad that this apparently cost her her home.
    By the way DK - get a life you make us decent gays look like the leeches that the right wing wants the world to believe we are

  38. Hey DK
    If you are working for a major publication and you have all these connections how come you can't even identify one of the key persons in this affair. Once again you have taken a picture of Kocis and identified it as G Roy.

    Why would any publishing company want to publish a book written by someone who can not even identify the murder victim ?

  39. Dear Anon. Sorry Kent Barclay's mother is not off limits. You obviously do not know the man. He has violated scores of people in many worse ways. He has interceded into people's private lives and lied to their partners to try and destroy their relationships. He has outed porn models to their parents and their schools because they would not do his bidding. He has caused people to lose their homes and even was the cause of having his mother lose hers. His mother allowed him to terrorize the elderly people in her complex for years and allowed him the cover to try and destroy many good people. She perjured herself for him and helped him hide from process servers while he hid in the bathroom of the welfare motel in Norwell MA she was sent too after the eviction. Sorry she is just getting the treatment he has given others as he violates their personal lives with his lies. There will be no room spared for Kent Barclay not an inch.

  40. Having dealt with this very sick individual for a decade, I agree with Sethj's comments above. For all the lives this person (notice I refuse to call him a "man") has attempted (and, in several cases, succeeded) to ruin, he deserves whatever is dished out.

  41. Here is something that I find interesting, the affidavit says that Bryan was talking to Sean Macia’s at 18:00 during the conversation Bryan asked him to hold on at around 18:30 this is when Bryan received a phone call from Robert Wagner. Maybe that is why Bryan asked Sean Macias to hold on there was another call on the line. As they were in conversation he told Sean Macias that he was expecting a model and he thought that it was he (on the phone)? Sean Macias is also said to have spoken with Bryan again at 19:50 which would lead one to believe that Bryan was still alive. We do not know the duration of the phone call at 19:50 as that is not mentioned in the affidavit. Harlow is said to have logged on to his email account at 8:06 pm or 20:06 and then at 20:20 a sliver or white SUV is seen leaving the home of the victim. Maybe Bryan was dead when who ever sped away in the light colored SUV arrived at his home. Who ever killed Bryan may have still been there and did not see who came and left because they were starting the fire upstairs.

  42. Hold the f__king phone!

    I just got off the phone with the attorney representing the business partner who invested a large sum of money in Mr. Bergeron's restaurants.

    Apparently Mr. Bergeron's pattern behavior is becoming more frequent and overlapping. It isn't very smart to fuck over 3 separate partners in two unrelated ventures at the same time!

    All the true criminals connected in the sad story will be exposed soon enough...

    Robert, BB/Aaron, you're next! Oh yeah, that goes for you too Damon / Kent / Nathan...


  43. Grant so whats the deal? We all know Lee is a crook. and we all know BB and robert are in this together and we all know that Damon is a liar and blazing idiot. So this revalation is not news to any one who reads this blog. So was this really an excuse to plug Sean's new website here? Everyone will know about it soon enough. I have already changed my link to the new website about a week ago. But you probably did not check that now did you?

  44. I noticed the change. Thank you very much! I'll add a link to your blog soon...


  45. You guys. Sheesh. All Grant is saying is there is a new twist in this. A beneficial twist to Brent. Besides DeWayne and I and a few friends in other countrys pretty much spread the word across the planet about

    If you havn't already noticed, Lee had to quit trying to unravel the Gordian Knot Brent left him. It just get's him in more trouble. Don't go there. Just take my word for it. For the latest scoop, go to

    You know you want to. The curiosity is killing you. And guess who made the first fan comment at

    Yep, ME.
    Love from Texas, Albert

  46. Girls I have had the new link on my blog for over a week. there really is no need to try those tactics here. now if this pesist I will just not allow comments. or maybe I will just delete them. hmm I wonder which one it will be? Try me and find out. Ask BB what happened to his last post.

  47. You do realize that I am a raving bitch don't you? And I have been quite nice for quite a long time and it is starting to wear thin. So do you want to really push it? I have been linked to Brent's blog since I have had my blog yet he is not linked to mine. So this is a slight sore spot with me. I don't pull links if someone says something that I don't like, just ask BB.

  48. Elm,

    Initially we couldn't link you because Lee locked us out of the website and blog. Then when he partially restored our access, you along with numerous others began spreading highly inaccurate information about the investigation and various individuals roles in it all.

    Once you realize for the most part you have no clue of what actually took place and everything is finally revealed; It should be a little easier whether or not to include you on the BCI blogroll.

    Linking to you now I feel in some sort of way would be perceived to legitimize many of the ludicrous claims you continue to present as fact.

    I wouldn't necessarily have a problem linking to you, because I know in due time the full truth will be revealed to all in a multitude of media and legal outlets. But this decision I will leave up to Brent since it is his blog.


  49. Once you realize for the most part you have no clue of what actually took place and everything is finally revealed; It should be a little easier whether or not to include you on the BCI blogroll.

    Why do you feel that I have no clue? You don't know what I know or don't know. You just might be a bit surprised at what I have as for as information on this case. I have not told all that I know because I don't want to get anymore mixed up in this tragedy than I have to. So you can believe what you want to believe.

  50. UPDATE:

    Mr. Cuadra and Mr. Kerekes are now in transit from VA to PA.