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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Bitrhday Wishes and Happy Halloween

As a few of you might know today is the birthday of the super twink of the new millennium. Yes people he is 22 years old and he appears to be coming into his own. Who would have thought that through all of the misguided ventures and false starts that he would be on the edge of great success. Congratulations Brent Corrigan for you perseverance and the ability to stay in the fight. So we light a candle to help you celebrate 22 years.

I also want to wish you all a happy Halloween because we all need to be happy right about now. I would also like to take this time to announce that I am going in a new direction with my blog. It was starting to look like a blog that was only about Joe and Harlow or porn . That was not my intention for this little place on the Internet.

It would appear that over the years that I have been writing this blog I have made more enemies than friends but that is OK. The friends that I did make I will value forever and they know who they are. It would seem that my opinions on certain subjects has caused a great deal of debate amongst my detractors. With some very interesting comments made in regards to my motives.

Now I am not going to sit here and explain my motives behind anything that I said and I did because I did them and that is enough for you all to know. If you have an issue with what I say you can voice your opinion, will I listen to it well that is a different matter all together. With all of the back stabbing and behind the scenes shit talking going on I find it funny that none of you really have a clue as to who is really manipulating the truth.

As far as the Joe and Harlow case goes I will admit that it was not too smart to get involved in it. I have to say the same thing about Sean and Grant. There is also the whole Mason Wyler thing as well. But the one thing that I will not back down from is my belief that you should get involved in something that you believe in. So to those of you who think that my motives for getting involved revolved around the fact that I was in love with Harlow or that I thought he was hot, or that I have an affinity for porn stars and the winner is "because I was a victim", you are fucking idiots. As far as to what my motives for getting involved were, I wrote about it but I guess y'all did not care to read that part.

As far a my opinion of who was involved in the murder of Bryan Kocis, I still have my beliefs as to who was involved. Some seem to think that I can not have an opinion and I should agree with the Cobrakiller rants that they are screaming about. The fact that they have said that they were not involved in this case and had no connection to any of those involved not withstanding they are on a serious crusade to clear the name of this one witness of any wrong doing. So I guess in the world of opinions there is a double standard.

As far a statements I made on other blogs and threads I said them and if I did not want them to comeback to haunt me I should not have said them. This post is not an apology to anyone and it is not and admission of anything. it is just me having my say on how I feel with regards to all that has happened over the last year and a half.

To the family of Bryan Kocis, I regret your lose and the way you allowed your grief to impact the lives of so many. While I do not agree with your actions I will say that you are entitled to your opinions. So take the money that Bryan made off the backs of young men who risked their lives and live a happy life.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out.

Happy Halloween bitches


  1. Happy Halloween to you as well Elm.

  2. Happy Halloween Elm (right under the wire LOL).

    Since a certain party in a backwater of MA seems to have been taking an interest in your blog, and this post in particular, I just wanted to pass this message along to him. I said to Rob earlier:

    "I have NEVER slung mud at you or anybody else. I would defy you to give me ONE example of that from my posts ANYWHERE."

    That was an incorrect statement on my part. I HAVE indeed slung mud, and plenty of it, at a most deserving target, who is now back to being completely ignored as he should have been all along. But that's what happens to mudslingers, they get mud slung right back at them. Nuff said.

  3. Elm, don't you think you might ask your dear friend Yves to repost that brilliant response to "Damon" on your blog? After all, this is the blog "Damon" appears to be obsessed with these days, and we wouldn't want him to miss it, would we? Just in case, I'll post this link for him:

    Now Kentie, darling, send one of your multiples to post a response. We've missed your imbecilic rantings so much, it would be lovely to hear from one of the voices in your head. Right Elm?

  4. Will--

    I am not offended. I believe I responded in a spirited manner. You are entitled to your views. All of those views are appreciated. A belated Happy Halloween to you as well.

    As for Kent Barclay, he couldn't get the number of vehicles right in a one car funeral.

  5. Rob, I hope you realize that that comment was not directed at you. I was directing it at the troll in Quincy, MA.

  6. Hey Will thanks for the shout out.