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Black helicopters
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The under dog

It seems that I have been trying to stick up for the underdogs my whole life and it has not helped the cause one bit. I have been accused of all manner of things and I just think that it is funny that my accusers are on a mission to make me out as some kind of monster. Well that is your prerogative and you can do and say what ever you want about me if it makes you feel better.

I no longer care to get involved in the controversies of those who lie and cheat and steal and murder. That is what we have courts and lawyers for and I am neither. In the 50 years that I have been on this planet I have come to the conclusion that you can not please some people and no matter what you say there will always be someone who will take issue with it.

So I will only be blogging about things that I deem important to me and if you don't like it well then there are millions of other blogs to read. To those who think they have won the fight good for you. To those who think I have given up, deal with it. To those who don't care, keep on keeping on. As for me I am just going to state how I feel about what ever I want to talk about.

The purpose of this blog was never to talk about a murder or a rape. It just happened to be the topic of conversation. So I will leave it to Jim to debunk all of the lies and PC can be the expert on Joe and Harlow and they can have all of the people talk about it there.

So to those who have nasty things to say about me here is your chance to get it out of your system. Have fun with it cause I am going to celebrate my birthday with people who love me and none of you will be there. Kisses.

Just in case you don't know today is election day and I would advise you to go Vote and Stop worrying about the petty bullshit that you all seem to think is so important.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out


  1. happy birthday you miserable lying old troll :)

    seriously though, have a nice b-day!

  2. Awww, ain't BB being sweet?

    Is today your birthday? As usual, I'm confused, but Happy Birthday whenever it is!

  3. Will he is a true confection, Thank you all for the Bday wishes. 50 is great and I still feel sexy and fabulous even if I am a "miserable lying old troll :)"


  4. Happy belated birthday Elm!

  5. feeling sexy and looking sexy are two very different things.

    what drugs do u take to feel sexy? roflmao.

    wheres your partner in lies the fake agent rob these days?

  6. BB ,I don't need drugs to feel sexy.

    Because I am sexy and that comes from within.

    Sexy can not be faked, your either born with it or your not.

    Don't be jealous about me being happy with who I am.

    Once you get rid of the bitterness you to can be happy again.

    Take a deep breath and release the hate, come on I know you can do it.

    Just think new beginnings, A new town and a new country. You can be free now no one can hurt you.

    embrace your freedom, really just embrace it and be free of all of the hate.

  7. "new country"


    u just don't know when to quit :)

  8. Hey Elm,

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

    I think you will enjoy blogging a lot more if you can get rid of certain people from your blog.

    I know I do.


  9. Hey Jakester,I don't think that would work you know America is a free country and we all have the right to say what we want.

    You also have the right to not agree with what is said by someone.
    So if I choose to have my blog as a public forum then I must take the good with the bad.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.