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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election day 2008

Yesterday was my birthday and all I wanted was a new President and for proposition 8 to fail. I spent the evening with my family and some great friends and we watched the election results. We were channel surfing between CNN and the local affiliate and we decided to go and see what the FOX news network had to say about it. We knew that Barack Obama would win but we were totally shocked at how soon it was called. And the network that called it was FOX. Well we were all stunned by what we saw. The FOX News Network had called it even before the California polls had closed.

Now from all of the reports that were flying around and the exit polls and such we knew it would be a close race but we were stunned. It is really funny because we did not know what to think. Is this real? Fox was fucking with us. IT WAS REAL, the phone then started to ring off the hook and text messages were coming in fast and furious. The United States had just made history. We had just elected our first black President. My hopes for a better future were realized. Barack Hussein Obama is the first black President and the youngest president ever elected to office. Barack the son of a black man from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas embodies the true American.

We are a melting pot and Barack is truly Representative of that. It is this that makes America beautiful. Now there was also a sadness to the evening as well. Proposition 8 was passed which cast a small shadow over the whole evening. So just to give you a little history did you know that in some states that when Barack was born it was illegal for a black man to marry a white woman? Yes in some states the new President Elects parents were not allowed to marry, this law was not repealed until 1967.

Just ten years before that my parents got married in Texas. On there trip back to California they had to sleep in their car because they were not allowed to stay in a hotel unless it was black owned. They were not allowed to go to the Casinos in Las Vegas.
Yes the world was a different place in 1957 it was just 2 short years after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus.

This was before Lydon Johnson signed into place the Civil Rights act of 1964. It was a new world no more separate but equal. The south just had not received the message yet. The year before Doctor Martin Luther king.jr gave his great address during the March on Washington. In 1965 the voting rights act was past.

Now in 1964 we drove across country to visit my grand parents in Texas I was a small 5 year old child then and we still could not stay at just any hotel and we did sleep in the car and we ate there as well. My parents told us that we would have a picnic and we would eat our breakfast on the tailgate of the station wagon at a roadside rest area. Because we could not go to just any restaurant and eat. My parents tried to shelter me and my brothers and sisters from the hate that they grew up with but even as a small child I could see things were different in Texas. There were no white kids at my cousins school but they lived in the neighborhood. Her school was still segregated.

My point with this is that some narrow minded people have just voted to pass a law in California that discriminates. Under some blind religious ideology that marriage is just for a man and a woman. They claim that Gay people are trying to destroy the sanctity of marriage. If two people love each other they have to be a man and a woman to get married. That my friends is bullshit and it discriminates. They think that people who are the same sex will destroy the American family. Little do they realize that they just did just that by passing that law.

Marriage is and has always been a way to spend your life with someone that you love. To show that you are committed to that person. But it is also about rights. Now if you want to out law marriage for people of the same sex that is fine by me but I will be damned if you try to take away my right to be with the person I love. So to this I say fuck marriage you can have it because I have just come up with something that is better than marriage.

Civil unions: yes they will have all of the same rights and protections as a standard marriage and it is not against the law for ignorant and bigoted people to join in on the fun. So since the word Marriage is so sacred it will now be only used in religious ceremonies and the state will no longer sponsor them or recognize them as legal. When gay marriage is baned so is all state sponsored marriage. All marriages that were performed before the ban will be grandfathered in but any new marriages are only recognized by the church and not the state.

You will have to get a civil union license to receive protection under the law. You can not have it both ways you can not take away the rights of people under the name of a church and expect to have protection by the government. Marriage you can have it but we are going to get what we want and you can not stop us. We want our rights and you can not legislate that way from us not in the 21st century. These people are pissed that your lies and scare tactics did not work this time too win them the White House.
Their hate showed in there faces when McCain made his concession speech. You Booed Obama, McCain handled that remarkably well and I was proud of John McCain he was pure grace. I think on his trip through America McCain realized just how fucked up some of the people who supported him really were.

You showed a side of America that I was hoping was dead and buried but it lives in your hate and bigotry. So you can learn to live with us and we can all be happy or you can hide behind your false god who stands at the pulpit of your little fundamentalist church and go to hell with him for blasphemy. Yes using the name of God to spread hate is a sin. God is the only one who can judge a person not you. So if heaven is your goal then I say repent.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out


  1. Congratulations to you,
    Congratulations to all of us.
    It is hard to put into words the feeling inside about Obama winning the election.
    I guess, happiness will do.
    Happiness that this country is more than I thought it was.
    Happiness for the future of its people, black and white.
    Children may never know racism, bigotry and hatred that we have seen and that those older than us have lived.
    I found myself spiritually connected since this election outcome-
    again hard to describe-
    I can say easily I am proud to be an American citizen.
    This election was the first time I have ever voted, not proud of that fact, guess I was too wrapped up in myself and thought my vote did not make a difference.
    Very glad I did this time, great feeling!
    Wrapping up,
    McCains concession was "all grace" as you said and very moving.
    He said something to the effect
    "this is much bigger than an election and I do not want to stand in the way of that"
    I say YES to that!
    Happy belated Birthday Elm and don't worry too much about what did not pass-
    will just take us longer-
    Great day to be an American citizen!

  2. Thank's VJ those were moving words.

    I am still in a state of disbelief that this really happened. We have a black President and a white one too. Barack Obama is what America truly needs right now. This election was not about race it was about change and boy did we get it.

    What is amazing in all of this is that the American people stood up and to fear and said yes to change and that speaks volumes as to where this country has come from and where it is going.

    This historic election not only has effected American's but it has effected the world stage. The world sees America with new eyes and the dream is still alive.



  4. "This election was not about race it was about change"
    Agree totally,
    For me, I voted for Obama because he is the man we need.
    The fact that he is African American and was elected- well, that was [a lot of] icing on the cake!

  5. BB - Thanks for that link. I gave it to JC Adams, who was in the crowd, and he was excited to see it.

  6. Great post Elm we are stirring it up ;)