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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keith Oberman's comment on MSNBC

I was going through my blog roll and popped over to Brent's blog, no not that Brent the other Brent the one who just got married and his husband is celebrating a birthday, Scorpios rule. I read a moving post by him and saw a video by Keith Oberman of MSNBC which must of made anyone who supported the passage of proposition H8 feel like a total hypocrite. He laid it out there and made it perfectly clear that to deny anyone there rights is wrong. Not just in the eyes of those who were wronged but on so many other levels. I have said it all along that this really not about Marriage but the right to love and to have that love respected by the law of the land.

What he said totally moved me and inspired me to write this post and I think we should thank him and let him know that we really appreciate what he did for everyone, not just us. We can not let those who hate win this fight. Their hate will consume them and we should use love to win this fight. The reason we have a new President is because of the hate that George Bush represented. It is through the hate he fostered that has us in the sad financial situation we are currently in. It is George Bush's hate that has the standing of America so low in the eyes of the rest of the world.

It was George Bush's hate speak to us as Americans that made it possible for this amendment to pass. George Bush campaigned on this issue 4 years ago and his legacy will be that he divided this country. I for one will not sit here and let him do that. This is not a religious issue any more this is a issue that is more personal than that. This is a civil rights issue and just like we got the "Jim Crow laws" overturned we shall get this one overturned as well. The United States Constitution does not allow for this type of law to be passed. This will go to the United States Supreme Court and it will be overturned for the entire country. And all citizens will have the same rights. If they have to take marriage out of the Constitution and rewrite the laws it will happen.

This little act of selfishness will cause a backlash that those who voted for the ban will have never expected. Their very own marriages stand a good chance of being outlawed in favor for a more inclusive one. This country can not tolerate anymore segregation and discrimination especially in the eyes of God. God is love and God does not divide people. People do that themselves. To think that the word of some who claim that they have been spoken to by God and claim that they were told that it was OK to hate, is in my opinion blasphemy. They are using the name of God in vain. When you go to Church do you worship your Paster or do you worship your God?

I have personally been to far to many churches where the pastor stands at his pulpit and preaches hate in the name of God. My question to all of you who supported the passage of that hate bill is what are you scared of? All we want is the same right to love as you. Is it our love that scares you? You claim that we have an agenda. You seem to have the idea that we want to convert your children to be gay. Well the truth is you are the ones who are raising gay children. You are the ones who disown your gay child because they are gay. You are the ones who want to oppose your will on us yet you seem to think that we are the bad ones. You are so wrong on so many levels. You are just plain wrong!

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  1. Keith rules, no doubt. But there is something of a backlash against him now, because he went on "The View" and really put his foot in his mouth. He said he does not vote because it would damage his "journalistic objectivity." What a crock. First, he's by NO means a journalist, he's a pundit. And even if he was a journalist, since when aren't they allowed to vote? It really has angered a lot of people, including me. I think he should apologize.

  2. Walter Cronkite one of our most responsible and respected journalists said in his Autobiography "We have a responsibility to Vote and we should keep our mouths shut about who we vote for!"

    Elm glad you posted this I have had three H8 posts in a week and wanted to wait till Friday or Sat for the next one. I think Keith made a strong argument against H8.

  3. I agree Dewayne. I did not even know about it. I read it on Brent E's blog.

  4. Will, What should he apologize for?
    Speaking his mind?
    Having an opinion?

    This is America we have the right to have a opinion. Whether or not he votes is something that he will have to deal with.

    I personally think that too many people are always demanding an apology from someone because they do not agree with them.

    So if I say that red is my favorite color and yours is blue I guess in your opinion I should apologize to you for liking red.

    We in this country have become to politically correct, or so we would like to believe.

    Rev.Jerimiah Wright was lambasted by the press for his sermons and they were called hate speach. The truth is that he is spreaking from his own experiance in Aerica.

    Through out history the Black church has been a hot bed of controversy.Hell I even have issues with some of the things that they have done.

    Some of the speaches that Martin Luther King Jr made could be considered divisive but he is being held as a great speaker.

    Hell he even won the nobel peace prize.It is also his words that helped to make America what it is today. And he was speaking from experiance.

    If Dr King were alive today he would be a political pundent just like Jesse jackson and Al Sharpton are.

    What I find intersting about this country is that so many will voice their opinion in private but are afraid to go public with it.

    It takes balls to do what Kieth Olberman did and I am sure that he is expecting the fallout from his words.

    Just as I do everytime I deviate from the norm in a post that most do not agree with I expect the backlash.

    But I hold firm in my beliefs in what I have said because it is my opinion and my truth.

    Now I will change my mind but you have to have a valid argument to make me do so and so far that argument has not been made.

  5. How is his decision NOT to vote expressing an opinion? If anything, it seems to be the opposite, refusing to express his opinion where it really counts, in the voting booth.

    Look, I don't mean to make this a bigger deal than it is. It's just mostly disappointing that someone as intelligent and insightful as him would go on TV and say something so boneheaded. When I heard that he called himself a "journalist," I thought maybe the whole thing was meant to be a joke, but apparently it wasn't.

    He is someone that people listen to, so he shouldn't be sending the wrong message that one's right to vote can just be thrown away for no good reason. That's why I think he should apologize.

  6. Will you said it right here:

    He is someone that people listen to, so he shouldn't be sending the wrong message that one's right to vote can just be thrown away for no good reason. That's why I think he should apologize.

    It is his right to vote. I choose to vote as well do you. But we can not mandate that someone votes.As far as the statement that you quote him as saying about him voting.

    Do you have proof that he did not vote?

    Or are you just taking him at his word that he does not vote?

    Don't go accusing me of making a circular argument here. What I am trying to get accross is that he might not want you to know who he voted for and he just made that statement to get off the subject.

    As you yourself say he is a journalist and he does have the power to sway public opinion.

    Just like the pastor on the pulpit has the power to guide his flock so does Keith with regards to his viewers.

    I myself do not think that I could be fair in the same situation and therefore have chosen the avenue of my blog to make my views known.

    I do not have to be fair and impartial because the header of my blog absolves me of that Just my thoughts on whats going on around me and in the world we live in.

    MSNBC does not have that luxuary they tend to have to be fair and consise. Now the oped piece by Keith is his opinion and he states as much at the very begining of it.

    MSNBC it appears seems to be standing behind him and his opinions. They just gave the man a four year contract.

    He is known for stirring up the right wing faciast who tend to be very vocal when you show them for who they really are.

    I have always appriciated those who go out on a limb for what they believe is right. And your opinion on his not voting is something that you should stick with.

    My opinion is that we do not have all of the facts on that. I really do not know if it is true or not but I will give him the benifit of the doubt.

    My own opinion is that if you do not vote than you have no say in the outcome.

  7. Will G--

    I cannot think of a valid reason not to exercise one's right to vote; however, using one's mandate also means one could choose not to vote as well.

    Keith Olberman made valid points the other night in this commentary about Prop 8. It is bad law and meant to be hurtful to one segment of our society. If two men or two women want to marry and live as a duly recognized couple, let them do so. Society gains in the long run. We have another decent family unity down the street, across the hallway, etc.

    I Olberman doesn't wish to exercise his right to vote, I will respect his decision. It is better than Billo the Clown chasing his latest female assistant or female intern around his desk as Billo prowls for tail.

  8. why would you mention Billo, now I have a stomach ache.

  9. Long story short: Everyone can come up with a rationale for not voting if they try -- hell, MOST people already do, according to statistics. So for someone like him to go on TV and PROUDLY say they don't vote, they'd better have a pretty darn good reason. He didn't. End of story.

  10. And will that is your opinion and as I said before I respect that.

    If you really have a issue with it you should take it up with Keith.

    He has email and you can leave him an instant message on his web page the link is on my blog.

  11. Will--

    I like your comments here.

    I do have a question that is entirely unrelated though. The Dexx Jones-Kent Barclay controversy. I have exchanged email and had at least two phone calls with Dexx. I am reasonably certain that Dexx is not Kent Barclay; has no use for Barclay; and desires no friendly association with Barclay. So pray tell, where is the BS orginating, claiming Dexx Jones and Kent Barclay are one and the same?

  12. Rob, I never claimed they were one and the same, that's Geoff. But I guess you missed all of the fairly recent doings on DeWayne's DK blog (last post) and on Jim's "trial" blog (last two posts). I have come to the reluctant conclusion that Dexx is not the "enemy" of KB that he claims to be. This is all backed up by recent events, my own research, and hard evidence, which I will not go into here. Read those threads for more.

  13. Will G--

    Thank you for the response.

    Now, a new question: What's in collaborating with Kent Barclay for Dexx Jones?

    Was this some trolling stunt to dredge up information on Kocis, Cuadra-Kerekes, or Sean and Grant? I do not ask this lightly because it is not readily discernible as to what the pay off would be for either Jones or Barclay.

  14. Elm --

    Thank you for posting this. Because of my work schedule, I did not see this... and hadn't even heard of it... This is probably one of the most powerful commentaries I have seen from any newscaster in years. I have already forwarded it to everyone I know!

    The StudPenguin

  15. Rob, as I have said elsewhere many times, I do not have any idea what anybody's motive would be in any of this. As Elm would say, why don't you ask them?

  16. Will G--

    Well that is certainly a precious viewpoint. Then, this is nothing more than a way for some folks who are bored to whack away at some other unsuspecting third party.

    I do not refer to Kent Barclay. He has been nothing but a Hell-raiser who is into self-promotion.

    I spoke to Dexx twice by phone. I know enough from him to know that he is militantly anti-Barclay. All the other offerings, oblations, petitions, and benedictory rubrics in other forums are so much filler.

    Geoff is off base, and it would not be the first time. He called the host of this blog anti-Jewish and that is pretty disgusting.

    On snother blog, I got a bitchy tirade from an idiot who will spar, not with a real enemy like Robert Wagner who masques behind a persona, but with an ally. Because I stuck to a main point, on something I feel very strongly about, that idiot took his ball and went home.

    I don't agree with Elm on his theories of how the murder of Bryan Kocis came about, but I will let him state his views as long as I can add my two cents which is the American way, by way of the
    1st Amendment to the US Constitution. And you tell me to post a comment in that particular forum. Truth is I have posted, at least 3 different comments on different matters. You explain it if you can. I am hardly unreasonable.

    Wow, several weeks out from the great pontification on Mason and Marcus and their "decision"--oh right, the pontificators opined that the two men had filed false reports. I don't see Dallas police arresting either Mason or Marcus, some 3 weeks out from the event, so may be that ilk was hasty in their prediction.

    As for this Dexx Jones non controversy, you all owe him an apology.