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Black helicopters
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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pop,Lock and Drop it

I was over on You tube and I came across this video and it just made me giggle because this little boy is killin it. I also love the booty shake. He has this shit down. He is a star in the making.
This video has been circulating around the web for about 9 months but I can not seem to find out where it came from or who this kid is and if he has any other videos out there. If anybody knows where this came from let me know. This kid might have a future in dance. Maybe some one will see this and give the kid a job.

You can go here to see the real video sorry embedding is disabled.


  1. That is great,
    He is very talented-
    it is funny too though!

  2. That is what I thought too. I was reading some of the comments on the various sites and some people were just cruel. I think it was just because they were jealous. That boy can dance.

    I can see him on MTV dancing with Beyonce or Britney Spears and tearing it up. He was actually as good as the girls in the actual video.

  3. Elm is just mesmerized by shaking booty and undulating tummy's! ;) Esp cumming from a Talented Twink!

  4. Well I don't think that is what has me so mesmerized. The fact that he is doing that dance and doing it well is what has me mesmerized. You know that twinks are not something that I am into. I like mens big uncomfortable menses. Twinks are cute and all but I am no longer a babysitter.