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Black helicopters
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

16 year old escapes his abusive situation

A foster child from an abusive family ran away from his group home only to end up in a living hell for the past year. The police have arrested 3 people who were involved in the abuse. See news story.

The Criminal compliant states that the boy was born 9/15/1992 which makes him 16 not 17 I will trust the criminal complaint about his age. There is also a silver lining to this story in the outpouring of sympathy and gifts being offered to this child.

My question is why was this child not reported missing? Did the group home even issue a amber alert for him? I never saw anything about him missing on the news just that he was found. It really is sad that these children slip through the cracks in a system that is supposed to protect them. I just hope and pray that he will be OK and that the system does not fail him this time.

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  1. What a very sad and horrifying ordeal for this child.