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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ken Starr to defend proposition 8 and other things that I am thinking about

This is a bit of old news but I was reading over on Former Damon fan and it is the lead story on The Unmentioned Ones Blog. Seems he is staying totally abreast of all that is happening in the world of Gayness and keeping us all posted on "Bradgate". Seems like Brad Star had a head transplant. His dad Ken Starr is defending prop 8 because he is mad at Angel for corrupting his baby. Hows that for a lead story Kentie, it has all the flavour you so love and its full of lies. Anyway getting back to the subject of this post Kentie's revelation is based on old news and he was certainly not the first to post about it. Here is a link to a news site that mentioned this hot piece of news almost a month ago. I like Queerty because they are free of an agenda, except a gay one.

The picture above is Brad Star from a rencent photo shoot for South Beach Diaries. borrowed from Angel Skye . The picture to the right is Ken Starr, He is not Brad's father.

My opinion on Ken Starr is that he is a sexually frustrated old fart who has not had any sex in 50 years and he hates the world because of it. He did not succeed with Bill Clinton and he will not succeed here. Attitudes are changing and you can not take away the rights of some and not effect the rights of all. This has been proven several times yet there are those who claim that gay people have an agenda but I think it is just the opposite.

President Elect Barack Obama and Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church.

Fear and ignorance fueled the vote on proposition 8 and through education we can right that wrong. I think President Elect Barrack Obama should be taken to task for who he picked for his invocation. This is a man who goes against everything that you represented Mr President. I can understand Mr President Elect trying to appease a certain segment of the population but in doing so he alienated another. I think that this could have been handled better. When it comes to human rights I do have an agenda and that is for fairness.

John Roecker is pictured to the right he directed the here tv documentary Everything you wanted to know about gay porn stars

I would also like to mention that I saw the John Roecker's Everything you wanted to know about gay porn stars/episodes/1/6. The Harlow Cuadra segment and I will just say this I came away from that just a little depressed. Harlow gives some insight in to his family life and his childhood and how he came to meet Joe but it never really gets that deep. I Knew most of what was talked about already. This documentary just put a face to it. The one thing that really hit home is when I heard his voice actually describe his situation. In the phone conversations that we had before he was arrested and after we never talked about how he felt. I just tried to give him hope. All I can say is that I hope Harlow can hold out long enough for the truth to be told.
pictured on the left is Harlow Cuadra who is featured in John Roecker episode 6 of everything you always wanted to know about gay porn stars.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out.

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