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Sunday, October 19, 2008

"It's Elm-Telligence!'

Virginia is for lovers is the advertisement slogan and I think it is true. The Season of fall is upon us and that means festivals and fun for all. Virginia is a lovely state and is becoming more a vacation destination and a nice place to raise a family. It is still affordable and there are some very nice neighborhoods to choose from.

There are some lovely homes in Virginia, this one in a more established neighborhood stands testament to that. It has a nice big shady front lawn and big trees surround the property. this neighborhood has close proximity to the ocean and is convenient to business and shopping. Virginia has some lovely beaches and the home values are reasonable. This home is appraised at $260,000.00.

They also have some very nice newer subdivisions with custom homes like this one which I am told has a lovely in house guest suite with a hot tub and a rather interesting history. This house is appraised at $571,000.00. It is approximately 4000 square ft and has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. The property backs up to a forest and is near a small lake. This home is in close proximity to the ocean and also close to a Family golf course. It is also a couple of miles from one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in Virginia Beach, Birdneck Point.

Birdneck Point has homes that are in the higher price range. This is a more exclusive neighborhood with direct water access and all of the amenities those preferred buyers are looking for. Birdneck point is just across highway 264 and this lovely 6000 square foot home has all that you could ask for. It can be yours for $3,495,000 It has 4 Bedrooms 4.5 Baths and a host of other luxury features.

Virginia Beach is a lovely town and it has year round activities for your enjoyment. So if you are in the market for a new home check out Virginia Beach. The housing Market is quite resonable and the and there are plenty to choose from in all price ranges. So go to Virginia and see what I am talking about.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out.


  1. Elm--

    What a range of home styles and prices!

    The second one looks like a contemporary version of a Tudor style home. The columned front porch reminds me of the columns at the front of the Tara mansion, on a smaller scale, in the movie Gone with the Wind.

    Now that last one that like a baronial palace with fine stonework and appointments and that big curving driveway. It says ostentatious display of wealth.

  2. Yes the second home is of interest to a certain blogger for reasons that I have no clue about.

    But then again I still think that Virginia is a beatiful place with a rich history and a beautiful setting.

  3. Elm--

    Oh is that blogger looking to rent out rooms.

  4. You can not rent rooms in a house if you don't have access to it.

  5. Elm--

    Wasn't that blogger lurking in the shrubbery, peeking in windows, with a camera in tow?

  6. Yeah but his flash did'nt work. Seems he can run around Virginia and snap pictures but when he had the opportunity to get some really good Pic's he forgot his camera. Some kind of reporter he is.

  7. VJ, I really want to thank you for that title.

  8. Elm, give credit where it is due. The lovely second photo that you swiped is taken by that blogger.

  9. Guess again Willy, that picture was taken months ago by a newspaper in Virginia.

    Here is a link to a post where I used that picture

  10. OOOPS!

    Sorry Elm. I got confused because they are taken at the exact same angle. But I shouldn't have called you a thief without checking.

    But my point still stands that this blogger is a good photographer when he doesn't forget his camera. . .

    Good night!

  11. Elm--

    Is this the Love Shack or is that a different house?

  12. Genius--

    The one with the hot tub and palatial shower.

  13. "The one with the hot tub and palatial shower."

    how odd you do not know as you claim to have photos of RW running along the rooftops :)

  14. awe Cedric and fake agent Rob not liking PC anymore? So you attack him in any way you can, typical MO for you both.

    what a lovely couple you and Rob make. perfect for each other i'd say.

  15. BB Is you job spinnig over for the night? How are things in London anyway?

    Having fun at Leather A go go with Robert?

    Is he still dancing in a cage?

    BB you really must think we care about you. Well you are wrong about that.

    You don't matter in this murder case and nothing you say on any of the blogs that you lurk on matters either.

  16. Hi Ben and Robert--

    You are in high chagrin. What's your problem. PC thought this empty house was worth a comment?

  17. Hey BB what are you hiding?

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    Entry Page Time:
    Visit Length:
    Resolution 4
    21st October 2008 13:44:59
    Multiple visits spread over more than one day
    Firefox 3.0.1
    Windows Vista
    unknown Returning Visits:
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    New York United States ( [Label IP Address]
    No referring link

  18. Get this. Enjoy London while you can.

  19. in london am i? proof it.

    your both as pathetic as always - sharing shit from that fat file :)

  20. "BB Is you job spinnig over for the night? How are things in London anyway?

    Having fun at Leather A go go with Robert?

    Is he still dancing in a cage?

    BB you really must think we care about you. Well you are wrong about that."

    am confused, why all the questions? - oh wait am dealing with a lying fat old nutcase, nevermind :)

    you often say "we" cedric, how many of you in your fried drunken brain?

  21. Don't stop now guys. This is the best show on the internet. I'm just getting my popcorn.

  22. Hey BB if you are not in London why don't you prove it.

    you know If it were not true then I really don't think you would make such a big deal about it now would you.

    Anyway no one really cares where you are or if you even exist. Poof your a rabbit.

  23. "Anyway no one really cares where you are or if you even exist."

    you lying stupid pathetic nasty ugly fat old fuck. you care, it shows in your posts, you say so in your posts.

    who the fuck do you think you are to ask for proof of anything from me? you really are a drunken nutter cedric. everyone knows it, everyone see's it.

    you fantasy is a fucking murdering hooker - the only way you'll get him stiff is when he is PUT TO DEATH - all your lame efforts to lay blame for murder failed. with that your fantasy of sex with the hooker died too. nevermind, in your case a stiff dead corpse is better than a non stiff live person, something you have never experienced.

    who is cedric and why is he so angry? answer coming soon :)

  24. BB Now why are you attacking Harlow when the person you really hate is me?

    First of all I have no desire to do Harlow. That is a fantasy that you made up in your own little sick mind.

    Secondly you are the one who has the real issue with dead stiffies.
    You proved that all along while you were defending that dead rapist.

    Just so you know I am not ugly, fat nor do I drink. You see BB you really know nothing about me other than my name and that is really not all that much.

    You are the one with the real issues here not me you are the one who keeps popping out from under that rock with the insults.

    I don't care about you and I really don't care that you are in London. I do care that you are scared shitless right know and you are probably looking for a place to hide.

    BB it is obvious that you are freaking out right now or you would not be coming to my blog with a IP address blocker.

    Guess what BB that trick does not work because I can see your IP address. The only thing that dumb site does is make it easier for me to spot you.

    So you can stay in denial all you want about your location but I know where you are and that is good enough for me.

    I guess anyone else who is looking for you is pleased as well. You really are stupid to think that you can hurt me with some stupid little post.

    BB I have nothing to hide I am not running from the law and I have not murdered anyone and I did not lie on documents for a known pedofile. You see I have nothing to hide. I bet you do BB.

    Can we say interstate traffiking of a minor for sexual purposes for starters. several charges on that one

    Can we say falsifying 2257 documents. yes multiple charges there too.
    can we say tampering with evidence.
    Missing pictures?

    Can we say that your dead stiffy outed you to the courts when he found out he was going to go down for filming underage porn.

    oh yeah and the fact that you are a butt ugly little dick freak, that should be against the law somewhere.

    So keep on fucking with me and soon the long arm of the law will soon reach out and slap the taste out of your mouth you crosseyed little tit mouse.

  25. "Just so you know I am not ugly, fat nor do I drink."

    Yeah well Sean and Grant didn't "solicit" the murder, so it wouldn't be the first time BB was wrong. Sorry for the interruption, resume.

  26. BB said...
    in london am i? pro[ve] it.

    Won't need to. You did that with your own big mouth elsewhere.

  27. The name: second letter of the alphabet, repeat, shall no longer be used on this blog.

    It tends to incite a delusional mythical creature who appears every month or so and who spews it's vile hatred on those who it deems as a source of misinformation.

    Never look in the mirror and say the dreaded name 3 times for you to shall be haunted for all of eternity.

  28. "Can we say falsifying 2257 documents. yes multiple charges there too.
    can we say tampering with evidence.
    Missing pictures?"

    what planet you are from? give your partner in lies fake agent rob some numbers if you do not know the name of the planet - he can triangulate the numbers for exact location.

    the biggest dumb fucks in blog land r u 2. every other blogger we know agrees with me. ha!. now what fuckers? encore please. and make it fast, am about done with you pathetic lying twats.

  29. who said the dreaded name of that mythical creature "second letter of the alphabet, repeat"?

    He is back spewing his hatred and asking for directions?

    To the planet earth no less, he needs to be triangulated? won't that hurt?

    Get in the zone, you are the one who needs instructions,"second letter of the alphabet, repeat"

    You really are a joke

  30. Hi Titmouse

    I seem to have gotten under your skin. Go moan to PC about it.

    Explain PC's comment on your blog. He seems to be implying that Sean and Grant are involved in Kocis' murder. Ah, explain that for Will G and Jim and Geoff.

  31. Rob, PC's comment was "anything's possible." He was making an observation about H & J speaking "openly" on the tapes about the murder, implying that Sean and Grant must have already known. What PC seemed to be forgetting is that Harlow all but confessed to Sean the day AFTER the murder, so the cat was out of the bag very early on.

    I know you may find this hard to swallow, but I think PC tries to keep an open mind, perhaps to a fault, as a good reporter should. He was simply ruminating, a bit mistakenly IMO, but far from saying that they were involved.

  32. slob you dumb asswipe, got a question for PC? ask him directly you stupid lying twat.

  33. "I seem to have gotten under your skin."

    the only thing you manage to crawl under is a big pile of bull shit.

    you pathetic twat.

    where is your backup crew dewayne and thew like?

    oh thats right, they are done pulling your strings and no longer have any use for you. asswipe.

  34. BB, God knows I am NOT trying to get on your bad side (shudder!), but just thought I'd throw this out there:

    Say what you will about Elm (and you will), but look at the open posting policy he has here, where he is willing to accept and publish all of your bon mots. Then recall that a while back, I submitted several very polite, and I thought reasonable, responses to Renee on your blog that you for some reason censored. You might just want to think about that.

  35. See what happens Will when you say that name.and now we will be haunted for another 6 weeks.

    I repeat the use of the name: second letter of the alphabet, repeat, shall no longer be used on this blog.

    It tends to incite a delusional mythical creature who appears every month or so and who spews it's vile hatred on those who it deems as a source of misinformation.

    Never look in the mirror and say the dreaded name 3 times for you to shall be haunted for all of eternity.

    Now I am not going to use that name anymore just like the "unmentioned one" he is not worthy of my attention anymore.

  36. Oops again!

    So what do we say, Unmentionable Two? Never mind, I get it.

  37. "BB said...

    awe poor cedric only has lying fake agent slob to back him up these days. all coz of his own lies.

    u 2 deserve each other.

    October 25, 2008 1:48 PM"

  38. BB--

    You are the one waltzing with the cow elephant Renee Martin in the china shop.

    I will take the plain meaning of the words as posted by PC, just as I took the plain meaning of the court documents detailing Renee Martin's official status. She is under court imposed bail bond. I took a lot of flak for pointing out her contradictions until Jim finally admitted I was right about her true motive. PC didn't like that I was vigorously voicing that official status. I am no one's lap dog and will state clearly what I believe and if that view is not popular with particular bloggers so be it.

    I have dealt with BB's horseshit here and elsewhere. I am still around, but BB sure does get shrill over nothing.

    And, yes, I have noticed that BB is censoring comments.

  39. Elm, please forgive me, this is totally off topic -- IS there a topic on this thread? -- but I couldn't resist this.


    You remember our little "Seahorse" rondelay over on DeWayne's? The one where you claimed not to know about or to have visited the JustUsBoys MW thread with the Seahorse posts?

    Well, I was just going through the archives on JC Adams when I noticed this:

    JCAdamsFan (who has since changed his screen name to avoid confusing people) took the time to reply to you by GUIDING you to that thread. Are you saying you never clicked that link? LOL. Not very nice of you, since he took the trouble and all. . .

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Oh, and then I, in all of my infinite kindness, provided you with a more DIRECT link to that thread, as you will notice. But I guess you ignored that too. . .

  42. From DeWayneinSD post "Marcus Wyler Speaks Out" Comment #345:

    "Rob said...

    No Will I am not going to some blog I do not care about.
    Tuesday, October 21, 2008 4:04:00 PM PDT"

  43. Will--

    Yeah I commented as Rob at JC Adams. So what? We were through this the other day. And No I am not going to some blog I don't care about.

  44. Rob, believe me I don't want to go through this again either. But you completely missed my point. It's not that you commented as Rob at JC Adams -- of course I already know that! It's that you were supplied a link to the JUB thread there VERY early on -- by a poster who, BTW, you thought was JC Adams at the time (as did I) -- and then you claimed weeks later to NEVER have seen the JUB thread.

    So you mean to say that you IGNORED somebody who very considerately supplied you with that link in response to your question? If that's what you're saying, fine. I hope that was clear.

  45. One more thing. Our friend Elm AND I posted on JUB quite frequently. And I actually had a couple of exchanges with Mason Wyler there, who was also posting there quite often. For somebody who was quite vocal about his opinions on this case, one would think you might have a passing interest in all of that. Especially Mason Wyler's posts.

    But this is a blog that you have no interest in? (And it's not a blog, it's a forum.) Why do you now say you have no interest in Mason Wyler? Because that's how I interpret that.

  46. Will G.--

    For the last time on this non issue, I had an honest disagreement of opinion with you guys at Jim's which carried over to Dewayne's.

    Correct. I don't have curiosity in this matter because it is no longer timely. Extravagant claims were made that Mason and Marcus would be charged for filing false reports. That no such thing has happened tends to suggest that there is a flaw in that reasoning of the proponents that Mason lied, that is, the police take Mason and Marcus seriously.

    I told you that I followed Dewayne's advice and buried the hatchet. So your point is what? That Jim is carrying on a Mason blog that is past newsworthy? I would agree.

    I would oblige you with a comment at Jim's. Unfortunately, my comments are not accepted there. I will not change my position. I did apologize for my vigor in supporting the pro rape position and that should be the end of the disagreement.

  47. Rob, both you and Elm have an interesting way of saying "I'm not interested any more" or "This is irrelevant and a non-issue" when you are asked for explanations of things YOU say and that YOU bring up. (Sorry Elm, I know you're not involved in this.)

    Now I will say to you -- and for the LAST time! -- that this issue between us has NOTHING to do with the issues involved in the MW matter. This is an issue of basic honesty on your part, and I am very sorry to say I find your honesty to be lacking.

    You are forcing me to spell it out bluntly, and I don't like doing this publicly. But I think you are lying about being "Seahorse." I did not coax this lie from you, you volunteered it. This was disturbing to me because A) I thought I might be guilty of saying an untruth about YOU and B) it made ME look stupid and rash for saying you were that poster in the first place.

    Since the beginning of this argument, I think you have said two FURTHER untruths -- A) that you never post ANYWHERE but as Rob (a proven falsehood) and B) that you never saw the JUB thread, which defies all logic and reason.

    Hope that clarifies.

  48. P.S. Why do you keep insisting on bringing Jim into discussions between you and I? He has nothing -- I repeat NOTHING -- to do with this. I was the one who publicly identified you as Seahorse on the JUB board. NOT him. I was willing to retract that post, until you started saying other things that were demonstrably false. And avoiding answering my questions, as you continue to do here.

  49. "Correct. I don't have curiosity in this matter because it is no longer timely. Extravagant claims were made that Mason and Marcus would be charged for filing false reports."

    A) So you only have interest and "curiosity" in matters as serious and horrible as brutal rapes of porn stars as long as they are TIMELY? I didn't realize there was a statute of limitations on your advocacy for rape victims. What about the matter of public safety? Aren't you concerned that there might be a pack of wild rapists still on the loose?

    B) The ONLY one I can recall saying that MW would be arrested for making false rape charges if his claims were untrue was -- get ready for it -- ELM. Guess where he said that? On JUB, which you NEVER visited. I and others told him that would be VERY unlikely. Tawana Brawley was never arrested. Either was the Duke liar. So I really don't know WHAT you are talking about.

  50. "I did apologize for my vigor in supporting the pro rape position and that should be the end of the disagreement."

    Rob, there is absolutely no need for you to apologize for your position. You are certainly entitled to it. My issue with you has never been about that, as I think I've made clear by now. I think you untilized DISHONEST tactics in the debate at DeWayne's by twisting my words. And then YOU revived the whole thing by denying the Seahorse posts. I wish we could have stopped this a long time ago.

  51. Will--

    You have three separate items here dedicated to "Seahorse." That seems obsessive to me.

    You made the statement that I was Seahorse. And that moniker on Jim's blog. I told you that I commented at Jim's, at Dewayne's, at JC Adams', and a bit here at Elm's on the Mason rape issue. I post as Rob, my preference, excepting at BCI, where I post as RGM and sign as Rob. THAT WOULD BE A DENIAL.

    You have mentioned the commentor at Adams' blog who caused confusion with his moniker and some JUB post. I have no interest in JUB. This is your hobby horse, not mine. I took Dewayne's advice and moved on. So should you.

    Will you write, "I think you untilized DISHONEST tactics in the debate at DeWayne's by twisting my words." Let's see you imply you guys were of pure motive in your attacks and egged on by rip and redact? I do not refer to Jim. Spare me. And exactly which words of mine are you talking about Will? You guys were throwing mud when this issue was timely and did not care who you were throwing at or what you were throwing and you still don't. Are you talking about Mason's wallet? You opined about that without all the facts. I set the record straight and Dewayne threw in his two cents along with the fact that Sean Lockhart had seen the MySpace post about Mason's wallet which predated the posting regarding the wallet.

    Now you get this quite clear. I do believe Mason and Marcus were raped, and I do not lose my concern for any rape victim.

  52. Rob, these are not three "Seahorse" posts, they are three posts about you and what you have said.

    Congratulations, you have once again avoided addressing all of my concerns except for one, which I will answer:

    You twisted my words so many times on DeWayne's that I lost count. But I do remember one glaring example, where I explained to you that the "PR campaign" you kept harping on was not for a movie or anything else specific, other than himself and his blog and his "fundraising." You replied "Thank you for admitting there is no PR campaign." That, my friend, is what is known as TWISTING MY WORDS.

    I have NEVER slung mud at you or anybody else. I would defy you to give me ONE example of that from my posts ANYWHERE.

    I do not believe your denials about Seahorse or not visiting JUB, but I am now, FINALLY, done with this.

  53. Will--

    Finally. You are welcome to your view. I still appreciate your views though.

  54. It appears that Second letter of the alphabet, repeat has a issue with my opinion and has taken to post his comments regarding me on Jim's blog.

    BB said...
    someone pissed of elm enough that he took away all comments :)

    as for this being a hate blog, give me a break, its an excuse to cover up his fat ass and direct attention away from the matters at hand, something many of you are also good at right dewayne.

    what are the elm matters at hand right now? his stupidity for one, a strong word stupid eh. i do not use it lightly. he fell in love with and defended a murderer, he lied for this murderer, he teamed up with others to pass blame to Robert Wagner for committing this murder. he still says Wagner is involved, but fails to say how.

    then some twinkie who wants attention comes up with this rape thing. elm finds another cause, and does the same thing he did with Harlow. fight and attack everyone and anyone who disagreed with him.

    October 30, 2008 8:13 PM

    First of all no one pissed me off. I took away all of the comments becasue it is my blog. They were not deleted they are just invisible.

    Secondly I have never been in love with Harlow, that is just some bullshit that you came up with.

    You say that I have placed the blame on Robert Wagner yet you have since this whole thing started said that it was Sean and Grant who killed Bryan.

    What is the difference in me saying someone did it and you saying that someone did it?

    As for Robert Wagner if he has a issue with what I have said about him then I think he can speak for himself.

    As you have said all along you have no connection with him so why are you so worried about him?

    Robert is in London and I think my blog is the farthest thing from his mind right now.

    As for you calling me stupid I guess that is your opinion and i am sure others think I am stupid as well. But you know what? your opinion does not matter to me.

    Oh just so you know I am not fat, I do not drink and I am not lonely and as far as me having an opinion I do. And for me to voice my opinion of you would not be very nice.

    Now as far as the whole Joe and Harlow thing goes I have moved on and really do not care to discuss it anymore. As you will notice I do not blog about it anymore.There are other things to talk about.

    So if you want to come over here and spread you insanity don't bother because I do not want to here it.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. your so full of shit, it stinks in here.

    your a proven liar, your proven freak. your a proven nutcase.

    too late to take back all your claims AKA lie. they are forever in blog land you dumb fuck.

  57. BB said...
    your so full of shit, it stinks in here.

    your a proven liar, your proven freak. your a proven nutcase.

    too late to take back all your claims AKA lie. they are forever in blog land you dumb fuck.
    November 2, 2008 6:16 PM

    Dearest it seems that when ever you are asked the tough questions you resort to this type of behavior.

    The name calling and the anger are truly something that one would expect from a young child.

    But you are an adult and you seem to be regressing into a child. What is the issue dear?

    Care to explain the sudden interest in Robert Wagner? Why all of a sudden it is so important for you to bring up that fact that I and many others think that he had something to do with the death of Bryan Kocis?

    Yet you have claimed from the start that you had no connection to anyone involved in this whole thing.

    You are involved in this whole thing because you had a little online fight with the Cobrakiller because he called you Bryan Kocis.

    So if it was so upsetting to you and as you claim no one knows who you are, why would you persist in this charade? It does not make any sense when you look at the big picture.

  58. gee Cedric, for someone who does not give a fuck, you sure ask lots of questions :)

    all those questions have been answered before.

    as for making sense... you never made any sense of anything you have ranted about.

    now your kissing MW ass, you support his FAKE rape. no surprise, typical of you is that.

    you support the underdog coz you are a loser yourself.

    i wont even begin to address all your other lies. not enough time today :)

    everyone knows your a fucking lying desperate for attention twat.

  59. oops almost for got to remind you how PATHETIC a creature you are too :)

    have a nice day fuck face.

  60. BB why so much anger?

    What is your deal?

    What does it matter that I and a few other people think that Robert Wagner Might have siomething to do with the death of Bryan Kocis?

    Could the missing picture in the email to Sean possibly have something to do with it?

    Could the fact that Bryan trusted Robert and that trust was betrayed?

    Like I said if Robert has a problem with what I and others have said about him I am sure that he can speak for himself.

    I really do not think that he needs yopu to speak for him.

    Anyway what does it matter what I think about Robert.

    It really should be of no concern to you.

    So why the venom and the hate on a subject that is of no concern to you.

    And why are you comming to my blog under some anonymous IP all of a sudden.

    FYI it does not mask where you are so why bother.

    Any way dear you have a lovely day as well.

    I am sure Robert is having the time of his life in London with his boyfriend Ben.

    They don't seem to be bothered about what I have said about them.

    I have'nt heard a peep from them.