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Sunday, April 5, 2009

A myth busted

Now I don’t fault the gay porn industry for this because they are just going after a untapped market. You know as well as I do that Gay men fantasize about seducing straight men. It is just a part of our nature. But if any of you have ever succeeded in this endeavor you know that it is not all that it is cracked up to be. Yeah you get to suck some straight boy dick and maybe you get him to fuck you but then after it is all said and done you are still sitting there wishing he was gay.

So with this in mind I am sitting here writing this little post about the fraud that is being put out there by several online companies who claim that they have these straight boys going through special training to have and enjoy gay sex. Yes we all know who they are and we all know that it is bullshit but we watch it anyway because we think it is hot.

So that brings me to the subject of gay for pay. Now there are some guys who do perform in gay porn who are truly straight. And this is quite obvious by the lack of enthusiasm they show on film. We will not deal with them right now. But there are also the gay boys who also are "straight for pay" who perform in gay porn and hope that you believe that they are straight. The one thing pornography is about is fantasy and that really is all.

Why does anyone care who the porn star fucks when they are not in front of the camera? If it’s not you then it really should not matter. Look these men are doing what they want to do on camera and as far as I know no one is holding a gun to their heads making them do it. It really is all about making a dollar and that is it. They fuck for cash and you get the opportunity to watch it. Some of the guys show real enthusiasm and some don’t. As far back as I can remember in my many years of watching porn it was always a undercurrent that these boys were being seduced into gay sex. Thus fulfilling a fantasy that the porn watcher has always had.

Now we all know that the best sex you are going to have with a man is with someone who is out and proud. We seem to be less inhibited by the whole man on man thing. But as long as we in the gay community have this idea about seducing straight men there will always be porn based on this fantasy. So does that mean that "gay for pay" is here to stay? I think it is just like "straight for pay" is. So to all of those men who find it upsetting that there are straight men performing in gay porn there are just as many gay men pretending to be straight performing in gay porn.

Do you get it now? Porn is about fantasy or to be more blatant it is all about lies to fool you into thinking that these people are having real sex like you have in your own bedrooms at home. They just happen to be on a set with several people watching them with bright lights and a camera shoved up their ass and some guy off to the side telling them to "moan louder" and to "move that hand it is blocking the shot". Porn is a job just like selling shoes or working at a computer all day. There are good things about it and there are bad. Some people don’t like their jobs and some people do like their jobs and you can always tell the ones who do like their jobs.

In my opinion who really cares who the models are fucking off screen as long as the fucking that they do on screen is hot and gets you off. Because in the grand scheme of things that is really the point right? So let the boys fuck for our pleasure and leave their private lives alone unless it is some really scandalous gossip then you know we all need to talk about it.

This is Elmysterio and I’m out


  1. Good Post Elm of course you will push some buttons with that phrase "Straight for Pay"

    Good call and I have one Question

    After four years of Training is Lucas now a Gay Boy at Corbin Fisher?

    I seem to recall on video Lucas said you become Gay when you have been fucked more times than you have fucked a girl.

    He said he was "racing to stay ahead"

    Of course he said that with a giggle ;)

  2. Lucas I believe said that he had taken more boy cherries than girl cherries. He was counting on his fingers at the time.
    Now I can not be sure if the myspace page really belongs to Logan but he identifies as Bisexual.

    We know the truth about Jesse Santana and Mason Wyler, they are turbo gays. The one thing that I can say is that several of the guys who have worked for Corbin have gone on to become big players in the gay porn industry.

    So maybe Corbin is a gay conversion cult who really knows the truth. But the other companies that also use the same primiss that they are training straight guys to have gay sex seem to not have the same track record as Corbin.

    The one thing that I have noticed is that there are several of the guys who have worked for Corbin who are still performing on these other websites claiming that they are "straight".

    Now if you all want to mention more names go ahead but I really don't think it is all that necessary.