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Friday, April 10, 2009

Is Damon Kruezer the most hated man "in" gay porn?

We all know that Damon Kruezer really has no tie too the Gay Adult Film industry and he is only used by the most unscrupulous people in the industry. Damon is just an attack dog used by the many who are to chicken shit to confront their victims themselves. Damon has admitted that he did work for Bryan Kocis and was working on the harassment of Brent Corrigan when his own mother was evicted from her apartment of 17 years. Paul Barresi just uses Damon when he wants to back stab someone. Chris Steele and Paul Barresi his "friends" were working on "The Velvet Mafia" starring Brent Corrigan but Damon did not even revue it. Damon’s claims about working with many models are in fact lies. Damon has never been to an industry function and his name is verboten.

I was reading the comments on the threads about the Advocate article by C. Brian Smith. His inclusion of Damon Kruezer as a source for information on the gay porn industry was at best troubling. I have come to the conclusion that this whole article must be a joke. Well it must be because C. Brian smith is a writer of satire and the use of Damon Kruezer as point of reference is his attempt at humor right? It seems that he was trying to use Damon Kruezer as some sort of joke that seems to have fallen flat. Maybe C. Brian Smith has never actually looked at Damon’s Technicolor trash page. Because if he had he would be well aware of Damon’s false claims about being one of the last people to interview Harlow Cuadra. I also believe that he never spoke to Patrick Terpstra who also took Damon on his word that he was connected to the gay porn industry and that he interviewed Harlow Cuadra. If C. Brian Smith had spoken to Patrick Terpstra he would know that the mere mention of Damon Kruezer could be a huge mistake.

I wonder if C. Brian Smith ever spoke to Michael Gross who wrote the article for Out Magazine on the Bryan Kocis murder. Michael could have given C. Brian some insight on Damon Kruezer. I wonder if C. Brian Smith even did an Internet search on Damon Kruezer. If he did he would have come up with a wealth of information on Damon Kruezer. I wonder if C. Brian Smith actually asked anybody who is connected with the Gay porn Industry if he would have mentioned Damon Kruezer. I wonder if he spoke to someone at Cybersocket would he have used the name Damon Kruezer. It is just sad that someone who has such a bright future ahead of him as C. Brian Smith now has to deal with his name forever being connected with the taint of Damon Kruezer. But I guess he is used to being connected with world class idiots.
C. Brian Smith is a Yale educated writer and he is also a contributing writer for The Huffington Post. C. Brian Smith is a good friend of former first daughter Barbara Bush. He tells about how they met in a Vanity Fair article. He seems to be pro gay since he himself identifies as a gay man. He is a writer of satire and I do believe the fact that he used Damon as a source in the piece he wrote for the Advocate was done in a satirical form, which seems to have backfired on him and the Advocate. It seems that C. Brian Smith might not have done enough research on Damon Kruezer. He does not appear to get a true feeling of how many people do not like Damon Kruezer. Maybe he missed the post on Just One Hot minute that dealt with Damon’s Cybersocket awards Nomination and visit or the lack there of to LA. Maybe he did not catch their post about Damon and his lie about the sell of Falcon Studios.

Now I can understand that C. Brian Smith has written for some rather prestigious publications and I have really only written on my blogs but even I know enough to not give Damon Kruezer any credit. I tend to do a bit more research when I write something. Yes I can be lazy about it sometimes and not get all of the facts right and when I do make a mistake I will admit it. Lets see if C. Brian Smith will man up and admit that he made a big mistake by using Damon Kruezer as a reliable source in his story in that Advocate article on the Gay Porn Industry. An industry that will not even speak the name Damon Kruezer. I wonder if he is aware of all of the people that have been victims of the words and lies of Damon Kruezer. There have been few in history that have had such a negative effect on peoples lives like that of Damon Kruezer and they too are forever vilified. Damon Kruezer has no credibility and is a known liar and a fraud and the sooner the mainstream gay press takes him to task the better. Lets see if the Advocate and C. Brian Smith do the right thing.
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  1. Sorry if you've already linked this, but there's more info about Smith here and here.

  2. No will I did not have them linked. Thanks for the info. Is it just me or does he look strangly like George W bush. Could this be a love child from a previous relationship. I want a DNA test on the both of them.

    Becuase if he is the son of "W" that would explain his inclusion of Damon in that article. Seems he would have something in common with his father they both enjoy the taste of their own foot.

  3. Kent wants everyone to just get along. Is this possible ?

  4. I really don't think so since Damon has a real issue with the truth and he will always be the way he is and no one will ever like him.

  5. Well written ELM. I took some time before I posted because I wanted think about what you have written. While there are several issues at play here and several sideshows as well fundamentally there are two that stick out.

    I don't so much mind that newspapers are dying-it's watching them commit suicide that pisses me off.
    -Molly Ivins

    The first is that you cannot, simply put, use a known liar as a source. The diversionary tactics of Advocate Editor Matthew Breen aside that is the issue here. Kent Barclay is a known liar and it is proven beyond any doubt. Aside from anecdotal evidence from everyone in the porn business it is all here in these court documents.

    Southeast Housing Court
    Brockton MA
    Norwell Housing Authority VS Barclay

    Here you will see just who and what source The Advocate has chosen. It will clearly show that among other things he forged documents to the court, and lied in trying to convince them they he lived in a rental mailbox. He also allowed his 83 YO mother to perjure herself. It is also clear that parental abuse is being committed here.

    Yet arrogantly Matthew Breen says it does not matter what his source is, all that matters is that they in their minds are right. If the source of your information is a well know liar and his information is incorrect the entire piece is suspect. If one editorially accepts that level of sources that is the level of the story.

    If the reporter did not know, He should have. If the reporter did in fact ask people in the business as Breen claims who were they? This is not a trail that could be hard to follow. We are not talking national security here. Follow that trail and you will find out the agenda here. It clearly was not accurate reporting. The reporter was inept at best, and complicit at worst. There is simply no doubt he was used wittingly or unwittingly to harm people which brings me to point 2.

    "Have you no decency"

    Kent Barclay is not your garden variety liar. He is a liar without conscience. He does real damage to real people. He will say or use anyone to promote his name and if someone gets hurt in the process do be it. He will go in league with the devil to do his damage. He worked at the behest of child molester Bryan Kocis in a vile campaign against Brent Corrigon full of lies that continues to this day.

    He conspired with and supported convicted child sex offender Nelson Garcia saying he paid for his crimes and he should "Never Surrender" to those that felt that a person that was convicted of sending nude images to, and trying to entice a 14 YO boy online should not present himself as a spokesman for the gay community.
    When Winston Churchill said his famous quote “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” Do you think he meant we will defend child predators?

    The late Morris Kight a noted gay activist used to give speeches all over Southern California to civic organizations and he would end his speech with a thunderous repetition of the words "Never Surrender". I wonder what he would think if he knew those words were being used to stand up for a child abuser who to this day feels that what he did was not wrong, but that he was talking to a policeman online was what was wrong.

    There is a long list of people that have been hurt by Kent Barclay. Myself and many around me included. The Advocate seems to be saying we do not give a hoot about the fact that we just gave our credibility to someone who abuses gay people. Who abuses young gay men especially. There was one comment posted on the Advocate board before all comments were taken down that shows the depth of the debase nature of Kent Barclay that expresses it far better than I can.

    I hope that William W. does not object to me re posting it here.(William I am starting a new paragraph just for Chris.)

    "Less than a week after my life partner passed away from AIDS, Damon Kruezer wrote on his website that "Bud Foxx took his own life as he too has seen the futility in fighting the Damon Kruezer strength and presence within the gay adult industry" When I politely wrote to Mr. Kruezer and asked him to retract his statement, he sent me a list of his demands to comply with before he would consider such an action. My life partner died of AIDS, yet Mr. Kruezer took the opportunity to exploit his death and to lie publicly about that death to continue his campaign of hate against the gay community. I would share that with you here but it would exceed the character max (and stomach) of this forum and readers."

    This gives you a glimpse into the depravity of Kent Barclay. This is pain injected into someone's life for no decent reason. This is a would re-opened by careless, inept reporting, or worse, and now perpetrated by sheer arrogance.

    The Advocate has now become the club being used to hurt real live gay people. Any of us who have lost a loved one or friend to AIDS knows just how difficult life becomes. Then vermin like Kent come along and add to the pain. It must be noted that he also claimed that the death was Karmic retribution for trying to bring Kent's lies and actions to light.

    This is now sadly what the Advocate has become. So Arrogant that can not admit they made a mistake. So arrogant they will allow good decent people to be hurt because that like Kent Barclay have no soul.

    Have you no decency?

  6. GrtAtlMedia said...
    Kent wants everyone to just get along. Is this possible ?

    April 11, 2009 1:18 AM

    The preceding comment explains quite succinctly why we will never get along with Kent Barclay. He claims that we are paid haters and that we are gay Mafia, paid assassins and that we are gay fascists.
    But what is ironic is that he claims that we are also interfering with his free speech and his ability to make money because of our comments that tell the truth about the lies that he presents in his blog. You see Kentie you can not have it both ways you can not say whatever you want and not expect a reprisal of opposing views. You have tried to discredit us by claiming that we are getting paid by some big money source that secretly hates you.

    Now how funny is that Kentie no one secretly hates you, we all do it publicly. There is no one paying us money to do what we are doing. That is just you thinking that if you make this sound like some kind of conspiracy against you that you might garner the support from some ignorant unsuspecting dupe who just happens to read your blog and feel sorry for your pathetic ass. All of your sock puppet comments placed all over the Internet have pretty much gotten you banned from most websites and forums. Funny that you have to sing your own praises through the mouths of nonexistent people after 10 years of doing this.

    No one else will give you any credit and when they do it is in some kind of nasty backhanded way much like the attempt by the C. Brian Smith in the Advocate. which failed on his part. He would have known better that to mention you if he had just read up on your vile ass Kentie. Now he is forever linked to the stench that is Damon kruezer. You are the worst kind of fraud kenite you are a fucking cry baby who s creams foul when the truth about your lies is told and you make it seem like everyone who tells the truth about you is a jealous hater.

    Kentie explain this to the others reading this and me. Why would we be jealous of a fat old ugly toothless man who lives off of his sick old mother and even had her evicted from her home all so he could claim that he was some Internet power house in the gay porn industry and that industry will not even mention his vile name? Why don’t you explain why any and everyone you come in contact with hates you? Why don’t you explain how all of those who you claim are you peers in this industry don’t acknowledge you but you are always complaining about them.

    You claim you get the news first but you have no reliable sources and when you do break a news story it is wrong. The sell of Falcon studios, PC taking down his blog for Copyright violations, under age webmasters at just one hot minute. Face it kentie you are a joke that no longer is funny. You proved that the night of the Cybersocket awards. You have proved that everytime that you post something on that Technicolor trash page of yours.

    And now you are singing about a webcam debate with Dewayne in Sd. This proves that you really are an idiot. A mentally ill fucking crazy as a bat on crack idiot if you think that we are going to fall for that bullshit again. Kentie you can not show your ugly face in public because you are scared that it might get you in trouble and that the real truth about who you are will be revealed. So you better start thinking about an excuse on how to weasel your way out of this one. You dropped the gauntlet this time and now you must pay for your stupidity.

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  9. Hey Dexx kentie seems to be lurking in the mist

  10. Elm--

    I like this but one thing you should change. Barbara Bush, former First Lady, is the wife of ex-President George Herbert Walker Bush, father of ex-President George Herbert Bush, husband of Laura Bush, former First Lady, and mother of Jenna Bush.

    You had a line to the effect that ". . . Barbara Bush, former first daughter . . . ."

  11. Rob one of the twins is named Barbara. I thought the same thing too when I first read it. but the twin daughters are Jenna and Barbara. Thanks for the heads up though.