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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hate as free speech jeopardized by hate crime legislation!

Looks like the Advocate is still stirring up the shit. Seems that no one really got past the crap with Rezeurk Nomad to look at this gem. The son of Jerry Falwell has mounted a coalition to stop the passage of hate crime laws saying that it will effect his right to free speech. Well Now isn’t that just special! Who told him to go and start this whole crusade of hate? Could it be possibly SATEN!

I come from a long line of Christians and I just happen to be gay and yes I do believe in God. I also have several family members in the clergy and I have had some serious debates with them about the whole issue of my Gayness and they all still love me and they all understand that it is not a choice. They also have an open mind on this issue and are willing to listen to me. We have known each other most of our lives. They knew that I was not some evil sinner. I am the same little snot nosed bowlegged kid who they grew up with. What I am getting at is that I have a cousin who was giving a youth sermon at a family reunion and I stopped him in the middle of it and I told him that we needed to talk.

He stopped excused himself from the group and we went off and I spoke of my concerns with his sermon. When I explained to him that he was inciting hatred with his words. He in turn understood what I was saying and he realized that he was wrong for saying what he had said and he apologized to me. He then proceeded to apologize to the group about what he said and continued on with his sermon. This is not rare and not all Christians are zealots and bigoted.

There is a small minority who are ignorant to the truth and they are willing to allow some "man" to stand up in a pulpit in front of them and proclaim that he speaks the word of God. In effect they are worshipping a false idol and in the bible that is one of the biggest sins. So let them go to the gates of Heaven with that burden on their souls and they will be sent to the same place that Jerry Falwell senior was sent.

My main reason for writing this is that these Christian right wing conservatives want to continue preaching their hate rhetoric unabated and this hate crime bill has them scared. Yes they could possibly be held accountable for inciting some negative action on society. It was Hitler’s negative hate speech that sent millions of Jews and gays to the Nazi death camps. And now these religious radicals want to hide behind the bible and speak their hate unabated by the law. What is funny is that no one seems to get it. They preach hate and they give good Christians a bad name. They have an agenda people and they always have and they hide behind God to do it. Get a clue people figure it out I know you can. Are we really so stupid that we will allow this to happen again less than 100 years after Hitler’s last reign?

Then we have these same people who are still trying to use their lies and scare tactics to spread their agenda of denying people the right to love who they choose. They are using their religious beliefs as a reason to justify discrimination. What would God think about this? Does God want us to look down on people because we do not agree with them? Or does he say that we shall not judge lest be judged? Well I don’t think these people who claim that they are preaching Gods word were listening when he spoke to them. Or maybe they only hear what they are comfortable hearing but they are wrong in trying to use the word of God as some attempt to justify discrimination.

People Jesus died because of discrimination! Think about that for a minute. Yes the Son of God was killed because someone did not like what he had to say or believed in. Do these people want to keep this legacy of hate going? That is what is wrong with the world today, Too much hate and not enough acceptance.

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  1. I believe that we as people should not be grouped into any special group of beings so we can get some special protection from the law.If your gay,or jewish or what ever,and someone or group of people are hassling this gay or the jew or anyone I well stand up with that gay,or jew,or whom ever in defense of that persons right.We must take responsible for our actions,not have some goverment body do it for us.When we start to let goverment put their hand in the system,that's when we as a people start to turn away from an ugly situation.Thomas Jefferson wrote that we the people must have Life.liberty.and the pursuit of happiness.This does not come by having the goverment controlling us.This comes only by each and every one of us taking personal responsible for our actions.We must do this or we well become like sheep,and the goverment well be the sheep herder.

  2. You say that Thomas Jefferson wrote that we the people must have Life.liberty.and the pursuit of happiness.We agree on that point but the truth is that we sometimes do need government intervention.

    With out government intervention there would still be slavery and Black Americans would still be second class citizens. What I am talking about is legislation passed to eliminate injustice.

    This country was founded on the serpration of church and state yet there seems to be more interference by religious groups in the operation of government.

    The law of the land should be for all the people not just the ones who think they are right.

    Religion plays a great roll in the lives of people but not all people have the same religious beliefs and I do not think that any one religion has the right to impose they're views on everyone.

    It is this same imposition that is one of the real problems in the middle east. This same problem is also effecting us in America. What upsets me the most is that there are many hate groups who hide behind the bible as the foundation of they're hate.

    When you say that the government is a sheep herder you might want to take a close look at many religious leaders whose flocks follow them blindly and do the bidding of the leaders of these groups.

    Jerry Falwell Jr is one of those leaders and he wants to stop legislation from being passed so he can continue to use his hate speach to help promote discrimination.