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Monday, January 12, 2009

Bryan's little secret?

I find it very funny that there were several people who had contact with Bryan Kocis who all made it a big production that that they were all HIV negative after they had contact with him. Now I dont want to go and make assumptions about what Bryan's HIV status was but it would seem that it could be a problem. Brent Corrigan made a big deal on his blog about being negative and so did Harlow and Robert Wagner even makes it known on his manhunt profile that he is HIV negative.

We all know that Bryan had a thing for bareback sex and he had sex with his models so that in and of it self could be a problem and also a motive in his death. Bryan was also known to drug models so that he could have his way with them. Bryan Kocis could very well be dead because he told Harlow after they had sex that he was positive and that he had infected Harlow. If someone just drugged you and fucked you bare back and they told you that they were positive that could explain the viciousness of the killing. Bryan was known for drugging models and having his way with them. He did it to that 15 yearold boy. He did it to Brent Corrigan and what makes you think he did not do it to Harlow.

The facts in this case have never made any sense to me and the viciousness of the killing never made any sense either. Bryan was a nasty person in my opinion and I would not put it past him to do something like that. If you read the transcripts from Blacks Beach tapes you can pretty much figure it out, it was Harlow who was drugged. Harlow says that Bryan knew who he was. Harlow also said that seeing that fucker going down felt good. That statment alone is very telling. Robert Wagner, Brent Corrigan and Harlow were all victims of Bryan Kocis as well as that 15 year old boy.

The Pennsylvania Judicial System let that man go free and unencumbered to molest more boys and young men. He should have been a registered sex offender but Judge Conahan trying to save face over a clerical error tried to cover it up. That mistake is what let Bryan go on doing what he was doing and eventually brought about his death.

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  1. Elm Judge Conahan wasn't saving face he was COVERING his BOY LUVIN ASS! That Judicial Freak zone is just as much a boy lover as Bryan Kocis was. Like minds protect THEIR OWN!

    There is a REASON Conahan is considered a DIRTY JUDGE in eastern PA

    There is a reason he went into buisness with drug dealers and owners of "private Juvenile detention centers" also known as Boy Rape centers.

    There is a reason Conahan reviewed hours of Bryan Kocis underage porn in 2001 and declared it all legit!

    Cause he beat off to it!

  2. Yet Harlow purchased condoms at the local Wal-Mart hours before the meeting... hmm... nice theory, but it's not going to work.

  3. PC you don't get it do you. Harlow might have purchased condoms but if he was drugged by Bryan what makes you think the king of bareback would use one?

  4. As I mentioned before Elm, Conohan was correctly correcting a clerical error. Which as a court official is his job to do.

    The did this correcting in plain site, out in the open, so, I'm not sure how you're getting at a "cover up" here.

    And I'm not defending Conohan in any other respect. As to his other business dealings in the news today, he does appear to be a bit of a slimeball.

    The DA gave Kocis a non-Megans deal (corruption of minors), so if we are to blame anyone for the sentence, it would be the DA. And the 15 y/o's family for dropping the case.

    As to Harlow having rape rage, well, that is an improvement over saying Harlow was framed, I will say.

  5. I still think H/J and Bryan both owed serious money to the same people. It was clear that Bryan could never pay.

  6. "elmysterio said...
    PC you don't get it do you. Harlow might have purchased condoms but if he was drugged by Bryan what makes you think the king of bareback would use one?


    No I don't get it... at least not this latest 'version' of what happened. You're certainly welcomed to entertain any notion you choose.

  7. Jim, I made a mistake saying that Conahan covered up the record change for Bryan. I should have said that there was a clerical error and that to save face for that mistake they reduced the charges.

    The prosecution and the defense all played together on that one and it was to Bryan's benifit.

    The Pennsylvania Judicial system is quite screwed up and it is common knowledge to allof those who read the newspapers in PA.

    You might want to check out the court record on bryan's case, I did and it is not all that pretty. Bryan plead guilty to the charge of filming a minor and having sex with that boy.

    Read the document it is availible to see.

  8. PC as for me entertaining a notion you seem to be entertaining one as well. As far as this case goes there is alot of speculation involved in what happened and why it happened.

    You say that Harlow purchased condoms at the Walmart but I never read anything about it. Look Harlow was a male escort and I would think that he would have condoms with him at all times due to his line of work.

    I am not a escort but I carry condoms with me at all times just to be prepared in the oft chance that I might get lucky.

    Just because you have condoms does not warrant that you use them especially if you are impaired in any way. I am not saying that I know what went on in Bryan's home the night that he was killed and I do not think that any of us has the truth as well.

    What I am saying is that Bryan's past actions would lead you to believe that he was capable of drugging someone to have his way with them.
    The court records show this.

  9. Geoff I think Citibank put out a hit on Bryan.
    Joe and Harlow would get there bill reduced and Bryan would be killed to show all of the people who don't payt their credit card bills that Citibank means business.

  10. "elmysterio said...
    PC as for me entertaining a notion you seem to be entertaining one as well. As far as this case goes there is alot of speculation involved in what happened and why it happened.

    You say that Harlow purchased condoms at the Walmart but I never read anything about it. Look Harlow was a male escort and I would think that he would have condoms with him at all times due to his line of work.

    Perhaps this will jog a memory:

    c. Joseph Kerekes to Renee Martin: redacted and read to the jury in accordance with Commonwealth v. Travers, 564 Pa. 362, 768 A.2d 845, 847 (2001): Defendant Kerekes acknowledges a trip to the Wilkes-Barre Walmart with cuadra in which lighter fluid, a knife, KY jelly and condoms are purchased the day of the homicide. (See Numbered Paragraph 44. of Commonwealth’s Answer to Defendant Harlow Cuadra’s Omnibus Pretrial Motion filed July 3, 2008, Page 14).

    ... or this post... were you actually responded twice.

  11. Well maybe I missed that part, but just because Harlow or Joe Brought condoms does not mean they were used.

    Like I said Bryan could have drugged Harlow and that would explain the viciousness of the killing. I am not defending anyone here I am just trying to bring about another idea as to what the reason for the murder could have been.

    I really don't think that any of this matters though because the case is a done deal. Harlow will get the needle, we all know this and the fact that all of the evidence points to premeditation almost guarentees it.

    You have all of the "facts" on your blog. You got them from the records that the prosecution has made public. So why are you trying to prove a point with a statement that I made? I am just saying that there is the possibility that there could be another reason to Bryan's murder other than the one that the prosecution is claiming.

    There are so many lies being told with regards to this case it is really hard to know what to believe. I am not sating that this is what happened with regards to Harlow with regards to Bryan. I am just saying that it is a possiblity.

    Apparently it has cuased a few problems because there are people talking about this and it might bring some doubt about the real cause of the murder.

  12. "elmysterio said...
    Well maybe I missed that part

    Okay ;)

  13. "I should have said that there was a clerical error and that to save face for that mistake they reduced the charges."

    Um...wouldn't it be vastly less misleading simply to simply say the clerical error was corrected?

    It obvious we're describing the same event, but through rather tortured phraseology you're trying to make something banal and ho-hum into something conspiratorily exciting.

  14. Jim the fact is that Bryan plead guilty to Migrated, Filer
    04/04/2002 12
    Guilty by Plea (Guilty Plea Sexual
    Guilty by Plea (Guilty Plea Sexual abuse of children (Filming sexual acts) [F/2]) [Conahan, Michael]
    Migrated, Filer

    This is from the coutrt docket. He was charged with 14 different charges.

    This is from his court docket.

    Migrated Automatic Registry Entry (Disposition) Text
    Migrated, Filer
    05/15/2002 1
    Migrated, Filer

    What is funny is that in the final desposition someone forgot to add on of the charges which is where the mistake was made. Check out the docket it is publicly availible. Here is the docket number Docket Number: CP-40-CR-0002891-2001

    I am not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill I am just showing what the docket says you be the judge of it. Someone fucked up and Bryan got off with a lesser charge. The fact is that the family of the child that Bryan molested did not have to press charges. The evidence was the video that Bryan recorded of himself having sex with the boy. Recording that video is clearly a violation of the law. Bryan should have gotten ID for the boy before he ever filmed him but Bryan did not do that.

    Bryan did it with that 15 yearold boy and he did it with Brent Corrigan and there are other models who were underabge as well.

    The fact that he used the excuse that he was filming the boy for Cobra Video is at best a lie when Cobra Video did not exist at the time he was charged.

  15. "The fact is that the family of the child that Bryan molested did not have to press charges."

    They certainly did not help matters by not.

    Lets face it Elm, if there is not a victim and/or his family out there SCREAMING for justice, the motive for everyone else in the system is to just dispose of the matter in as quickly and expeditiously as possible.

    So, you can't just let the family off the hook for this.

    I'm tempted to say something like "Mason Wyler's rapist is free to terrorize the countryside, because Mason now refuses to prosecute!" but since I've reached my snarkiness quota for the day, I'll refrain.

    As to the docket, yeah, everyone agrees that was a clerical error. It did not reflect the original deal. If it DID, don't you think the DA who cut the putatively harsher deal would be speaking up right now?

  16. The DA at the time of Bryan's case is now a judge in Luzerne County.

  17. I am not so sure that we can write off Bryan Kocis's lacing a drink of an underage boy with GHB or ecstacy, then raping or molesting that present drugged boy victim, while filming this "triumph." This was a Kocis routine and he likely used it in "interviewing" Harlow. Yet, there are problems that lie in the demeanor of Harlow if he is to be viewed as a victim. For example, there is that lengthy reconning of Kocis' home and neighborhood by both Harlow and Joe. This spying on Kocis lends to the impression that either or both suspects intended some kind of harm to Bryan Kocis. Another problem is that Harlow misled the victim into granting him access to his home with the intention of of some kind of strong-arming action at the very least.

  18. Thane what makes you think that Joe and Harlow did recon on Bryan's home. The fact that they claimed they did. Why would you believe anything that they have said?

  19. Logic. Statements made against one's interests lack a motive to lie. Since common sense tells us lying doesn't occur without a motive to do so, statements which lack a motive to lie are presumably true.

    Harlow and Joe admitting they recon'ed the house prior to the murder is a statement against their interests.

  20. With an eye toward humor, the following gives insight into the legends of this case.
    After Harlow and Joe became well established in the Virginia Beach community, Harlow insisted his boyfriend, Joe accompany him on his trips to Wal-Mart.

    Unfortunately, Joe was like most men--Joe found shopping boring and preferred to get into the store and get out quickly.

    Equally, Harlow was like most gay men--Harlow loved to shop. One day, Harlow received the following letter from the manager of his local Wal-Mart:

    January 17, 2006

    Dear Mr. Cuadra:

    Over the past six months, your significant other has been causing quite a commotion in our store. His behavior is both outlandish and intolerable, certainly disruptive to smooth store operations and may force us to ban both yourself and Joseph Kerekes from the store.

    Our issues with Mr. Kerekes are listed below and have been documented by our video surveillance cameras:

    1. July 2: Set all alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute, alternating intervals.

    2. July 7: Made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the Women's Restroom.

    3. August 4: Approached the Service Desk and tried to put a bag of M&M's on Layaway.

    4. September 14: Moved a CAUTION--WET FLOOR cone to a carpeted area in the Infants/Toddlers Department.

    5. September 15: Set up a tent in the Recreation Department and told other shoppers he'd invite them in if they would bring pillows and blankets from the Bedding Department.

    6. September 23: An associate asked if he could help him, Joe began crying and screamed, "Why can't you people just leave me alone?"

    7. November 10: While handling shotguns in the Recreation Department, Joe asked the associate where the antidepressants were located.

    8. December 3: Darted around the store suspiciously while humming loudly the theme from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

    9. December 18: Hid in a clothing rack and when customers browsed through that rack, Joe yelled, "Pick me! Pick me!"

    10. December 21: As a Public Address announcement was sounding, Joe assumed a fetal position and screamed, "OH NO! IT'S THOSE VOICES AGAIN!"

    11. January 15: Joe took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they weren't looking.

    We hope that your influence with Mr. Kerekes will cause a change in this off brand behavior.


    V_________ W___________ S__________
    Store Manager, Wal-Mart, Inc.