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Thursday, July 24, 2008

The tapes and what they revealed to me

Here is a little back story for you all about the days preceding the Crab Catcher and the Blacks Beach tapes. Joe sent me a email and he was kind of excited about the possibility of finally getting to work with Sean and Grant. Now from what I know and was told by Joe and a few others was that Joe and Harlow were sent an agreement of sorts from Sean and Grant to come to California and to film some scenes. Joe told me that they sent him a agreement . He wanted to send it to me, I told him that I did not want to see it but I told Joe to run it by his attorney Barry Taylor which he did do. Well I got confirmation that he did because of some stuff that I later heard with regards to the future trip. I also told Joe that this could very well be a trap and to be careful. Barry said the same and none of us wanted them to go. I guess we were right about it being a trap.

Now you must also keep in mind that I did not know at the time that they had actually gone to Pennsylvania or that Harlow had been to Bryan's house. There was talk in the papers of an alibi and I will admit that I believed it. During this period which was before the affidavit or the arrest there was very little solid evidence that pointed to Joe and Harlow that was public. And there were also those who were feeding me lies about the case.

This was also during the period that everyone was screaming about Sean’s age and that he lied to Bryan about being younger than he was, when in fact it was proven that he lied and said that he was older than he was. So Sean did star in underage porn and that pissed allot of people off. With that being a directive on the blogs and all of the back story about all of the other dealings between Lee and Bryan. Joe and Harlow were sort of put on the “Back burner”. Was this a plan by the prosecution? Also what was the deal with the name Drake? Where the hell did they come up with that one?

So I had no real issue with talking to them because I was always told that you are innocent until proven guilty. What I also found strange is that there was just so much misinformation out there. So to tell Joe and Harlow that I thought going to San Diego might be a trap was not in anyway aiding and abetting two known fugitives. It was just my gut reaction based on what had been going on in the prior months. Joe and Harlow's whole financial thing was a bit of a shock to me. They never mentioned it to me that they had money issues.

PC did mention Joe and Harlow’s financial situation in a IM conversation but at the time I did not know who PC was or if I could even trust him. I soon found out that I could not trust him. I did some checking on my own and did not see any major issues with their finances. But "someone" did run a credit check and found out the truth. That was something that I would not do just to get a story though.

I spoke to Joe and emailed him on several different occasions while they were in California. He was aware of the possibility of a wire, that is why he wanted to go to the nude beach. Now what I find interesting is that the day prior to the Blacks Beach trip at the Crab Catcher there were promises of fourth coming info into the murder. This never really happened though, they never said outright that they killed Bryan. There was allot of talk about Lee and his deal with Bryan but what is funny is that was already being talked about behind the scenes. Me and a few others who shall remain nameless already new about the backdoor deal between Lee and Bryan. Sean and Grant were aware of it as well at the time of the police intercepts.

The Beach Tapes and the Crab Catcher transcripts actually reveal very little that I did not already know. Most of what was talked about at the time I had discussed with other people close to the case prior to the beach tapes. So I guess for me it was just anticlimactic. What I find really interesting is that Sean and Grant could not be totally honest on the tapes because they did not want to blow they’re hand. By that I mean the whole line of questioning that was going on. I mean what the fuck were they thinking with that line of questions?

Joe was asking more questions than Grant ever did about Bryan and Lee and their dynamic. I don’t know if Joe was just fishing for info on Bryan or if he was trying to see how much Sean and Grant knew about Lee and Bryan’s deal. Joe's questions looked as if he was seeing if they really felt remorse about Bryan's death. I just don’t get it something is fishy here and it ain't the crab.

This I will tell you and I never really thought about it but when I spoke to Michael Gross about the Out Magazine article I mentioned info from several sources of what I had heard was going on in this case. At the time I don’t think he actually believed me but I guess if he looked at his notes he might see now that I was on the right track. I have been blogging about this case since February of 2007 and there are still aspects about this case that amaze me. After digging through all of the muck the truth is starting to loom ahead and it ain’t what any of you think it is.

This murder is still being covered by several bloggers and it still is Front page news when something new about the case is revealed. Now it seems that we are in the home stretch but there are still a few twists to come in this case and I don’t doubt some of you will be still shocked by them. The latest that is news is that Luzerne County has summoned Sean Macias the attorney for the victim to testify at the trial. One question is why was he not at the preliminary hearing when his testimony could have narrowed down the time of death issue?

I think I know why but that is for a different post.

This Elmysterio and I’m out.


  1. Elm rambled: The Beach Tapes and the Crab shack transcripts actually reveal very little that I did not already know. Most of what was talked about at the time I had discussed with other people close to the case prior to the beach tapes. So I guess for me it was just anticlimactic. What I find really interesting is that Sean and Grant could not be totally honest on the tapes because they did not want to blow they’re hand. By that I mean the whole line of questioning that was going on. I mean what the fuck were they thinking with that line of questions?

    You gotta be kidding us here. The tapes reveal a ton of details you could not have had a clue about. You knew nothing about the details divulged on those tapes because you were not in the house the Joe says Harlow told him he was in. The house they both describe in detail. How could you have known those details unless Harlow and Joe told you about them before they blabbered them all out on recorded tapes?

    At any rate, you are one of the few not shocked and stunned by the revelations on those tapes.

    The lawyers are fighting like crazy to get them tossed out of trial evidence. Perhaps you do not find them revealing at the least, the attorneys it seems in fact do.

    Good thing for H&J you are not on the defense team, or it would all be over now except the sentencing.

    This is serious stuff Elm, very serious evidence. After the shock wears off, I find it sad you can look the other way from it as if it just ain't so.

  2. Thank you for reading my blog.

    Now on to the questions you raise.

    I knew what was on the beach tapes because I was told about this long before they were released. As for the crab shack I got my info from Joe himself. He also did give me some insight on the beach tapes as well. I was the one who Joe sent the first pictures too after their visit.

    Joe at the time did not seem to be worried about them but as time went on he did seem more worried.

    I am not saying that the evidence on the tapes is not damning, I am just saying that it does not shock me.

    The one thing that I said that I found interesting is that Sean and Grant knew about the backdoor deal.

    They were told by the authoruities in San Diego shortly after the murder.

    The wire intercepts were to help place Joe and Harlow at the scene of the murder. I will agree that the tapes did help with that.

    Here is a bit of news for you I could describe that house in pretty good detail and I have never been there.

    Bryan filmed in that house and Sean decribed that house on his blog.

    As far as details about the killing of Bryan Kocis I read the autopsy report and it was pretty graphic.

    From the description of the crime scene I knew which sofa they found his body on. The love seat right inside the front door. The bigger sofa was across the wall with the big window on it. The fireplace was directly across the room from where his body was found

    The front door to Bryan's home is not on the front of the house it is actually on the side of the living room. You walk right into the living room of the house.

    Now as have said I have never been to Pennsylvania let alone Luzerne county but Bryan's house was in several of his videos so you can get a pretty good idea what it looked like.

    Just so you know and I can clear this up for you The tapes to me do not reveal anything that you could not find out by doing a little research.

    Sean and Grant were in a tough situation when it came to trying to get Joe and Harlow to open up about what they knew with out tipping their hand.

    As far as the lawyers fighting to get the tapes taken out of discovery I say more power to them.

    As far as the guilt of Joe and Harlow I have always said that they are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    As far as the seriousness of this evidence I have no doubt that it could possibly convict them.

    I am just saying that I was aware of most of it before it was published, that is all.


  4. They went to some Crab restuarant.

    I think it was called the Crab Catcher. The one I found was just a bit ironic. Joe's Crab Shack just works better. I did not mean to confuse anyone.

  5. Ah, it was a joke. Just as I guessed.

  6. Sorry for the cunfusion I changed the name and fixed the links to go to the right resuarant.

  7. I like "Joe's Crab Shack" better!!:)

  8. Thank you I guess it was a little confusing but when I sawthe picture I had to use it.

  9. Actually I was told they went to "The Crab Shack" The is a Joe's Crab Shack in La Jolla ( a chain store) and "The Crab Catcher" (independent)
    very confusing indeed!

  10. Yeah it was confusing but the thought of them going to Joe's Crab Shack was too much to pass up.

    when I reread my post I realized that most people don't know that Joe sent me the pictures of Sean and Harlow on the beach first.

    I posted them on my blog after much thought and talking with Joe about it and he told me to go for it.

    I sent a copy of the picture to Dewayne and he posted on his blog as well and he had hell to pay for it.

    I did not mean to confuse anyone with my lack of shock about the release of the transcripts but I knew what was going on when it was going on.

  11. Here I go with a really dumb question:

    Elm, I know I could find the answer by reading your archived posts, but would you be so kind as to just briefly summarize for johnny-come-latelys like me just what your connection to Joe and Harlow is, as much as you can divulge? Is it just that you were an early blogger on the case and Joe befriended you, or is there more to it? Thanks!

  12. No Will that is about it. I had checked out the Boybatter site before Joe ever got in contact with me.

    I also was giving him a bad time in a playful way on my blog and he played along with it.

    I said some things about Harlow and Joe wanted me to post a new picture of Harlow. He gave me a pass to check out some of the videos on Boybatter site which I did and because they had some hot videos on the site I did a review of them.

    Joe is not from what I gathered a cold and heartless killer. He is more misunderstood than anything.

    Harlow is from my personal experiance rather quiet and some what laid back. He is not a strutting peacock. The word dude totally decribes Harlow.

    I never believed that they would or could have killed Bryan Kocis but the evidence says otherwise so I will have to just wait and see if they are convicted of the crime.

    They are innocent until proven guilty. That is and will always be my opinion on the matter.

  13. elm said,

    They are innocent until proven guilty. That is and will always be my opinion on the matter.

    That is also my opinion on the matter. So far we have been exposed only to the prosecution's case. We haven't heard much from the defense.

    That being said, I think that the defense is facing a real challenge, since it appears to me that the prosecution has a very strong case, especially from the electronic interceptions,

    That's why the current "suppression hearings" are important to the defense. If PPO rules that the electronic interceptions are admissible, I find it hard to believe that a jury would not find Harlow and Joe guilty.

    Of course, they could then appeal

  14. As I have said all along It would appear that Joe and Harlow were aware that they were being recorded.

    Whether they told the truth or were just trying to placate Sean and Grant on those recordings is up for speculation.

    I was in contact with them during this time and I told them that it might be a trap and to be careful.

  15. Hello, my friend, hope all is well.. I am maintaining that Harlow has killed no one. Doesn't it feel good to know that we can be loyal to someone and not buy into what every Tom, Dick and Harry says.

    gone for now but not without sending you my best wishes!

    Harlow's #1 Supporter