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Black helicopters
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lets just let this go.

There is something that I find funny some of you don't believe that Mason and Markus were raped. Yet you believe that he has the wallet of the person who raped him and you also believe that he did not press charges. How can you be so sure of any of this?

This is what I find interesting if they went to the trouble to file a police report and to go to the hospital to get a rape exam only to turn right around and lie to the world then nothing that he has said is true.

So my question then is what is the big deal, if he lied then his credibility will be ruined.
Why are we then arguing about it? I say fuck it and let the police deal with it. If the rape really occured then the police will get to the bottom of it.

Nothing we can say or do will make any difference. The story is all over the Internet now and I am sure that if Mason and Markus did lie about the whole thing then by now they would be shitting bricks.

So I say that we should just let this play itself out. There are those who will never let this go and that is a issue for them to deal with. I do believe that something happened. I do not think that rape is something to be joked about and I don't think that any of this is a laughing matter

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