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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who is Leon Jackson

click the picture below to see his audition video.

Well I was browsing around on you tube thanks to Mason Wyler and his post about cute guys who can sing. I was looking at all of the videos of the cute guys and I found a video about a show in England called Xfactor. I saw this video of this sort of cute guy who looked like he was going to cry he was so nervous but when he opened his mouth he gave me chills. Guess who was a judge on the show no body but Simon Cowell. Leon totally looked like he could play Oliver Twist. I was expecting him to ask for some figgy pudding. He was just so cute you could not help but root for him.

Well Leon was so nervous that I think the judges felt sorry for him. He went to the audition alone and when he got accepted to be on the show he cried. Through his tears of happiness he called his mother and told her he had made it on the show. Now when I see someone who has a dream and it comes true it just makes me feel good. Leon had a dream to be a singer and he went for it and he won the competition. A shy 18 year old kid from Scotland who started singing in public in a karaoke pub. If you watched American Idol last year you might remember Simon saying to David Archuleta that he had a number one single with the Mariah Cary song that David sang, well this is the guy who had that hit.
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I got sucked in and watched all of the videos of him on Xfactor and I saw a star being born. It really is amazing what a good hair cut and some grooming and getting your teeth fixed can do for ones self esteem. The fact that he has a great voice does not hurt him either. Oh yeah and after all of the fixing that they did the boy is just plain hot now. At the ripe old age of 20 he has a album out and it is really good. So if you like Sinatra and Michael Buble and jazzy pop music that swings you will love this guy. Check him out he has a website where you can see his videos and listen to his music.

This song really swings.

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  1. I agree Elm he is an amazing talent!

    As for Simon Cowle he can be very annoying at times but X-Factor is really his baby(creation) and its American offspring American Idol have become the way to get recognized in the pop music biz.

  2. Yeah Leon is on his record Label, part of Sony BMG. Funny thing is Simon is not as bitchy on Xfactor as he is on American Idol.

    I have noticed a trend in pop music that they are going back to actual music with real instruments again as opposed to all of that digital crap that was so popular.

    I love a good horn section. You have Duffy and Leon Jackson and Michael Buble who are bringing it back. Christina Aguilera even did it on her back to basics CD.