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Monday, February 2, 2009

Michael Phelps and the pot controversy

Update: 8 charged in pot sting based on picture of Michael Phelps smoking pot. You can read about it here. It is good to see our tax dollars going to a good cause. Get those pot smoking fiends off the streets and in to jail where they belong right? This Sheriff is a total joke, he must be up for re-election this year. I truly hope the asshole who took that picture is one of the 8 who was charged, it would only be fair.

Update: Michael Phelps could face criminal charges in South Carolina as a result of the bong picture.
Sgt. Kim Myers, a spokesperson for the Richland County, S.C., Sheriff's Dept., on Tuesday confirmed that the incident is under investigation by the department's narcotics division.
The Feb. 2 edition of the British tabloid News of the World had a picture of Phelps sucking on a glass pipe of a type generally used to inhale cannabis, an illegal drug, at a party that reportedly took place Nov. 6 in Columbia, S.C. You can read the rest of the story here. Is this a joke or what?
Well it seems that eight time gold medallist Michael Phelps has gone and done it again. This time he was not driving drunk while under age. This was a little slip up where he stumbled and his mouth hit a bong and he was out of breath so he inhaled. Now I really don’t see what the big deal is. He is in fact only 23 and most 23 year olds are doing far worse that stumbling and getting their mouths stuck on a bong and inhaling. Let’s face it the President of the United States smoked weed. I bet that if you did an impromptu survey you would be shocked at how many people have actually smoked weed. Personally I think it should be legal, but then that is just my opinion.

We have far more problems with alcohol and other drugs than we do with weed. Tell me this, when was the last time you saw someone get in a fight while they were high on weed? Bet you can’t say the same thing about crystal meth or alcohol. And you defiantly can’t say that about a crack addict. There are all of these people who have put poor Michael on a pedestal and made him this role model which I find funny. To tell you the truth parents should be the role models for their own kids and not depend on someone else.

I understand that some kids would want to win 8 gold medals but the fact is you have to have the right genetics and the desire to work really hard to do it, which I might add Michael Phelps has done. Now all of the advertisers who have jumped on the bandwagon to get him to push their products are up in arms because he took a toke. Big deal you are all just banking on his fame for doing something that he worked hard to do just to push your product.

Now if your product does not hurt the environment or cause health problems for those who use it or depend on the labor from sweatshop workers and is made right here in the good old USA you can have a say in what he does in his private life. If none of this is true for your company then you can all just shut up. And make the proper corrections to your products and be role models yourself. People make mistakes and they learn from them. Deal with it I have.

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  1. "Seems" is a misstatement. "Is" is more like it. Phelps may be tops in the water, but he is a dud in clean cutness. Phelps became a sports icon and a role model to kids. Puffing on the Magic Dragon is not the way into mainstream living rooms. Phelps got called on the carpet, gave his apology, and will probably suffer a hit in endorsement deals with some sponsors as a result. That is enough spanking. Hopefully, Phelps will think first before caving into moment/peer pressure in the future.

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  3. Off topic, but within the realm of current events.

    Yours, one post back, is the second instance of the suggestion that PC censors bloggers' comments. Does this dog hunt or is it another Kent Barclay swamp gas moment?

  4. The problem with putting people on a pedestal is you always get let down. I really do not agree with making someone a role model who you do not personally know. I also do not think that just because he won some gold medals that he should be idolized, he is in fact human.

    Now it is an amazing accomplishment but he worked hard for those medals. He achieved fame because of his hard work and it is that Fame that garnered him the endorsments.

    Now anyone who would get upset at the fact that he is not perfect should look in the mirror. He has apoligized about it and that is good enough for me.

    Whether this effects his endorsment deals is another matter. I really don't think it will but then again I have never seen him in any commercials so I really do not know who's product he is endorsing besides Speedo and Wheaties. Wheaties should be thrilled that he has the munchies.

  5. Rob said...
    Off topic, but within the realm of current events.

    Yours, one post back, is the second instance of the suggestion that PC censors bloggers' comments. Does this dog hunt or is it another Kent Barclay swamp gas moment?

    February 2, 2009 3:57 PM

    As far as that dog hunting, the amswer would be yes it does hunt. But in defense of the blogger it is his blog and he does have the right to censor it.

    I just choose not to censor comments here with one exception and you all know who that is and the why behind it.

  6. Lovin the way The Unmentioned One is giving the Grabbys producers holy hell for what he calls their "bait and switch" about the nomination process. I guess he feels he was or should have been the co-host if they hadn't switched the nom process around at the last minute.

    Oh he is in agreement w/you Elm about Phelps. At least U can agree on something.

    And isn't it funny how he got back at PC by causing him a little trouble in return for PC's aggravation? Got Harlow's interview off quick as boiled asparagus to clear the way for his bombshell cuming up about Harlow.

    Luv the drama!

  7. "I just choose not to censor comments here with one exception and you all know who that is and the why behind it."

    Well, you better hit the delete button, because it just posted.

    Even if you do delete the dunderwhelp, let me just point out that it stole its observation about the Grabbys from my comment on DeWayne's. Such an original thinker as always.


  9. LOL - I forgot there was another Unmentionable One here Elm, sorry.


  11. Hey Event does this look familiar? you relly are a raging idiot if you think that you can post your shit and not get busted.

    There is a little murder case that is using this same type of evidence. You know the one that you are trying to get John Roecker to sponsor your trip for.

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  12. jim said...

    February 2, 2009 10:31 PM

    Jim are you implying that I stole the idea for this post from that website? Well if that is the case you would be wrong. This is my own opinion and I wrote it my self. I based it on a debate that I saw on "The View" this morning.

    I was outraged by the news coverage of such a non item and how everyone has gotten all bent out of shape over it. I was not going to do this post but I felt that is was something that I had to get off my chest.

    After all of the news coverage that Michael Phelps has recieved for his record gold medal win. How the nation put him on a pedestal and then they want to tear him down.

    There was a real story that came from the Olympics that was barley covered by the newsmedia. The story of Matthew Mitchem was barley a blip on the Olmypic Radar becasue he is a out gay athelete.

    Matthew has not recieved any large endorsment contracts but he is just doing what he does and doing it well and not getting busted for smoking weed.

    What I am saying here is that the American public no the whole world has to get their priorities straight and figure out who the real heros are.

  13. "Jim are you implying that I stole the idea for this post from that website?"

    No, I just thought it was a very good article, that added to the discussion.

  14. Oh ok you just never know these days who is being mean to you and who is not. Maybe I am just being a little too touchy. Sorry.

  15. That SC sheriff is all alligator mouth and hummingbird ass. For one thing, it was a misdemeanor, and a law enforcement officer would have to have witnessed it personally in order to take any action. For another thing, all the evidence was incinerated.

  16. Well Geoff I agree with you on that one. I really think it was some punk kid who was just looking for a payday and took that picture.

    What is funny is that that kid will not be trusted by anyone ever again. This will all blow over for Phelps and this kid will still be slime. He will be a broke hated fool and Phelps will still be an Olympian.

    As far as the police trying to prosecute this case good luck with that. Like you said the evidence is incenerated and how can they even prove what was in that bong. They can not even prove that he was smoking weed.

  17. Update regarding Mike Phelps.

    The Olympic gold medalist has lost one sponsor. He was busy making the rounds yesterday humbly pleading "Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa."

  18. I beleive the olmypic committee has also sanctioned him as well. So I hope the asshole who took that picture is happy with themself. One thing for sure is karma is a bitch.