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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Simon Rex has a television pilot

Rex, is a new pilot for a TV show starring Simon Rex. This is a funny look at the pitfalls of a actor trying to get noticed in Hollywood and what he goes through to get noticed. You all remember Simon Rex right? He was the hot sexy boy who jacked off on that tacky rug and played with himself in that barn because he got so excited working on his bicycle. Oh yeah you can not forget about the great scene he did by the swimming pool.

Simon also did a stint as a MTV VJ as well as he was on a few TV shows and he was in Scary Movie. He has a natural ability to be funny and he is great at making fun of himself. This show has a great feel to it. If you liked Seinfeld you will like this as well. The production quality is great and the writing is very smart. It makes fun of reality shows and it totally makes fun of the Hollywood star making machine.

This is Simon when he was 18 years old.

And this is Simon now with his costar in this show Paris Hilton.

The show also features Lance Bass of Nsync fame and Jamie Pressly From "My name is Earl" and they are all really funny. I have attached a link to Simon's facebook page where you can watch the show in its entirety. Oh and the password is Masturbation. So check it out and get a good laugh and lets hope someone to buys the show. Dewayne in SD has a post as well check it out for the video in the barn.

REX - Trailer from The REX Team on Vimeo.

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  1. Ahh what a lovely boy was Simon and he is still "Doable" at 35!