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Black helicopters
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Monday, February 26, 2007

The new Siegfried & Roy

Benjamin Bradley & Ethan Reynolds are they the next Siegfried & Roy? Get these boys some cats cause it’s the only pussy they will ever get close to. I’m not saying they are not attractive. They are in a kind of over processed way. They are just way to tan and way to primped way to built and just way too much. I find them both to be quite interesting and I can see the two of them together 40 years from now enjoying their golden years together.
But right now it’s just a bit much looking at the two of them together. They have a perpetual glow about them, It’s as if they have a special lighting and makeup crew with them at all times. There is just too much perfection there for one to behold.
Now I have seen Benjamin in a few movies and yes he is one hot piece of work in them, and his behind the scene stuff in “Sized Up” was quite entertaining. He is really quite funny and he appears to be really down to earth. I have also read Ethan’s “Brat Boy Bulletin” and I really enjoy it, it’s a good read. And I can tell you this, there is a certain charm about them that can not be denied. They have a true “Vegas” kind of style about them. If they ever make a movie about Siegfried & Roy they are my pick for the leads in it. They would be perfect.

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the pictures are from Jason's Diary ,Brat Boy bullitin,Siegfried & Roy

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