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Monday, March 5, 2007

All is quiet on the Kocis case

Well it appears that the murder case for Bryan Kocis is at a stand still. There has been no new news from Pennsylvania in at least 3 weeks and all parties involved are keeping a very low profile. We have heard rumors that Brent Corrigan and Harlow Cuadra were seen in San Francisco at the GAYVN awards but there has been nothing to confirm this. Also there were rumors that there was a video being shot at the W Hotel in San Francisco that same weekend with Harlow and Brent. Well I guess no news is good news. Brent seems to be posting on his blog again and Harlow is logging on to his Myspace page regularly but there has been no new post on the Boybatter blog so I guess all is well. Considering that last week there was a flood of information dumped on the Internet about the problems at LSG Media there has been no new news from them. The Cobra video site still appears to be up and running too and Brent Corrigan Online is accepting new subscribers and boy batter is touting their new videos. I am not sure where this case is leading but wherever it goes it is sure be interesting.


  1. ElMyst, it looks like we have a minor, yet extremely disturbing, development in the case:

    As you know, I have not been a Cobra or Kocis supporter in my postings...but I must say I find this sort of exploitation appalling. To use the name "Drake" like this, after the fact, in order to sell videos and cash in on notoriety...ach, words cannot convey my disgust.

    I feel bad for the Kocis family, at the anguish this is no doubt causing them.

    If it turns out they arrest and convict Harlow for this crime, he should get the death penalty. No question about it.

    Unfortuantely, the story goes on to say:

    "State police Lt. Frank Hackin said Wednesday that progress is being made in the investigation. He declined to release details about the investigation’s progress, and refused to say if investigators questioned Cuadra.

    Cuadra said in an e-mail that, “no one has ever tried phoning me from up north.”"

    Lastly, thanks for this's nice to have a place now where we can intelligently discuss this case now, w/o fear of a denial of service attack swarm of posts from trolls like "Bret."

  2. How does Grant Roy play into all of this?

  3. Grant is Brent corigan/Sean lockharts lover and business partner.