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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Rod Majors

It appears that Rod Majors finds himself in a rather awkward and interesting position. No we are not talking about sex this time. But he is in the position to possibly change his life to further the gay agenda. There is currently a small ground swell starting and it is only going to get bigger. I just have one question what is it with the whole porn industry this year. It seems to be just getting more and more attention this year. With all the special proclamations, the murders and the news coverage, it is getting to be just a bit much for me to handle. Fox news is lambasting the industry and right wing political pundits are using gay slurs. This is the 21st century I really wonder what the world is coming to. We as gay people are being used to further the hate agenda of the Republican Party. They have misrepresented our wishes for equal rights before and they are trying to do it again. This party is using fear tactics to control the mindset of the religious right. It appears that no one is willing to call them on it. This party has used the senseless deaths of the thousands of people who died in New York on September 11,2001 and the ones who have died in Iraq since then for their own personal gain. They have lied to us about weapons of mass destruction to attack Iraq. When we all know it’s the oil fields that they are really after, and they will not stop until they control them. And now they are looking towards Iran and saying that they pose a threat too us or is it really their current plans that are being threatened .The current Administration has set this country back 50 years with this mess that they have created. It appears that anytime we can shed some light on their lies we all should do just that.
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  1. I saw your post on Matt Sanchez's board, in which you talked about your past acquaintance and his patronage of bathhouses.

    I think this stuff is worth a separate post by you on this blog. Sanchez is not only a liar, but he's bringing discredit on gay people in general and on gay marines in particular.

    I have a friend who is a gay marine terribly wounded in Iraq. His actions in battle were heroic, and that's not a word that I (as opposed to others these days) toss around casually.

    I've been laughing at Sanchez, but I'm also pretty upset with him for riding on the coattails of people like my friend. By becoming the face of gay marines, he mocks the accomplishments and heroism of my friend.

    Sanchez deserves to be exposed for what he is. Your story can help, because it impeaches Sanchez's lie about having never been gay.

  2. You can read my most recent post on his blog. I was just playing coy with him but he is a real idiot. he won't shut up I think he's scared that he will get deployed to Iraq. So I think he's trying to get busted for being gay in the military.