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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Latest Dish, The Tasiest Dirt On The Net

Well it looks like things are shaping up at LSG Media. They are talking to each other and could be possibly be coming to an agreement on how things should go in the future. Brent has a new post on his blog and it sounds decidedly more optimistic than his prior post. Which I believe is a good thing. I guess we will just have to wait and see if all parties can come to a common conclusion.

In other LSG media news allegations are flying that Jeremy Carrson, the webmaster for BCO is under-age. Working for a porn site is not something that would be considered wholesome now is it? It also appears that several people knew this information and did not report it to the authorities. Anyone who knew this information that did not report it would be just as culpable as would those directly involved. I checked Jeremy’s my space page and it shows his age as 20 years old. That would make him 19 in April of last year. Do we want to believe Jeremy? Lets hope these are only allegations and not fact for all those involved. Jeremy if you read this blog you are more than welcome to tell your side of the story.

On a side note it appears Cobra Video is not in compliance with the settlement terms. Certain titles were to be removed from the BrentCorriganxxx site and relabeled and given new titles. This has yet to be done making Cobra the first too violate the settlement agreement. Well we will just have to wait and see where this goes. It appears that the Kocis estate has sum splainin to do. I just hope they get their stuff together.

On the Boybatter front I guess no news is good news. Hey mark, I miss you. Why don’t you give us an update on the goings on in Virginia? Send me some pictures of the new pad and I will post them.

I guess that’s all for now on the continuing saga of the LSG, Cobra and Boybatter story. Stay tuned and I will see what other dirt I can uncover.

This is Elmysterio and Im out


  1. thanks for the update mr elms

    i sure hope you break this story - ... i'm still amazed by the delay in any real results ... and as for the old BCO ... man i reakon that they sure have no clues what they is doin .... reading between the lines i'd say Brent is just trying to get some punters to join the members section - as for the webmaster - surely after all the trouble with the Cobra underage business BCO would not go working with underage boys ... would they ? Grant ? Brent ? Jeremy ? Mr 51% ... please keep the info coming - gonna make a great feature film one day

    rob in oz

  2. "gonna make a great feature film one day" That is the truth Rob and I am writing the screenplay if that Jason don't beat me to it. Elmysterio I had real doubts about the Jeremy story for a big reason. I remember Sean blogging about how THEY (LSG) had to be more diligent than Cobra in checking I.D.s PRECISELY because Sean had raised the issue of fake I'D's. I will point out this is a real problem in Twink gay porn ask anyone in the "Biz" Fake ID is a plague in this country why because there is a real "underground supplying fake Doc's for the illegals! Like your site El mysterio

  3. Howard - But Jeremy wasn't a model on BCO, he was the webmaster so maybe Sean and co. never even checked his ID when he first came to work at BCO (although they certainly should have!). Who knows what context the nude photos of Jeremy and Sean were taken in but before they ever posted them. I sure hope, if LSG were as diligent as they claim to be with age verification, they checked and double checked Jeremy's ID.

  4. I'm just going to be the devils advocate here for a moment. I really think that the folks at LSG Media would be more than aware of the fact that you have to be over the age of 18 to work in porn. They would have made sure that Jeremy was legal. After all the crap that Brent went through it would be quite sad if in fact Jeremy was underage. I have seen his Myspace page and it clearly states he is 20 years old. So I truly have my doubts that he is or was underage at the time.

  5. do anyone know if your Myspace page updates your age automatically? some sites do some don't - unsure about myspace - just as JS states that he saw it said 17 ... now it says 20 ... swear this has not been going on for 3 years ... not evun 2 years is it since BCO started is it?
    from this side of the world - it looks very suss... Surely they would know that an underage can't edit a site - if he was naked or appears on the site is beside the point- if he was underage at the time then these guys allowed him access to ... everything - then all those partners at LSG would have to be in breach of the Laws.

    I hope its not the case. But i am sure stranger mystakes have been made by this crew ..

    rob in oz

  6. Rob once you put your age on my space it updates automatically. but you can put any age in there you want to use. The reason that Jeremy put his age originaly at 15 was to have a private myspace page. they have since cahged that and anyone at any age cane have a private page.

  7. From the information I have gathered from the tread on Jason's site is that Jeremy’s Myspace page said he was 17 years old in April 2006. Jason had a question about his age and was not sure if he was in fact 17 when he started to work for LSG Media. This whole thing is based on his age as listed at the time on his Myspace page. Jason has said that they went to an 18 and over club together and Jeremy had ID and he got into the club. Jason is questioning if it was valid ID or a photo-shopped ID. From what I understand with Myspace if you wanted a private page you had to be 15 or younger to get one. This has since been changed so anyone can have a private page now. But when Jeremy first got his Myspace page this was not the case. So it originally said he was 15 years old. With my space and a few other sites once you put the year you were born the page updates your age automatically. What I have noticed is that Jeremy’s Myspace page is still set to private but it shows his age as 20 years old. So that would mean Jeremy changed his age sometime between when Jason first saw his Myspace page and now. So if in fact Jeremy is 20 years old now one year ago he was 19 years old. So he would have been legal to work for LSG Media. The only issue now is if Jeremy is 20 years old or not. Another age Issue just what we need. I am going to go with the age he has listed on his Myspace page as being correct. What purpose does Jeremy have for lying about it? There is no love lost between he and Brent. As to the question of whom is culpable in this matter all and anyone who knew if in fact Jeremy was under-age in April 2006. That does include Jeremy. There was just a case where a teenaged girl was charged with child pornography. Here is a link to the story. The government is not playing with this issue. So be real careful where you throw those accusations.

  8. good deduction mr elm

    you a bright cookie

    you can be on my defence team anyday


    rob in oz

  9. In other news, Harlow has taken down, from his Myspace account, the pic of Sean, he and Grant in Vegas, entitled, "Devil's Lair." I had a feeling that photo wouldn't be there for long...

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  11. Elm. You are wrong about Cobra being the first party to breach the settlement. In terms of an anticipated timeline, the initial public event was for Sean to release a retraction and apology. This has not occurred making him in breach.

    I doubt Bryan's estate is paying too much attention to their son's business and no doubt it suits everyone that matters remain in abeyance. There is no rush from Cobra's perspective.

    On a wider note and as with any agreement there is always the question of whether a breach is material. If the entire diagreement had been about the naming of the 2 DVDs then it would be a material breach. However, the condition is an ancillary matter achieved as part of the compromise.

    As such it does not affect the substance of the agreement and would not be deemed a material breach.

    As for the age of Jeremy I wonder why Jason made it an issue.

    However all the arguments that centre on Sean being careful because of the Cobra incident are exactly those dismissed by the same people when it was used as a reason why Bryan (with his prior conviction) would also be more careful than most.

    It is possible that although LSG have rigorous procedures that are applied to models these may have been forgotten about with their webmaster and some casual pics.

    You may recall that previously they breached USC2257 regulations with their custodian declaration so this may be another innocent oversight.

    Of course no one should be surprised about people lying about their ages on Myspace. Much the same about Harlow - being an escort - stating he was 19.

    The only age on a gay website that I thought overstated was Ralph Woods own homepage.

    If you believe that Sean is 20 rather than 21, then Ralph Woods is 6 months older than him. Yet he looks younger than Sean to me, but that is just my personal judgement.

    Perhaps a disproportionate amount of his blood being his lower body benefits skin tone!

  12. Actually Cad, everyone is wrong. NO ONE to date has breached the settlement agreement (as we know of it thru the MOU).

    Yep, NO ONE. I shall explain:

    First, the "retraction" has an important condition before Brent can release it: the wording has to be approved for form and content BY COBRA before release. See the MOU para. Since Bryan is dead, and the Cobra heirs have bigger fish to fry now, I think it's fair to assume they are in no rush on the retraction approval task before them...hence the delay.

    Hence no proovable settlement breach here.

    As to the title renaming issue, again NO BREACH in that it too has an important pre-condition: LSG has to pay costs associated with the change. Assuming LSG has not advanced such costs to Cobra (considering how fucked up LSG is right now, a VERY solid assumption!) then Cobra is not in any rush to do any renaming.

    Thus, due to unfulfilled preconditions, neither side has breached the MOU agreement, in my judgment.

  13. Jim you are correct. Bryan’s death has put a lot of this on hold. And it does not seem to be going forward anytime soon due to problems behind the scenes. Let’s hope this all gets corrected soon.

  14. Jim, I was attempting to be generous in my interpretation of events subsequent to Bryan's murder.

    Of course it really is all irrelevant until Bryan's murderer is convicted.

    Without wishing to breach my own discretion I will say [ with privileged knowledge ] that Bryan's family remain extremely distressed by his murder and the settlement or financial return is of no interest to them whatsoever at this time.

    Basically if Sean wishes to dance on Bryan's grave his family see it as less important than who killed their son.

    We are dealing with REAL people's lives here.

  15. Cad I have said that all along and every time we get going in an interesting direction we get distracted.
    I totally agree with you when you say these are real people and it is sad that we have to deal with this at all.
    I will admit I have used my blog to stir up stuff but I have also used it more so to get at the truth.

  16. But CAD, for you to say that the final settlement has been breached, would mean that you have seen the final settlement. Unless you are a party to the final settlement (which I have suspected all along) you would not know about the wording of the final settlement wich you will not reveal. In either case, the revealing of any part of the final settlement, even by inferrence is a breach which you have committed.
    Congratulations on being number one in the 'violate the rules' category.