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Black helicopters
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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Hottie Tracker

Here’s a new feature on my Blog. I will call it The Hottie Tracker. This will help you all keep up with the hot guys on the net. Today’s hottie is Kurt, he can be seen on Corbin Fisher, Chaosmen and
He is very verbal to say the least. My favorite lines form that scene were when he was getting rimmed and he say’s “ooh your so naughty”. Then when he is getting fucked he utters “fuck me like you mean it” and “fuck my tight little ass”. Then as he gets flipped around and he says “man handle me”.
This is one of the hottest scenes I have witnessed in a long time and I have seen a lot. All I can say is the boy is hot and it appears he plays the whole playing field boys and girls.
This boy is dangerous. He’s hot and sexy and oh so cute. He is packing a nice thick cock and a totally cute fuck-able little ass. Check him out I’ll bet you agree. This is Elmysterio and I’m out.


  1. Thanks El I am going to Hyperventilate I have discovered thanks to YOU a third site with my fav from Corbin,, "Fuck my little Ass" Kurt! This boy is a wet dream, so young but he has just the right amount of hair on that chest and those baby blues! Collegedudes24/7 is so new I had not heard of them no wonder they just went LIVE Jan 1st! Well I signed up this afternoon and the first download is Brad and Kurt I am bustin one just for you El Thanks,,and Thank you for a great addition to my Blog roll Elmysterio! Man of Mystery!

  2. Bid d, I’m glad I could of service. And thanks for checking out my blog.