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Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Internet and Under-age Pornography

In recent years with the advent of the Internet there have been a large number of porn rings started and busted as well. Just look at the Justin Berry case there have been 3 arrests and a possible 1000 other indictments. The subject of child pornography is quite taboo and is highly secretive. It is not only profitable but it is also a world wide problem.
Children are being bought and sold in to slavery everyday and this has to stop. There are countries that are travel destinations for pedophiles and in recent years many have enacted laws with severe penalties to deter that type of activity. The predators cover all parts of society and it is very hard to catch the bad guys. It generally involves a sting operation and those who get stung never saw it coming. Just look at what has been shown on Dateline NBC All of the people who were caught on tape trying to hook up with a underage child always had a lame excuse as to why the were caught.
Something that I find truly interesting is that the pedophiles always blame the child. They seduced me is really not a valid excuse. In my opinion when in doubt about someones age walk away. There have been several recent busts of large international child porn rings. And there will be more if the agencies involved have they're so.
So why is there such a disbelief in the idea that Cobra video could be involved in such an enterprise? Well it seems that the spin-doctors are on call and available at all times to stop those nasty rumors. My real question is why is it so hard for some to believe that Bryan Kocis could be involved in such a venture.
He had a prior conviction involving an underage boy and a much-publicized Internet and court battle with another one of his models. Sean Lockhart (Brent Corrigan) who claimed he was under age when he filmed his first videos with Kocis (whose age is still under debate on some blogs) stated that he was 17 when he filmed his first 4 scenes with Cobra Video.
I have independently verified his age and can say with certainty that he is 20 years old. Sean also has stated that Bryan was aware of his age from early on. That is up for debate as well but based on Bryan’s actions it would leave me to believe that it were true. I am not saying that Sean was right in what he did and Bryan was not right either. But this is what has lead us to where we are today.
It is also known that several models who have worked for Cobra have been interviewed by the Federal authorities. Allot of people got involved in this fight and some seem to have a personal stake in it. I have a personal stake in finding the truth and I will admit that. There are several things that I have questioned and to some I have received good answers to and others the answers are still up in the air.

Look for Part 2 in a couple of days.

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  1. Great post. just wanted to invite people to my blog I will comment on this a bit later.

  2. Here is what I find intresting. Over on BB's blog, JuicygooII. They are in total denial about any former Cobra models coming forward.

    The problem is most of them were not treated well by Bryan and they witnessed how Bryan treated Sean. So when the oppertunity was presented to them do you really think that they would remain silent?
    I think not Bitches! So Robert and BB and Cad believe what you want but it is a fact that these boys told the truth about your overlord. You can scream cobrakiller for the top of Mt. Tabor but it will not make it true.

  3. Thank you for this post. Harlow Cuadra and Joe Kerekes - you must care for them deeply, they are lucky to have you as a friend. Child pornograhy is awful. The perpetrators of that crime [child porn] are probably the most unsympathetic criminals. The travel destinations just to imbibe in this particular "delight"- well just look at Cuba, it is one of those destinations- not much talked about but a very, very sad situation. Always bothered me - that!. Anyway you have a good set of - no actually a double set of balls to go the mile for your friends and bring in scenarios you feel should get "out there". As we all know nobody knows exactly what the details are. We have our own beliefs but that is it. If I was ever in trouble I would want you on my side.
    On a side note-
    Thank you for deleting "you know who's" comments as they appear. That situation has been bothering me for several days - to the point I felt I had to back away from reading and participating in this forum. I do not use the word hate- it is not in my vocabulary but my feelings for this person whom I have never met run towards extreme dislike- where it bothers me and I have had to question myself and my actions. Anyway I am commenting now so I must be feeling better. Thank you again.

  4. You are right on Target ELM. Throughout this I have said that Bryan was the man with the power and the money. Everything followed that abusive behavior. It is blaming the victim for being victimized, and then blaming the victim for fighting back. It was not only that Bryan did these things he thrived in that atmosphere. Cad and BB may choose to ignore what Bryan did, or couch it in Sean was bad therefore anything Bryan did was a reaction to what Sean did, but the fact remains that the man with the power and the money tried to destroy anything he could not control. It was evil and vile and as sick as it was one still has to watch BB and Cad get a thrill out of continuing the abuse. Bryan was evil. what does that make BB and Cad in his place?

  5. VJ, Thank you for that nice comment. It makes me feel that there is a purpose for this blog. I have always said that I want the truth. Others have accused me of changing my mind but If you learn something then you grow and move on which is what some seem to be unable to do. Riding the race on their one trick pony.

  6. SethJ I have given up on BB's blog it's a waste of time over there. They seem to be stuck in a groove like an old record Cobrakiller this cobrakiller that. They can't rap their heads around the fact that Sean did not lie about being underage. which in it self is really sad . how can they claim they are on a quest for the truth when they can't except it. I pity them.

  7. Http://

    Damon you can post your comments on this blog. This is where the people gather who really want to talk about you hang out. Also you other deleted comments are there as well.

  8. Based on what the actual Yves Mignon is saying over on other blogs its pretty clear who the real one is.

    Just sayin...the screencap Himself has up says it all.