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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Preliminary hearing part one

Some of you might be aware that Damon has posted that the Pennsylvania Police and the DA have placed a GAG ORDER AGAINST ME. This I find quite funny as you can see it is in fact false. More fictitious slander from the big fat liar known as Damon Kruezer.

The prosecution has been presenting evidence at the preliminary hearing to try and link Joe and Harlow to this crime. But so far they have not definitively linked them to this crime. The hearing was held on Monday August 20, 2007 at 9:00 AM. There were a total of eleven witnesses who testified at the hearing.

The first witness was the Deputy Coroner, Bill Lisman, He testimony was in regards to the location and condition of Bryan’s body. Photos were presented from the crime scene and were shown during his testimony. His testimony also described the condition of the living room of Bryan's house.

The Coroner, Dr. John Consalvo, was the next witness. He testified about the photos from the autopsy. They were shown and I might add quite graphic. He testified that the head and fingers were so badly burned that dental records had to be used to positively identify the victim as Bryan Kocis. He also testified that the toxicology reports found no drugs in Bryan’s system and that his blood alcohol level was .035 the equivalent of having consumed two 1-ounce drinks. He was presented with a copy of the death certificate and confirmed that it listed the cause of death as "multiple stab wounds". However, he also testified that the stab wounds were all post-mortem. He testified that the killing wound was a slash to the neck which nearly severed the victims head. This was ruled the official cause of death. He also testified that the knife used was straight edged and that no measurements were taken to determine the depth of the stab wounds or any other characteristics of the knife.

Next on the witness stand was the motel manager of the Fox River Inn. He testified that a registration card had been filled out on January 23, 2007 in Joe’s name. He also testified that a photo ID would have been requested and that he had the person registering write down their ID number. He also stated that he could not remember the person who registered and would not be able to recognize him in court. He testified that the room was paid in advance for two nights and paid in cash and that no credit card imprint would have been taken. He also testified that he did not receive any reports from the staff about any unusual or bloody items being found in the room and that nothing was reported missing from the room.

Next up was a neighbor of Bryan’s who lived up the street from him. He was called to the stand and he testified that he was walking his dog at around 7:35 PM and saw a gray SUV parked in the driveway of Bryan’s house. He testified that it was not parked where he normally saw cars parked, but he did not write down the license plate. He also stated that he did not see the SUV drive away. He also testified that he saw nothing unusual or suspicious while walking in front of Bryan’s house. He then testified that he remembers hearing the fire trucks drive by and looked out his front window and saw Bryan’s house in flames. He stated he recalled this being around 8:15 PM.

The next witness was Amy Zamorowski, she was visiting Bryan’s neighbor. She testified that she saw a vehicle back out of Bryan’s driveway. She could only say that it was "light colored" and was "bigger than my car… maybe a truck or SUV". She stated that she did not see the occupants of the vehicle. She also testified about being made aware of the fire and leaving the neighbors house.

Justin Hainsley was the next to testifiy. He testified about Joe and Harlow’s relationship and their business. His testimony also included information about his time working for BoyBatter. He also testified about phone conversations and e-mails he had with both Joe and Harlow about them wanting to work with Brent Corrigan. He was unable to confirm the identities of who wrote the e-mails he received. He did state that he had never heard Bryan’s name mentioned until it was on the news after his murder. He did testify that Cobra video was considered to be a rival but he also stated that there were thousands of other companies in the porn business and that they were all potentially rivals as well.

Lunch recess

The preliminary hearing reconvened at 1:00 PM in the afternoon.

The first witness after lunch was the Fire Chief Harry Vivian. He testified that he was at the firehouse when the call was received at 8:35 PM. He also stated that the firehouse is only about 1/3 of a mile from Bryan’s house. He indicated the first firefighters arrived on scene at 8:37 PM. He spoke about fighting the fire and sending teams in to the house to search for any people still in the house. He testified a body was discovered and he followed normal procedure and called the Fire Marshall, Ron Jarocha. He also testified that he entered the home briefly and then he secured the scene while awaiting the Fire Marshall’s arrival.

Ron Jarocha the Fire Marshall was the next witness to take the stand in his testimony he stated he arrived at around 10:15 PM. He then testified about his investigation and included more photos. He indicated that he found no natural or accidental causes for the fire. He also indicated that he did not find any evidence of accelerants. He testified that he found evidence of a pillow and paper materials at the point of origin of the fire. He also stated that he found evidence that the front door was at least partially open at the time of the fire. He also testified that two smoke detectors in the house were found to have been removed from they’re mounting hardware. He stated that he did not check them to see if they had batteries or if they even worked. The smoke alarms were also not collected or put in to evidence. He also stated he did not collect any samples of the burned materials. He testified that he determined the cause of the fire was arson. What was the fire department thinking? He was unable to provide an estimate of the time the fire started and had not performed any tests to determine how quickly the fire would have started and spread to the level it did.

The next witness was a representative from the insurance company who testified briefly that he had processed the insurance claim on Bryan’s house. He stated that because the repair costs would exceed the value of the house, it was considered a "total loss". He did state he received a report of items missing from the house.

Bryan’s father, Michael Kocis, then took the stand. He gave testimony about the items missing from the property. He was also questioned about when he was last in the house. He also stated that Bryan’s house was demolished last Friday at his request.

Robert Wagner was the final witness for the day, who testified that he was "Bryan’s best friend". He also provided testimony about the items missing form Bryan’s home. His testimony also included information that Bryan told him about an appointment with a model. The appointment was scheduled for the night of Wednesday, January 24, 2007. It was with a new model and he said Bryan sent him photos of the model. He also stated that Bryan did not tell him the name of the new model. He indicated that model in the pictures was Harlow. He testified that he had been at Bryan’s house in the days prior to his murder and he had been working on updating computer records for Bryan. He confirmed that he had a phone conversation with Bryan at around 6:30 PM on the night he was murdered. He also testified to the application process Bryan used for new models. He also testified that Bryan was a very private person, "almost to the point of being a recluse".
Thanks to a imbedded spy in the court room for the up to date info for this post. You know who you are.
Court was adjourned at 4:00 PM with the hearing being continued on Thursday, August 23, 2007.

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This is Elmysterio and I just have one thing to say Gag on this Damon!


  1. Elm are you actually in PA right now?

    If so I have many questions! :-)

  2. No I am not in PA but I was in contact with someone who was.

  3. Oh. A pity.

    I was going to ask you who had the bag on his head. Among other things.

  4. I guess the press has never seen Joe smile because that picture does not look as if he is smiling to me.

  5. He He Bag over their head I think I know who ;)

    Elm good post call me I heard Damon(Kent Barclay)has a warrant issued!

  6. Oh dewayne, a warrant issued? You have to share.
    Pretty please.

  7. I just read the latest lies from Damon's blog and he seems to think that I have a gag order placed on me. Quite interesting because I have not been in contact with Virginia Beach or Lucifer County officials regarding this case.

    As far as the warrant for Damon goes I believe that the Fed's are the ones who will be putting that bit together. You see they know who Damon is and he has had prior contact with them and they know he is crazy. They have his phone number and will be in contact with him shortly.

    His lies and innuendo are going to bite him in the ass. as far as Damon having any contact with anyone in Lucifer County that is also a lie. he is stealing his information from other blogs just like he always has.

    No one and I do mean no one has spoken to him or will speak to him because they know he is a liar and that is a fact that he can not admit.

  8. Oh Damon your jealousy is showing. It is really to bad you are not included in the Rolling Stone or the OUT articles. You know I heard from a reliable source that the person writting the article for OUTwanted nothing to do with you or your lies.

  9. Elm, you better watch out, Damon has labeled you a "competitor."

    You know what happed to Bryan when someone thought he was a competitor!

    Don't let any strangers into your house, and make sure your hardwood floor is not flammable, thats all I'm sayin'....

  10. Damon does not scare me. Well as long as I don't have to look at his blood shot eyes and his fat toothless face or his bad combover or his gruesome fat ass I will not be frieghtend by him.

    My floors are not flameable they are concrete and my building is Brick and steel. You know a loft and the doors are steel as well so he can not get to me. I also have security cameras so I can see whoever comes up before I open the door.
    Oh and there are armed security gaurds at the building as well. You know you can never be to safe with people like Damon out there. Cyber stalkers are a scary breed but if you take the proper precausions you can be safe from them.

  11. Looks as if Grant had some pretty damaging testimony agaist Joe and Harlow. Remind me to never have dinner with them. It could get real ugly.