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Black helicopters
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's "Elmteligence"

I have changed the name of my blog because so many of you seem to think that I don't have a clue. Since there are so many Elmisms out there to describe my state of mind I decided to go with my favorite. Yes Vincent you are the winner, It's Elmteligence is my favorite. I know you meant it in a sarcastic way but I thought it was funny and it truly just grew on me.

I was going to do a whole bunch of posts about who said and did whatever but I have decided not to go there. I really does not matter anymore. This was a sad experience for allot of people and I am personally tired of looking at this train wreck. This blog was never meant to be about a murder case. I never asked for anyone to email me about it. I was never a huge fan of any of those involved.

I was never for one "team" or the other. I just kind of was placed in that niche because I never "attacked" Joe or Harlow. I always believed that you were innocent until proven guilty and I still do. But I guess that theory is to high brow for some to understand. There is still plenty about this whole mess that has not been revealed and I guess it will never be revealed. So now I will blog about what really interests me and if you want to know what that is stick around. If you don't care there are plenty of other places to go and talk about this murder case.

This is Elmysterio and I'm out.


  1. I hope you do know that was not meant to be mean.
    We have had our disagreements in the past Elm-
    I have made a parody of what I consider your way of looking at things- but never meant to be mean spirited.
    Just want you to know that Elm.

  2. VJ ,my whole take on Elmteligence is I thought it was funny and I really like it so that is why I changed the name of my blog to that.

    I guess allot of you think I have a skewed view of the world. I guess that is what makes me unique. My views don't always follow that of others.

    My question is why should I agree with what everyone else says? What would that accomplish? If we all agreed all the time what fun would the world be.

  3. Elm, you do not have to agree with everyone-
    of course not.
    it is possibly the reasoning behind it that causes the frustration- maybe-
    You were wrong about Geoff Harvard- he is not the sb? blogger-
    and he could not be a nicer man.

  4. Stop by Kents new blog-
    it is a riot!!!!

  5. About Geoff Harvard, he has said some really nasty things to me that I really don't care to go into. As far as him being SR... Ip addresses don't lie. Ask Harlow and Joe about that.

    Anyway SRb... said some really nasty things as well and he atleast had the balls to apoligize to Caleb's family. but I really don't care for either of them to tell you the truth.

  6. Yes Elm, Kentie has a fantastic new blog -- why don't you stop by and say hello?

  7. Elm, Srb412 is not Geoff. The time stamp on the IP address you posted doesn't even match Srb's post. I have no clue who Srb is, but he's not Geoff.

  8. You just HAD show Elm that, didn't you Will? :-)

  9. Look, I can tell you most definitely, it was the Ginch brand undies that the jury in Wilke Barre did not go for. Gaudy yellow and white with red logos on Harlow and just bulging with suggestive potential, and projected on a big screen did not look quite right against that 103 year old wood, paintings, and marble of that court room.