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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let’s take marriage out of the equation.

In the fight for equal rights in California for same sex couples a new idea has been placed on the table. Funny thing is I and a couple of friends have talked about this before. With most religions strongly against same sex marriage the idea of taking marriage out of the constitution and putting it squarely in the realm of religion seems like the right thing to do. Thus taking religion out of the equation.

Under this new plan the state will only recognize civil unions and all religious marriage ceremonies will only be recognized by the church but not state law. In other words you need to register your civil union with the state and if you want to get married in the church it will only be valid if you have a registered civil union. That will take religion out of the equation and make it a non-religious issue. That will make all of those who chose to have a civil union equal under the law.

Under this new plan it will not effect current marriages. They will be grand fathered in and not effected. Only new civil unions and new marriages will be effected by this change. It makes sense to me and anyone who has an issue with that is clearly against equal rights for all. The term marriage will no longer be a recognized legal term any longer in the state. The church will no longer have a role in state policy. The seperataion of church and state is already a part of the constitution.

Civil Union recognized by the state.

Marriage recognized by the church

Civil Union + marriage in church recognized by the state

Simple problem solved. Common sense over rules hate.

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