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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Corbin Fisher

I have many other things to talk about so I am going to do just that. Todays subject boys and girls is Corbin Fisher. You know the web site that claims they have straight boys having gay sex. Well is it just me or does that whole premise get old. I don’t care if they are gay, straight, bisexual or quadrasexual as long as the are hot and they look like they are really into what they are doing on the screen. But lately it is getting quite sad over at ACM. I mean the guys are cute but please show a spark of life.
This new guy they are touting Jeff is a big attractive blonde guy he’s 6ft tall 165 lbs. with a nice frame and all the right options but good night is he a bore. He is so far from hot he’s on pluto I have seen a few of his scenes and can truly say that he is very unenthusiastic. The scene he did with Spencer made me nod off. And his most recent one with Nick was not much better. Now Nick and Spencer are cuties but they could both use a little more sparkle in their personalities. But when you pair up these two with some of the other models who truly have personality they shine. Corbin had a great run with Dawson, Lucas, Brent, Cade, Ryan, Dirk, Kurt (fuck me like you mean it)
and my all time Favorite Logan he’s just a cutie and god is he hot. These boys have the spark that can set a room on fire.
But the latest group is just not really that happening. I can not deny they are attractive but that does not make you sexy. Good lord it sure helps, don’t get me wrong. But can you honestly tell me that you have not seen or met some guy that you look at and go oh my god he’s hot and then you meet him and are disappointed. There are a few exceptions to the rule but they just don’t pop off the screen like the others. But I am more than willing to give them time to get their groove on. Let’s hope the campus improves. Now here is the thing I would highly recommend the site because they have some hot scenes on their site and they are downloadable and the video quality is excellent. They also have 2 updates a week on average and the file size is managable. And Corbin does listen to his subscribers, which is a really cool thing. there are two different sites one is the all boy site ACM and the other is ACS so make sure you pick the one you want because your membership will only work on one site. So join the site and give your right arm a work out.


  1. ahhh a change of stroyline ... well always good to break up a good plot with some ads... or is that abs.... yeah like the ol corbin - as far as straight goes ... well dont konw too many st8 boys who rim and kiss as much as those ones ... but lets face it its all good ... and yeah i agree the short blond is a cutie... thanks for the diversion mr elms ... hope the bunny - or bilby brought you lots of goodies for easter
    take care
    rob in oz

  2. Well rob it's 3 in the morning here and we have not had easter quite yet. As a matter of fact I'm waiting for the bunny right now. I just got tired of looking at Bryan's face that's why I did the new post. The man gives me the creeps.

  3. I don't get the whole straight boy premise either. Not a turn on for me. Sex is hot only when the guys are truly into each other.

    And that by definition cannot happen when one or more participants are truly straight.